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  • Brooklyn - 1984 - The first film in the New York Trilogy, widely regarded as one of the greatest trilogies and crime films of all time. Ray Liotta stars as Domenic Mancuso, an ambitious Italian immigrant in New York City who plans to rise up the ranks in the crime-filled Prohibition era of the 1920s. The film won Best Picture, Liotta won Best Actor, and several other awards were earned as well.
  • Bronx - 1987 - The second film in the New York Trilogy, and its highly regarded and believed to be the best film in the series. Liotta returns as Domenic Mancuso contains his rise to power, but the consequences of his actions result in conflict with the other mobsters and corrupt police officer Frank Rosco (Mitt Romney). Bronx would win Best Picture as well, Liotta would win a second Academy Award, and Romney won Best Supporting Actor.


  • Apocalypse Now - 1990 - An epic adventure war film set at the height of the Argentine War produced and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Joe Montana stars in his most famous role as Captain Benjamin Willard, who is sent up the Rio Negro in Uruguay to assassinate the rogue American colonel Walter Kurtz, portrayed by Marlon Brandon. Aiding Willard a variety of memorable characters, including helicopter attack squadron Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Mitt Romney). The film is highly popular and widely regarded as masterpiece, and one of the greatest films of all time. While it failed to take victory for Best Picture, Romney did win the award for Best Supporting Actor once again.
  • Long Island - 1991 - The final installment of the New York Trilogy.


  • Atlanta - 2003 - An epic war film set in the final days of the Confederacy. Peyton Manning's role of Confederate Lieutenant Joshua Tanner was critically acclaimed and launched Manning's career.
  • Batman Begins - 2006 - The movie which launched the comic book movie trend which has lasted for over a decade and counting. Ben Affleck stars as the vigilante known as the Batman, and the movie recounts Batman's origin story and how he stops a plot to destroy Gotham City. The movie was a critical and commercial success, with Affleck's performance praised. The movie marked the beginning of one of the most successful franchises of all time, the DC Cinematic Universe.
  • Green Arrow - 2007
  • Aqua Man - 2008
  • The Dark Knight - 2008
  • Man of Steel - 2009
  • Southern Justice - 2009 - The Best Picture winning courtroom drama starring Peyton Manning as Jake Patterson, a lawyer in 1960s Alabama. Patterson becomes the defendant of a black man who killed two white men for raping his daughter. Patterson's career and life are jeopardized in the racist atmosphere of the Dixie Rebellion. Manning would net his Academy Award, winning Best Actor.


  • Justice League - 2010
  • Green Arrow II - 2011
  • The Flash - 2011
  • The Dark Knight Rises - 2012
  • Batman vs. Superman - 2013
  • Suicide Squad - 2013
  • Wonder Woman - 2014