Florida (1983: Doomsday)

Prior to Doomsday, Florida was the fourth most populous state of the United States. It was also one of the most important states of the South, as it was an economic powerhouse.


On Doomsday, most of the states' major cities were blown away. Aong these were:

  • The Miami-Ft Lauderdale Metropolitian Area. West Palm Beach was not directly attacked but was abandoned shortly after Doomsday due to fallout and the collapse of public services making it very difficult to survive in the city.
  • The city of Homestead, due to the Homestead AFB
  • Tampa Bay Metropolitian Area up to St. Petersburg
  • Orlando
  • Tallahasse, the State Capital
  • Key West, home to the Key West AFB
  • Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida.
  • Panama City, Home to a Military Base

Surviving Cities

In the years following Doomsday, several of the surviving cities across Florida began to emerge as political powers. These include:

  • The Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metropolitian Statistical Area
  • Gainesville, the site of the University of Florida. 
  • St. Augustine, One of the oldest cities in North America
  • Daytona Beach, Major Tourist Destination and Capital of NASCAR

Successor States

After the chaotic years of suffering, several new nations and states managed to rise from the ashes, among these were South Florida, Republic of Gainesville, and the First Coast. While they were initially independent, they merged in 2010 to form the Republic of Florida. Later that year, the existence of an independent state in the panhandle was confirmed. Apalachicola joined the republic on March 22, 2011.

While the Republic of Florida is obviously the legitimate successor to the former State, there are still several pockets of civilization throughout the state that remain independent. An incomplete list of these includes:

  • El Dorado: Dictatorship in former Miami Springs area. Home to 2,000 people.
  • South Tampa: Self-governing protectorate of South Florida. Home to 6,000 people, as well as the South Tampa Rays Baseball Team.
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