Alternative History
Floridian Republic
República Florida
Timeline: British Louisiana
(and largest city)
San Agustín
  others English, French,
and several creoles and native languages
President Libardo Fuentes
Independence from Spain
  declared 1854
  recognized 1856
Currency Floridian Peso

Florida includes, more or less, OTL Florida, plus the Gulf of Mexico coasts of Alabama and Mississippi.


While at one time the Spanish province of Florida included the peninsula plus all the southern United States, Transylvania and Louisiana, the presence of the English colonies and the French colonization reduced Florida to its current borders.

In 1854, an autonomist movement demanded greater autonomy or outright independence from Spain, while many conservative parties were worried about US or Transylvanian aggression once the Spanish institutions were removed.

In a referendum held in 1855, the independentist party won, and a series of negotiations began with Spain. On July 1st, 1856, the Spanish flag was lowered in the Governor's Palace in San Agustín, and the new Florida flag was raised.

There was not complete independence. Spain had allowed Florida to go under a series of compromises, including the payment of a compensation for royal property transferred to the new republic, and the provisioning of two permanent Spanish garrisons for the next 25 years.

Florida retained a protectorate status until 1906, when the debt to Spain was completely paid. Florida entered in an commercial and military alliance with the United States.


Florida lies on the Florida peninsula, and the northeastern shore of the Gulf of Mexico, up to the 31st parallel.


North: United States of America and Transylvania. West: Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. South: The Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Straits. East: The Atlantic Ocean.

Political Divisions

Florida is a unitary republic and is administratively divided into municipalities (municipios), grouped in four regions (regiones).

These regions are:

  • Región Occidental (Western Region)
  • Región Nororiental (Northeastern Region)
  • Región Central (Central Region)
  • Región Meridional (Southern Region)