Governorate of the Far North
Дальнесеверная губерния
Governorate of the Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: The North Slope Borough and portions of the Northwest Arctic Borough, Yukon, and the Yukon–Koyukuk CA.The North Slope of Alaska
Flag of the Far North (Russian America) Coat of Arms of the Far North (Russian America)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of the Far North (Russian America)
Location of the Far North
Capital Alpinsky
Other cities Myortvy Kon, Ukpeagvik
Russian (de facto)
  others English, Inupiat, Tagalog
Eastern Orthodox
  others Animists, Catholics, Shamanists
Ethnic groups
Inuit and Russians
  others English, Filipinos, Norwegians
Demonym Far Northerner, Dalneseveryanin
Area 542,463 km² (476,655 кв. врс
Population 657,657 (2017 Census) 
Established 1972
Admission 1994
Time zone AKWST (UTC-10)
  summer AKWDT (UTC-9)
Abbreviations AK-DS, Д.С. (D.S.), F.N.

The Governorate of the Far North (Russian: Дальнесеверная губерния, Dalnesevernaya guberniya), commonly referred to as the Far North (Дальний Север, Dalny Sever) is a governorate of Alaska. The Far North is the largest governorate in area and the least populous of Alaska's 18 governorates.

The North Slope of Alaska

The Far Northern Tundra.

The territory along the Arctic coast remained mostly untouched by Europeans up until the 1970s. Following the discovery of oil and the subsequent boom, the region was reorganized into an incorporated territory (including territory originally belonging to Bering and Yukon). Within a few decades, the population shot up to a quarter of a million residence, many of whom being associated with the oil-based infrastructure. In 1994, the territory was upgraded into a full governorate. In recent years, the Far North (once again) came to international attention when former Governor, Gervasy Johnson, was elected President of Alaska in 2015.

Alaska Pipeline Closeup Underneath

Trans-Alaskan pipeline.

With a total area of 542,463 square kilometers, the Far North is the largest of Alaska's governorates and is comparable in size to Yemen. The largest single group living within the governorate are the Inupiat. The remainder of the territory is comprised mostly of Alaskan and foreign-born workers in association with the oil industry. The governorate has no official language, with Russian being the lingua franca for the region. English, Inupiat, and Tagalog are also widely spoken within the governorate.

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