Alternative History


BEF destroyed in Belgium.

France Surrenders. Fascists gain power. Capital moves to Vichy.

RAF air bases destroyed by the Luftwaffe.

Operation Sealion is launched. German Forces land across the south coast and East Anglia. Troops parachute into London, Oxford and Bristol. Royal Family and Government are evacuated to Canada.

Britain Surrenders. Lord Halifax is declared Prime Minister. Oswald Mosley is released from prison and is made Chancellor.


In March, Germany invades the USSR. Riga, Minsk and Odessa are captured within days.

Italian forces easily crush Free British and French forces in Egypt and Palestine.

Germans capture Leningrad, Smolensk and Sevastopol.

Moscow is Evacuated.

Japanese defeat Chinese forces and push as far west as East Turkestan.

Rostov, Stalingrad and Moscow fall to German forces.

Soviet Union Surrenders to Germany


Japanese bomb American Pacific Fleet. All ships, Carriers and Submarines sunk. Followed by the Japanese Invasion of Hawaii and the seizure of Singapore, Dutch East Indies, Malaya, Thailand, Burma and India.

First combined Axis operation. Italian, German and Japanese Forces attack Free British troops in Persia

Hitler Proclaims victory in Europe and over the European Empires. This is followed by full Axis mobilisation against the USA.

Germany and Italy declare war on America.

Germany bombs Atlantic Seaboard with new Jet Bombers.

British Royal Family are allowed to return to Britain.


Japanese troops land in Anchorage and Dutch Harbor, Alaska, after intense bombing of the cities.

German troops are allowed into British Empire and Commonwealth possessions. They begin building up troop concentrations in Canada.

Germany invades the USA. The small and inexperienced US forces are easily crushed.

German troops march into New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver and Seattle.

Japanese forces land in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

The American government is evacuated to Houston.

Argentina joins the Axis, and invades Brazil, Chile and Bolivia, and peacefully unites with Uruguay.