Alternative History


In Germany big reforms are being made. Also in Baltic nation have few reforms.

First note was that Germany and Austria-Hungary signed a peace treaty and Greece has made a treaty with Russia for military access agreement.

In answer to that Great Britain and Ireland signed military helping pact with France. Baltic nation gave invitation to make a union with Crimea and South Mongol Khanate (In map - east blue green color). Crimea rejected and made union with Armenia and Georgia. Finland, Sweden, Norway and North Mongol empire signed a treaty (FNNSt) that stands for military, economical and diplomatic support each other by next 50 years. Germany stated, that Russia have to sign a treaty of peace. Because it was noticed as Russia plans an invasion into Greece. Russia declines. Austria-Hungary feels pressure from Germany's side. Germany diplomats say that all will be okay. Austria-Hungary offers to Baltic nation alliance treaty (AHB). South Mongol Empire (SME) also joins AHB. Name changed from AHB to AHBSM. Russia sign military access to Crime and Georgia. Italy joins France-Britain side by that making European alliance (Ea). AHBSM reports that Russia with Germany and Greece in real make some kind a military plans.


It splits Europe in several military and political alliances.


War Timeline[]

In 1918 Germany stated that Austria-Hungary is a historical part of Grand Duchy of Germans (GDG) and that it have to give territories owned by it.

Russia military access pact with following countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Crimea, Georgia guarantee military bases positioning.

1918 3rd November - Russia make base in Bulgaria.

1918 5th November - Germany make military trainings next to Austria-Hungary border. Czech peoples are worried.

1918 6th November - Italy and France make military maneuver.

1918 6th November - Sweden, Finland and NME (North Mongol Empire) move their main armies close to SMK (South Mongol Khanate) border.

1918 7th November - Russia make second base in Bulgaria and three bases in Crimea as mutual defense pact against Baltic nation.

1918 15th November - Russia and Greece move their armies in Bulgaria for military show.

1918 23th November - Great Britain support France east border with military supplements.

1918 29th November - Baltic nation send their troops to both - Austria-Hungary and South Mongol Khanate.

Military tension grows rapidly.

1918 2nd December - Germany sign another peace treaty with Russia and Greece.

1918 2nd December - Russia make two bases in Georgia.

1918 10th December - Norway supports Finland.

1918 15th December - Greece supports Georgia with troops.

1918 26th December - Russia supports Crime with troops.

Military attacks begin. 4th January set as WW-I start.

1919 4th January - Germany goes into Austria-Hungary.

1919 5th January - Germany moves into Holland, which is owned by Great Britain.

1919 5th January - NME (with Sweden and Finland support) moves into SMK.

1919 8th January - Russia and Greece occupies Bulgaria, Crimea and Georgia.

1919 8th January - Crimean, Georgian, Armenian alliance is destroyed as diplomatic object.

1919 9th January - Germany moves into Baltic nation.

1919 12th January - FNNSt merge with Germany into FNNStG.

1919 14th January - FNNStG makes common attack to AHBSM. Germany to Austria-Hungary, Finland and North Mongol Empire to South Mongol Khanate.

1919 17th January - Russia makes front line in all AHBSM border line.

1919 26th January - Germany make active front line to Italy's north.

Front line soldier dies. No food. Necessary for weapons. Time in from line is taking too much.

1919 5th February - United Baltic States of America (UBSA - declared around 18th century by Baltic nation travelers) give massive support to Baltic nation and Austria-Hungary.

1919 6th February - European alliance get together with AHBSM. It makes United Europe Powers (UEP).

1919 8th February - Russia attacks is unstoppable. Going deeper and deeper in north. Germany deeper in Italy. Holland is occupied by Germany.

1919 9th February - Germany starts massive attacks to France.

1919 13th February - Half of France is occupied by Germany.

1919 15th February - Austria and Czech region is occupied by Germany.

1919 18th February - EUP starts massive retreat.

War goes insane.

1919 19th February - Russia and Greece make union with Germany and FNNS (Grand Europe - GE).

1919 28th February - EUP stops all front line attacks from GE.

1919 2nd March - Germany occupies Switzerland.

1919 4th March - South Mongol Khanate is conquered by Russia, Finland and NME. Half territory of NME is given under Baltic nation governing to save it for later time.

1919 20th March - Austria-Hungary Occupied by Russia and Germany.

1919 20th March - North Italy under German control.

1919 23th March - South Italy, West France, Great Britain (Ireland split during war) and Baltic nation sign peace treaty with GE at these day's territories on lifetime.

1919 24th March - All countries ratify newly signed treaty.

1919 24th March - End of World War I.

New Europe map[]

New Europe map after WWI look this way: France is half divided and part of it is included in Germany. Baltic nation has lost few territories. Russia and Greece has made new colonies Based on Georgia, Crimea, South Mongol Khanate breakdown. Russia and Germany have split Austria-Hungary. Finland in assistance to NME have took a part from SMK. Italy has lost its north side. Germany is twice bigger. Russia thrice bigger. Greece twice bigger.


After World War I Baltic Nation become Federal Baltic States (FBS) by making 25 states and two in colonial Mongol country.



 Military units had (percentage of total at begin) after the end of World War I.

1. Soldiers 2. Tanks 3. Planes 4. Ships

FBS United Baltic States of America Germany Russia NME SMK Great Britain Greece Georgia Crime France Italy Bulgaria Austria-Hungary Finland
300K (60%) 400K (78%) 800K (120%) 100K (60%) 150K (90%) 30K (15%) 200K (95%) 120K (95%) 5K (15%) 2K (10%) 600K (45%) 275K (83%) 2K (13%) 4K (11%) 300K (105%)
200 1000 80 20 10 5 50 60 2 7 15 9 2 40 10
100 400 50 10 5 5 100 50 10 4 20 30 3 80 30
30 200 50 5 5 3 20 20 1 3 15 10 3 50 25