Alternative History
Bundesstaat Österreich
Federal State of Austria
<---- Flag of Austria 1934 1938 Flag of Germany (1935–1945)
Timeline Split
OTL equivalent Austria
Flag of Austria
Capital Vienna
Official Language German
Government Federal State
Religion Roman_Catholic
Presidents 10 Dec 1934 - 13 Mar 38 - Wilhelm Miklas
13 Mar 1938 Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Established February 16, 1934
Disestablishment March 12, 1938

The Federal State of Austria was a state located in current day Austria . The federal state was formed after the civil war , the austrofacist system made the country a one party system and brought in a new constitution which made the Republic a federal state. Wilhelm Miklas was president of the country until the Anshcluss, when Arthur Seyss-Inquart, a Nazi sympathizer was briefly president, before becoming a major member of the German Nazi party.