Alternative History

The Federation of Japanese Nations (Wakokka Remmei) is a loose Federation consisting of Japan and her former colonies.

The Federation was formed in 1823, under the guidance of Emperor Go-Quammu. At that time, it consisted of Japan, Aruta, Misuri, Xinnoranda and New Israel. Go-Quammu remained Emperor of Japan as well as Emperor of the member-states, while the Quampaku of Japan lost control over the member-states. Each member-state would send representatives to a Federation Congress in Kyôto (?), which would elect a President of the Congress of the Federation.

Initially, the Emperor retained significant power over the Federation, and the member-states had little power outside of internal affairs. Gradually, however, the Emperor's power has diminished over the Federation, just as it has within Japan, while the member-states have gained greater control over foreign affairs. Two of the states, Aruta and Misuri are also members of the League of North American States

List of Members

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