Flag of New Netherland
Flag of New Netherland (13 Fallen Stars)
Name Tricolor
Use National flag and and ensign FIAV 111111
Proportion 3:5
Adopted 1804
Design A tricolor of blue-white-orange, with a blue-bordered coat of arms in the white field.
NYC Flag Alternative
Use Civil flag and ensign FIAV 010010
Proportion 3:5
Design A tricolor of blue-white-orange.

The flag of New Netherland is a tricolour consisting of three equal vertical blue, white, and orange bands, with the national coat of arms (outlined in blue) centered in the white band. The design was derived from the Prince's Flag of the Netherlands (in which New Netherland's origins come from) and the Tricolore used during the French Revolt.


The first flag of New Netherland was a simple buff-colored flag with the coat of arms in the center (based on the similarities of the flags of New Jersey and New York at the time). Many believe the earliest use of a tricolor for a national flag of New Netherland was in the mid 1790s, most inspired by the Tricolore used during the French rebellion. Many have speculated the marriage of the French tricolor and the Prince's Flag was in honor of the failed rebellions in France, and the defeat of the Dutch Republic to monarchists.

Nyc-flag-flickr-luisvilla 606

Flag of New Netherland waving on top a flagpole.

The current flag was adopted in 1804. The adopted version also had the coat of arms added to the white field, which was proposed so as to not completely abandon the previous national flag. The addition of the coat of arms was also seen to prevent confusion with the former Dutch flag (with many Dutch ships still using the Prince's Flag at the time), and to loosen tensions with both France and the Netherlands (vital European allies of New Netherland; both of which felt concerns over New Netherland's support for republican movements in both nations).

Today, the Tricolor is one of the most globally recognized flags, as well as being one of the oldest national flags in continuous use (being over 200 years old).

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