Alternative History

Firuz Nirvasita (AD 638-710), also known as Firuz the Exile, was a Persian prince of the Sassanid dynasty who refounded the Indo-Sassanid Empire in northern India. The only son of Emperor Yazdegerd III, he was born the heir to the Persian throne. However, when he was less than a year old, his father was captured in battle against the Arabs and the throne usurped by his cousin Shahryar.

After surviving several assassination attempts by the new emperor, Firuz and his family fled into exile in India, where Persian rulers had long been influential. Firuz spent his childhood at the court of the decaying Gupta Empire, where he grew to be an intelligent and charismatic young man, admired by both princes and peasants. When the last remnants of Gupta finally collapsed in 665 he began the process of carving out his own kingdom from the ruins. Over the next few decades Firuz would expand his kingdom by making alliances or waging war against his neighbours, until by the time of his death he controlled much of northern India from the Punjab to the delta of the Ganges.

Firuz died in 710 from food poisoning and was succeeded by his son Narsieh.