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Sir Faris Leisson
Timeline: Great White South

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4th Chief Minister of New Vestfold
1915 – 1918

Predecessor Warren Prescott
Successor Oswald Snedden
Born 27th May, 1868
Flag of Australia Davis, New Vestfold
Died March 19th, 1941 (age 72)
Flag of Australia Sydney, New South Wales, Australia,
Spouse Wendelin Jane Leisson
Political Party Progressive Party
Profession Accountant

Sir Faris Leisson AK, CH, OBE, (born 27th of May, 1868 - died 19th of March, 1941), was the 4th Chief Minister of New Vestfold. Leisson was the first Chief Minister to be born in New Vestfold, as well as being the first to be a member of the Progressive Party which he was also the founder of. Leisson worked as an accountant before entering politics in 1906. Intelligent and ambitious, Leisson was well liked by the public for his his open visions for the future of New Vestfold. In 1915, Leisson defeated pacifist Chief Minister Warren Prescott and assured New Vestfoldians that he would do everything in his power to cease Australia's involvement in the First World War. However, due to tactical errors and mistakes made in his term and being overwhelmed by the events of the Antarctic Campaign, Leisson lost re-election at the 1918 election and is generally remembered as an unpopular Chief Minister. Nonetheless, Leisson was a well liked man and was knighted in 1917.

Early Life

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