Alternative History

Second Crusade

First Crusade





Papal States and Southern Italy


Fatimids pushed back

End to Fatimid raids further north

Start of Christian Europe unity over topics of Muslim nations


Papal States

Fatimid Caliphate


Pope Benedict VIII

Abu ‘Ali Mansur Tāriqu l-Ḥākim


Papal States



Crusader Volunteers


Casualties and Losses



The First Crusade was a conflict between the Papacy and its allies (namely the Normans but with other volunteers across Europe including the Danish) against Fatimid Caliphate advances. It was the first conflict in which a joint Christian force counter attacked Muslim advances into Europe formally in the sake of religion. Pope Benedict VIII starts the conflict, in response to land gains by the Fatimids during his predecessor Pope Gregory VI's reign that went badly.

Fatimid Raids were reaching as far as the Papal States, bringing it to a state of turmoil over whether it could protect itself or not. Unable to find a solution, Pope Benedict VIII took advantage of fears lying in Europe over Muslim advances to call allies in to defend the continent. The call was heeded by some across Europe, alongside the Normans who already had settlements there.

While the Papacy were successful in driving the Fatimids back and preventing further raids as far as the Papal States, the Fatimids were still further up the Italian mainland than before Pope Benedict VIII's and his predecessor Pope Gregory VI's reign. The Normans, in-between the two established their own control preventing raiders reaching further up the Italian Mainland.

Caliphates of 1025AD

State of the Caliphates in 1025, after the First Crusade and Fatimid Colonisation of Ard Marjhoola

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