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I was recently posed several questions so I decided to make an FAQ for Pax Columbia. If you have a question which is pertinent and not yet answered, feel free to ask it here or on the authors talk page: User:CassAnaya. If you are familiar enough with Pax Columbia and feel you can answer the question feel free to do so.

Pax Columbia seeks to be creatively collaborative, but professional. Try to make the articles and any contribution fit all the criteria for featured articles.

Please keep in mind, the author seeks to create a balanced but very alternative world outcome. Nothing is taken for granted nor chosen subjectively, so please have respect for the history before you attack it. Answers might be definitive but also some may seek collaboration to figure out an answer to the question.

  1. How did the country acquire Brazil? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - This is a good question. It is explained in FSC that ALT manifest destiny takes place as an eastward push into Brazilian territory. It was not through purchase, because that is not Portugal's style. The natural progress of Brazil's independence (in OTL) took place as an annexation from the FSC, using Texas as a OTL type model.
  2. Is it descended from Spain? If so, why doesn't it have the rest of Spain's colonial empire (OTL territories in Argentina, Chile, Texas, California, New Mexico) (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - I think you are asking a question about the FSC, so I will answer it that way. A simple answer to that is the OTL counter, "why doesn't the USA have every former British colony? Canada, one-third of Africa, India, China?" It is a simple answer of balance and counter-divergence.
  3. What territories in Africa each nation control? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - That is best answered in the Colonialism page. I have made several maps specifically for the ALT to explain these questions.
  4. Who controls India before it gained independence? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - It was a British and Burgundian (Dutch) Colony for many years. I used the real-life OTL Sepoy Rebillion as a divergence point in the ALT. Special shout out to [1] Imperium Guy for helping me with the history of India in the ALT.
  5. How do England, Russia, and France declined? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - The short answer is described on the front page for Pax Columbia, "Spain, Italy, Burgundy, Poland and the Holy Roman Empire (which later becomes Romana) grow more powerful at the expense of French, English and the Russian Empires." You can read the histories to get a more detailed perspective.
  6. Due to greater Spanish successes, does this mean Protestantism has a much smaller influence than OTL? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - Yes, good pickup on that. Roman Catholicism is much larger at the expense of Protestantism. I haven't been able to really elaborate on that as much. Perhaps you can explore the implications of this by adding to the Culture page.
  7. Why is OTL Israel named Crimea? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - Crimea is an area at the North Black Sea that was once an independent Jewish State. After World War II, the area of Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and some coastal areas of Egypt continued as being de jure Greek holding states, but became a UN district special administered regions. In the ALT it is still a pain in the ass for world peace.
  8. How does the fall of Rome to the Ottomans affect Catholicism? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) I had this happen at the time that Papal Influence and location had changed to Avignon, so i would imagine not much of a change. In fact, the triumphant retaking and rebuilding of the Vatican could have strengthened the resolve of Catholics.
  9. How did Britain own Kurdistan and Timurid? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - Good catch. I meant to mean Russia. Which is the border state. Later in the history Timurid Russia retakes it. Then it gets it's independence again. I have replaced 'Britain' with 'Russia'.
  10. Why does Wales gain independence? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - This is a slow movement. The England page better answers this. But the short answer is as part of a punishment for English involvement in World War I.
  11. Is Japan a westernized nation like OTL? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - Yes, well, South Japan is. North Japan is a Juche unitary single-party communist state. The Korea page explains how Korea was the Imperial power in the far east and not Japan.
  12. What about the OTL American Founding Fathers in this TL? What happened to them? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - That is an interesting question. I don't know. I can't deny that they were great men, who wrote the three most important documents in history. In this ALT that serendipity belongs to the FSC. Many of the founding fathers in the FSC have a tragic history, (Presidents) in OTL. In ATL they would have to have faired far better. The early history of the USA is relatively unchanged. It just unfolds, tragically, to a Foolish Fatherland scenario.
  13. Is Switzerland still considered a neutral nation? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - yes.
  14. Is Africa better off than OTL? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - unfortunately no. European rape of the continent, during the scramble, didn't really change just because the occupiers were speaking Spanish and Italian rather than English and French.
  15. Do some Communist countries embrace limited capitalism? (like China in OTL) (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - Russia does. It remains a communist country, while China never converted.
  16. Does Yugoslavia exist? And if so, when did it break up? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - ALT and OTL are basically the same minus the areas, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania, controlled by the Italian's.
  17. Is Islam smaller than OTL? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - It is roughly the same but reformed. Coptic and Protestant Christianity have the parallel to containing a small population of extremest assholes. Joseph Koni is the Christian extremist who planned the Bogotá nuclear attack.
  18. Was Florida Spanish the whole time before it gained independence? And if so, why didn't it join the FSC? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - In OTL the USA tried to get Florida to participate in the Revolutionary War, they did not. That's real life. In the ALT, Florida was just out of the purview and reach of the FSC.
  19. Bogota being detonated by a nuclear bomb is ASB as the capital is completely destroyed as well as the government. Are there better options for a alternate 9/11? (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - I recognized the criticism, and i think your point is very legit. I toned it down a bit, that it is a small nuclear bomb that was set off just outside the center of the city. This would prevent a complete collapse of government. It seems unimaginable but keep in mind that 9/11 in OTL was completely unimaginable at the time. You can elaborate on this by creating a page, by visiting thePortal page.
  20. Why is Zaire invaded? It's not even Muslim! (asked by RandomWriterGuy) - the Alternate reality is that Zaire has become a Christian extremist nation. The nuclear bomb that struck Bogotá was traced to Zaire, a former Soviet bloc state.
  21. What colors stand for what countries? Half of the countries have the same colors. (asked by SCRAWLAND SCRIBBLESCRATCH, aka THIS GUY: IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 05:44, April 6, 2012 (UTC)) - well that is basically the problem for map makers who need to differentiate yet highlight over 200 world countries.
  22. In Question #2, what I really meant was ALL Spanish territories in the Americas, not globally. Sorry for the confusion. RandomWriterGuy 15:33, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

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