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Villars a Denain1

Marshal Villars leads the French charge at the Battle of Denain.

Fiat Iustitia, or Let justice be done in Latin, is a timeline exploring a number of differences in the eighteenth century and beyond, which led to a greatly different world in modern times.

Main Differences

  • Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I's first child is male, born in 1699 and named Leopold Joseph. In 1700, his second child, named Maria Josepha, is born but dies in infancy, followed by his third child in 1701, named Maria Amalia.
  • Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor survives the smallpox epidemic of 1711.
  • Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor fathers a son.
  • Frederick William I of Prussia has his son Frederick and his friend Hans Hermann von Katte executed for desertion.


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