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Suomen suuriruhtinaskunta (Finnish, Karelian and Ingrian)
Suurhertsogiriigi Soome (Estonian)

Grand Duchy of Finland
Timeline: A Different History

OTL equivalent: Greater Finland
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Finland
Location (in light blue)

Maame (Finnish for)
("Our land")

Anthem "Maame"
Capital Turku
Largest city Turku
Other cities Helsinki, Tallinn, Murmansk, St.Petersburg, Oulu, Petrozavodsk, Kingisepp, many others
Finnish, Karelian, Ingrian, Estonian
  others Russian, Swedish, Suomi
  others Orthodox Church, Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Russian, Balt
Demonym Finn
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Grand Prince Nikolai V
  Dynasty: Romanov
President Tarja Halonen
  water (%) water area
Population 15,500,000 
Established 1617
Independence from Scandinavia
  declared 1617
  recognized 1655
Currency Finnish Markka
Time Zone UTC +2
  summer UTC +3
Calling Code 358
Internet TLD .fi
Organizations EU, CoE, Nordic Council

The Grand Duchy of Finland is a nation located in Eastern Scandinavia, holding, more or less, OTL Greater Finland.

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