Alternative History
Fourth Reich
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: South East of Germany
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Fourth Reich
Location of Fourth Reich
(and largest city)
Language German
Religion Atheism
Demonym Reichen

The Fourth Reich is a fascist dictatorship that occupies South East Germany.


After the Great Nuclear War, the land, which will one day be known as the Fourth Reich, was occupied by the German Democratic Republic. The country had collapsed into anarchy and in 1973, the Republic of Germany took control and annexed the German Democratic Republic. In 1974, a revolution occurred in the land that would be the Fourth Reich. The leader of the revolt was a man called Bannan Schmidt. He gave himself the title of 'Führer' and believed in Nazism, fascism and looked up to Adolf Hitler and the previous German Empires. Later in 1974, the lower part of Germany split off and formed the Fourth Reich. The Fourth Reich allied with the Imperial Polish Republic who rose in 1979. The Fourth Reich committed terrorist attacks in the Republic of Germany and the Republic of Bret. In 1990, a German agent assassinated the Führer. Two months after the assassination, the Fourth Reich declared war on the Republic of Germany and invaded, starting the Reich War. This war lasts even to this day.

Life in the Reich[]

Life inside the Reich is very similar to how life was in Nazi Germany.



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