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First Minister of Rossland
Timeline: The Green North

First Minister of Rossland

Skanderbai Ganderbai V

Since: 2012

Residence Port James
Appointer Nominated by the Rosslandic Parliament,
Appointed by the Monarch of the United Kingdom
Term length No limit on term length. The First Minister is nominated by Parliament following a general election or resignation of the previous First Minister.
First holder ???
Formation 1949 (?)
Deputy Deputy First Minister of Rossland

The First Minister of Rossland is the leader of the Rosslandic Government. The First Minister chairs the Rosslandic Cabinet and is primarily responsible for the formulation, development and presentation of Rosslandic government policy. Additional functions include representing Rossland in an official capacity at home and abroad and responsibility for constitutional affairs as they relate to devolution and the Rosslandic Government.

The First Minister is a Member of the Rosslandic Parliament and nominated by the Rosslandic Parliament before being officially appointed by the monarch.

Skanderbai Ganderbai V of the Rosslandic Conservative Party is the current First Minister of Rossland.


Following the Referendum of 1949 which saw Rossland become a constituent part of the United Kingdom, a Rosslandic Parliament and Rosslandic was convened by the (Labour government of Clement Attlee). As Rossland was further away from what is generally considered the British Isles, this measure of devolution was intended to give the Rosslandics a measure of self-rule and self-governance owing to the distance between the new country of the United Kingdom and the mainland.

List of first ministers

Name Portrait Term began Term ended Political Party Deputy First Minister
Titus Cromwell
1968 1972 Labour
Glyndwr Michael
Glyndwr Michael.jpg 1972 1976 Nationalist
Owen McReary
1976 1980 Conservative
Skanderbai Ganderbai V
Skanderbai Ganderbai.jpg 2012 Incumbent Conservative

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