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What if a time traveller warned the European powers in 1900 that the United States would become the sole global superpower by the year 2000?


1900: European leaders are invited by an anonymous source to meet in Geneva. There a time traveller by the name of John Smith details events of the next hundred years. Due to the recent Spanish-American War raising concerns about the potential truth of his predictions, they agree to put aside their differences and form the European Union (Smith didn't tell them about the OTL European Union).

Founding members of the EU:

  • Britain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Russia and Austria-Hungary decide to stay neutral to try and help each other settle their internal issues. They create the Imperial Stability Pact (ISP), which the Ottoman Empire swiftly joins.

1902: The US, alarmed by the EU's obvious targeting towards them, decides to establish the League of Independent States (LIS). Mexico and Brazil join, followed closely by Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina.

1903: Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, and Greece create the Balkan League. They decide to negotiate with the Ottoman Empire regarding the future of the Balkans while emphasizing their willingness to fight for it.

1904: The Entente Cordiale is signed between Britain and France to improve their relations outside of the EU. Meanwhile, when Japan offers to recognize Russian dominance in Manchuria in exchange for recognition of Korea as being within the Japanese sphere of influence, Tsar Nicholas II almost refuses, but agrees after Kaiser Franz Josef I of Austria and Abdul Hamid II of the Ottoman Empire warn him that such a war could lead to political instability.

1905: Peru, Bolivia, and Chile join the LIS although the War of the Pacific strained Bolivia-Chile relations.

1907: After 4 years of negotiations, the Ottoman Empire finally agrees to release Bulgaria and Albania as members of the Balkan League. Serbia and Greece also gain their respective ethnic lands. This partially stablizes the Ottoman Empire, but the Young Turks' Revolution happens the next year.

1909: Paraguay, Uruguay, and Ecuador join the LIS.


1911: The Ottoman Empire sells Armenian ethnic lands to Russia for a highly discounted price. Meanwhile, Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic join the LIS.

1913: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama agree to create the Mesoamerican Defense Pact (MDP).

1914: As predicted by John Smith, Gavrilo Princip is in Sarajevo on the day of the Archduke's visit to the city. However, the driver is reminded not to take a right turn, a move which saves the Archduke and prevents an Austro-Russian War. Princip is also spied on throughout the day.

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