Leader Frederick Northam
Charles Grey
John Russell
Harrison Redford
Hunter Alston
Founded 1792; 227 years ago (1792)
Dissolved 1860; 159 years ago (1860)
Succeeded by Liberal Party of Cygnia

Classical liberalism

Classical conservatism

Official colours           Black and white

The Federalists were the first Cygnian political party. It existed from the early 1790s to 1860. The Federalists were not originally a political party in the modern sense, but formed between 1792 and 1794 as a coalition of businessmen and noblemen in support of Charles Grey's policy of federalism, involving a strong central government and explicit, codified constitution. The Party also called for the maintenance of state power, while balancing it with that of the national government. As the policies of the Federalists were more appealing to the upper class and landowners, the Federalists won the debate surrounding the Constitution. However, this had exhausted the Federalist cause, and the party in 1808 was overwhelmed by the Tory opposition led by Robert Stewart. The Federalists did not return to power until 1828, when it won the federal election. Thereafter, it remained in close competition with the Conservatives until it was reorganised into the Liberal Party of Cygnia under the leadership of Hunter Alston. The Liberals went on to dominate Cygnian politics until its collapse and the end of the Second Party System in 1901.

There were four Federalist Chancellors – Frederick Northam, Charles Grey, Harrison Redford and Hunter Alston.

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