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Finland superpower

Map of the country of Finland (2009)

Flag of Finland

Flag of Finland

Finland moon

On March 10th, 1963, Finland became the first and only country to land on the moon. They went back three times, and have a space colony set to launch in 2011.

Finland iwo jima

On August 4th, 1943, The Finns won their battle against Japan for a Pacific territory.

Finland borders Switzerland

The flag of Finland, next to the Finnish-Swiss border, the Alps are in the distance.


Youth in Finland

A Finnish youth skateboarding with a Finland flag on his back as a cape (a popular meme for youth in Finland). In Finland, the nation's flag in expressed everywhere, in many different ways. (Jeans, Book covers, T-Shirts, Body paint, etc.)


Finland has the largest airplane service in the entire world, FinnAir. The company takes over 60% of the airplane market in the world, alone.

Finnish electric cars

Finland has the most electric cars in the world. Taking over 99% of all the automobiles on the road, electric cars have been around 1950, and came into wide use in the late 1960s.

Airships (finland superpower)

Since the Hindenburg and the Taivaan Lintu, airships have been a very popular means of travel and advertisement. There are over 2500 airships in service in Finland alone.

This timeline explores the world with the country of Finland as a sole and dominant superpower. Through numerous alternate sequences in history, Finland managed to gain large amounts of territory and power, which by 1989 (when the Soviet Union was downgraded to only a 'great power'), Finland now holds sway over much that happens in this world.

This is a "live" timeline - its story continues to unfold NOW, in real time.

This is also a collaborative timeline. If you want to join us in developing this world, we welcome your additions. Before making major edits to the articles within this ATL, please, first make suggestions to the discussion for pre-approval.


In this alternate history, the small northern nation of Finland, through a series of fortunate events, acquires the status of superpower by the end of the 20th century. Finland becomes the dominant influential country of the world, a title that the United States is supposed to hold in the OTL.

This timeline began to extremely differ from ours during the late 17th century, when the royalty of Finland was greatly increasing taxes, and Finland suffered a severe famine in 1695-1699 and almost one third of the population died. As a result, the Finnish people revolted against their Swedish royal rulers, and established a Republic. It mimicked the Roman empire. A certain person influenced this revolution, someone who never existed in our original timeline. This person was Pitkä Kalalinja, was scholar and teacher from The Royal Academy of Turku, who personally engineered the storming of the castle which held the royal Swedish family.

Within two years, the republic of Finland was established, and the remaining royals were exiled.
Finland frequently battled with the Russian Empire to remain independent. Through his life, Pitka Kalalinja promoted higher education and free will. He was said to have been working on making Finland into a revolutionary new democracy, just before he died in 1731.


  • 1764: George Washington dies of food poisoning, later Thomas Jefferson is executed for crimes against Great Britain. (1764)
  • 1768: America attempts to gain independence from Great Britain when it signs its declaration on August 4. The resulting two years of war leads to a British victory.
  • 1772: Finland is invaded by Alexander I of Russia. However, using scare tactics, Finland forms a union between Sweden and Norway. The invasion fails.
  • 1794: America is formed after a ten year war. (June 10th) However, its living standards are extremely low.
  • 1789: Finland is invaded by Russia again, and this time, the invasion is successful. Finland is made into a Duchy.
  • 1835: America goes through civil war, dividing the country. (March 9th 1835 - September 10th 1841)
  • 1885: Finland declares independence, and goes to war with Russia (allied with Norway). Finland wins.
  • 1889: Finland focuses on technological development. Finland annexes Norway, into the new United Republic of Finland.
  • 1902: Sweden follows, after intense food shortages due to a war between Britain and Germany (World War I; March 6th 1907 - November 12th 1910)
  • 1914: Finland establishes its name as the Republic of Finland, and invades Russia on June 8th (north of Finland), as an expansionist campaign. It later invades German Estonia, entering the Germany-Finland War (1914-1915).
  • 1916: After revolutionizing itself after the war, Finland sets its sights of industrial improvement.
  • 1918: Finland later invades both the territories of Latvia and Lithuania. (1918-1919)
  • 1931: World War II (August 4th 1931-August 19th 1943) is declared by NACI Germany, against Finland, Britain, America, France, and Spain. Allied with Turkey, Japan, Italy, Russia, and Egypt. Finland invades Iwo Jima and takes it for a Pacific territory. Finland takes a chunk of Poland and then promises to admit Poland into its union of countries by joining forces against Germany. They do, and repel German forces. Finland then captures and annexes Hungary, half of Austria, Slovenia, and then goes to war with heavy underdeveloped Italy, which had only unified five years prior. In four years, Rome is captured, and Italy is annexed. (with Sicily going to Britain, and Sardinia going to America)
  • 1940: With its current territories established, Finland makes an economic campaign to become the most advanced union of nations (plus Finland) in the world.
  • 1950: The electric car is first produced.
  • 1958: An economic depression hits the world, with America and Soviet Union being hit the hardest, and Finland the least.
  • 1960: The electric car use becomes widespread, by 1978, over 90% of cars are electric. Oil is rare, due to location.
  • 1961: Finland enters the Space Race, set five years before by the Soviet Union. America and Britain join, but both pull out putting foot on the moon. It goes back there in 1964, 1965 and 1971.
  • 1970: The Integrated circuit for computers is introduced for the general public, and by 1980, there is a computer in 85% of homes.
  • 1979: Finland becomes only one of two superpowers, including Soviet Union.
  • 1981: Finland celebrates its centennial.
  • 1987: The internet is established: Called 'the Network' (April 10th)
  • 1989: The Soviet Union's economy dips and is downgraded to a 'great power', Finland becomes the only superpower in the world.
  • 1992: Cell phones are introduced.
  • 1993: Finland new music wave, called Gerash, rocks Europe. (1993-1997/1999)
  • 1997: (April 4th) Sicily declares independence from America. United States economy worsens.
  • 1999: Finland unveils a new generation of 'stealth' fighter technology, making themselves not only the dominant economic power, but the dominant military power as well.


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