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First Korean-Chinese War





Korean Peninsula, Manchuria


Pyrrhic Joseon-Japan victory

Major battles:

Battle of Lower Manchuria

Battle of Inchon

Battle of Beijin


Flag of Ming China (ADH).png Ming China

30px Joseon

Flag of Japan.svg Japan


Lee Sung-Chun

Kim Bak-Im


457,000 men

389,000 men

Casualties and Losses

172,000 men

197,000 men

The Sino-Korean War was a war that lasted from April 4th 1891 to June 6th 1897. It was started off a minor incident, which escalated into a war.

The Cause

In April 4th 1891, a Chinese high official was sent to Joseon to demand help for their invasion of Japanese Manchuria. Joseon curtly refused, as that Japan was their steadfast ally. Because of that, which had secretly been a reason to invade Joseon and Manchuria, Ming China invaded Manchuria and Joseon.

The War

First Contact

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