POD: The South wins the US Civil War when after the Battle of Bull Run, the ANV pursues the AP and destroys it in the Battle of Frederick in Maryland, leaving Washington DC wide open to attack by C.S. forces. The ANV marches into DC unopposed, earning it recognition by France and Britain and forcing the USA to surrender to the Confederacy and cede it Arizona, OTL Oklahoma and Kentucky. C.S. independence is recognized on July 4th when the Treaty of Richmond is signed.


  1. Be Plausible, we don't want a repeat of the US Civil War Map Game.
  2. One nation per player except for puppet states, your nation controls those directly.
  3. Turns are in half years, no exceptions.
  4. One turn every day, but there might be more if one turn is complete.
  5. The Game started on 10/22/2011.
  6. The game starts in 1862.0.
  7. If the turn is completed before the days end a new turn may be started by a moderator.
  8. Remember guys; this is the 1800s. We can't over colonize or else the game will get too ASB. Expand at a moderate rate.



There will be six mods

  1. DeanSims
  2. Doctor261
  3. ChrisL123
  4. LurkerLordB
  5. VonGlusenburg


The World in 1895 0g


  1. DeanSims
  2. ChrisL123
  3. LurkerLordB
  4. VonGlusenburg



Feel free to add a nation if it's missing!


North America

  • US flag (Greater America) United States of America: DeanSims
  • Confederate Rebel Flag Confederate States of America:
  • Canadian Red Ensign (1921–1957) Canadian Confederation: Swollow
    • Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada) Quebec: Part of Canada
  • AssiniboiaDominionFlag Manitoba (Britain):
  • 700px-Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1893) svg Mexico:
  • Texas- DeanSims and Swollow

South America


  • Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Ethiopia:



-*- Inactive, may be taken over.

-**- Inactive, may NOT be taken over.

The Game


The World in 1878.0
  • The United States: asks for the help of its allies while US troops begin to slowly stop the Chinese advance. A deal is offered to Canada, Britain, Russia, and Hind-Bharat that they may all divide the USA's colonies between themselves if they declare war on China while Alaska will be split between Russia, Canada and the United States. The US Navy blockades China's southern coast and attacks. China is asked if a pro-status quo peace treaty could be arranged with a ten year non-aggression pact added on as well as a promise never to try to conquer Alaska.
    • American Diplomacy: The USA will agree to peace talks with Hind-Bharat as mediator.
    • IQC Diplomacy: Emperor Liu-Tao has a peace treaty: The US give the IQC Madagascar, US Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, the territory they got in British Columbia, New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Then there will be peace.
    • American Diplomacy: The USA denounces the Chinese offer and the CSA will be given Kentucky if it joins the fight against the Chinese.
    • IQC Diplomacy: Emperor Liu-Tao has calmed down after nearly being assassinated, and states he will only take US Indonesia and US West Africa (Rivera) and then there can be peace in the world.
  • Italy: Modernization in Italy begins to continue. In order to make Rome a center of European culture once again, universities, schools, colleges and museums all around Rome. Economic growth begins to rise and the military keeps on expanding and upgrading. New weapons are being manufactured and the army is becoming impressive. It also meets with German and French leaders to propose an invasion of Switzerland and divide it among themselves (based on ethnicity). It also sends diplomats to China for alliances.
    • US Diplomacy: Italy is offered an alliance.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK also offers Italy an alliance.
    • Italy agrees to both countries.
    • IQC Diplomacy: The Imperial Quan Confederacy (China) accepts the alliance, but warns Italy not to trust the US, as the US tried to trade with the IQC while plotting to attack it behind its back.
  • German Empire: A full scale revolt in the occupied French territories broke out, and the army is unable to do anything else for a while. Italy's offer is declined, though Germany says they will not tolerate any attack on Switzerland, due to it providing a buffer between Germany and Italy.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Dutch have finally recovered from the Dutch-French war. The Dutch North Antilles is expanded by adding removing Sint Maarten's nation status and adding it to the Dutch North Antilles. The conquered French colonies of Saint Marten and Saint-Barthelemy are added to the Dutch North Antilles too. The nation of Flanders is formed by combining part of Belgium and Dutch France together. Also, Dutch Equatorial Guinea and the former French Congo are combined into the colony of Dutch Congo.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: The Dutch announce they are still neutral in this war, but could be convinced to join one side if a good enough offer is made. Otherwise the Netherlands shall remain neutral, and will also offer War loans to countries if credit is needed.
    • US Diplomacy: The Dutch are offered a huge Chinese colony and southern Madagascar if they join in the war as well as 1,000,000 tons of free grain and corn.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: How about just all of Madagascar? Keep the grain, corn and Chinese colony.
    • IQC Diplomacy: If the Dutch aid the Chinese, they will get all of Madagascar, and will give them the equivalent to that much corn in rice instead.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: The Dutch accept the Chinese counteroffer and the Dutch fleet puts Madagascar under a blockade and lands Dutch troops in the west of the island.
    • US Diplomacy: All of Madagascar and four times the original offers of corn and grain as well as five times as much beans and tobacco as well as 2,000,000 tons of cotton and 17 ironclad steam frigates if the Dutch declare war on China and make peace with the USA.
  • United Kingdom: The United Kingdom reluctantly agrees to take the US and Canada's side (I don't think I was ever in an alliance with China but if I was, I apologize.) Speaking on behalf of British Columbia, the UK requests that if the "allies" win the war, British Columbia will get the southern part of Alaska. Also, the UK offers Russia $1 million for the little strip of land in western Angola (as indicated on the map) for Bechuanaland (OTL Botswana). (More to come)
    • If the UK helps the IQC, the IQC will give them back all of British Columbia that the US took.
    • BC will be given back to the UK if it is wanted to avoid war.
    • The UK agrees. Do you still need backup or do you wish for the UK to slip out of the war?
    • The UK is still wanted as an ally desperately by the USA, and BC is given to the UK in hopes of keeping the Anglo-American Alliance as well as 2,000,000 tons of tobacco and cotton.
  • IQC: The IQC forces totally demolish the US fleet attacking them in the South China sea, and then begin to bombard the US west and east coasts with their fleet, crushing the much weaker United States forces easily. They pledge that they will divide the US up among the powers that aid them. They will give away the east coast of the US, and US Mexico to powers that aid them.
    • US Diplomacy: The Dutch are offered a huge Chinese colony and southern Madagascar if they join in the war as well as 1,000,000 tons of free grain and corn. Italy is asked to declare war on China and in return a Chinese colony will be given to Italy after the wars end. The USA wants no overseas territories, only a small portion of Alaska as revenge for the Chinese invasion, and if its allies stay at the USA's side during its time of need, the USA will relent all of its claims to Alaska and northern Madagascar. A naval base is given to all of the United States Allies in Hawaii. Open borders are promised to the US's allies. The US Pacific Fleet destroys the Chinese fleet attacking the US Coast, but after that US Squadrons are ordered onto a defensive strategy. 30 ironclad steam frigates are enlisted into the US Navy.
    • 'Are you ignoring the algorithm? You are losing massively to the IQC now, you cannot roleplay victories!
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: The war on the Ottomans is finally won, with the Russians thanked for the help they gave to Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed but focus is finally put back on railroads. The process of the missionaries in Burma continues with great success, with the locals believing what is said. Battleship production slows down and updates are used to design refits for the battleships. Many plans are formulated using ironclads and battleships in a naval battle exercise to see which one works the best.
  • Russian Empire: The Tsar has the messenger who told him about the current situation of the world shot, because he could not believe China and the US are waging world war over a few colonies in Africa and the Philippines. Russia will stay neutral in this petty conflict. With the Ottoman Empire defeated, it is split up between Greece (All of European Ottoman territory and the island in the Aegean Sea), Ethiopia (All African Ottoman territory) and Russia (Asiatic Ottoman territory.) Greece is to be a federal republic, friendly to, but independent of the Russian Empire.
    • All of the Ottoman Empire? That's a little extreme and slightly ASB. Perhaps some of the Saudi Arabian territories but that should be it.
    • I could see Greece breaking away during the war, and Ethiopia maybe gaining Sudan, and Russia getting the Arabian portions, just not the whole thing. Unless he makes it a vassal like Persia, then he could perhaps pull it off. Even then, Ethiopia would be hard pressed to take Libya, as taking more would mean getting more territory than Ethiopia has. For the new map, I will have Arabia joining Russia as a colony, Turkey joining as a vassal of Russia, Iraq joining the Russian vassal of Persia, Egypt/Sudan going to Ethiopia, and Greece being independent, as that is the closest you can get to the Russian post without being unrealistic. It's really nothing but lines dividing the territory, but it will make it more realistic for it to be divided that way
    • I completely agree with this division.
    • I brought up a discussion on the talk page about a possible division. Map makers, please don't edit the borders of the Empire yet until we have a consensus. ChrisL123


The World in 1878.5
  • Imperial Quan Confederation: The people of the IQC cheer, for after two years of war, peace has come again. They have gained the US colony of Rivera from the war, which they rename Haozhou, and they take US Indonesia, whose name they keep. All US military bases in Indonesia are kept, and all US citizens are allowed to return to the US if they so choose. Emperor Liu-Tao pledges peace to the US for as long as he lives (unless the US attacks IQC, Japan, Hind-Bharat, or Russia).
  • Italy: A new constitution is made for the country, one modeled after the United States'. The modernization of Italy begins to continue and the economy is developing very quickly. Internal improvements such as the building and repairing of infrastructure, building of public facilities, building of factories, modernization of agriculture, are occurring all around the country. The army begins to modernize and expand, and have trained troops in Tunisia. It also meets with Russian leader, who propose an invasion of the Ottoman Empire. Russia can have its European portions and the OTL of Turkey. Italy will get the rest.
    • The Ottoman Empire was already invaded. All what is left to take is Libya, so Italy could invade that, but they will need their own war algorithm and whatnot
    • Tripoli was invaded previously by Brazilian troops, who founded a colony there.
  • Canada: Canada still offers their amount for the U.S colonies. The Military continues to improve and grow and the economic outlook has never been better. New Ottawa colony continues to grow and more and more colonists arrive. A new colonisation crew is sent to OTL Venezuela and set up New Toronto, and 1000 colonist arrive in both colonies. An alliance is offered to China to continue peace between Alaska and Canada.
    • Venezuela isn't up for colonization, it's a real country with a government and cities established for at least 100 years, despite it not having a player. You'll probably need to attack that country to establish a colony there.
    • China accepts the alliance offer. Emperor Liu-Tao hopes for no more war
  • Empire of Brazil: Pedro II, issues the Edict of Rio de Janeiro, which establishes that Brazil shall not allow any foreign power to further colonize South America, or they shall face military counter-action. Pedro II asks for the Chilean government to back up their edict, declaring that wanting to keep good relations with the Europeans and the North Americans does not interfere with keeping them from colonizing their continent.
  • Chile: The President Cornelio Saavedra (elected in 1867, in the middle of the war), promulgate a series of politics to favor to the new territories, like reduction of taxes, modernization of the infrastructure, and others things, all with the intention of avoiding the emergence of new rebel groups. Also, with the support from all political spectre, the Liberal-Conservative Fusion (his coalition), the Radical Party, Montt-Varist Party and the Independent Liberals, the President Saavedra expresses the complete support of the government of Chile to the "Edict of Rio de Janeiro", in defense of the sovereignty of South America.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: The Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs and Colonization, Enrique Cood Ross, send to the Empire of Brazil as new ambassador to the Liberal politician Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna. The Chilean government hope the consent of Brazil.
    • Empire of Brazil: The Empire of Brazil accepts Chile's new choice for an ambassador.
  • Japan: improves its infrastructure and navy Japan's artillery divisions are modernised a trade agreement is sent to Brazil and Italy.
  • Iberian Empire is not happy at all, because Japan did not even answer to their peaceful offer. The preparations for possible war continues, because Franco sees no other option. The main African colony is expanded south.
    • We gave you it free of charge. Look at the map. Be happy.
    • 'Dude. Stop acting like an idiot really. 'This, what we play here, is a ROLEPLAY. NOTHING, and I repeat - NOTHING, shall be taken personally. If you don't want to roleplay, then leave this map game. Thank you. Doctor261 12:35, November 25, 2011 (UTC)
  • The Netherlands: The Create campaign finishes and Create becomes a Dutch colony. With the two major wars over the Dutch rejoice that peace has returned. The Dutch go back to expanding their colonies, especially their Dutch Congo colony.
  • The United States of America: The USA declares that Madagascar and Namibia-Angola are no longer for sale but Liberia is offered to Canada in return for New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. If Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are given to the USA, Liberia, Angola-Namibia, and Madagascar except for a few naval bases will all be given to Canada in return for those two provinces. Liberia continues to be expanded but much faster now due to the flow of colonists being more and more concentrated into the colony of Anglo-Namibia due to Madagascar and Liberia already being settled. Humiliated at the loss to China but thankful for its former enemies graceful terms. The US Army, Navy and Marine Corps are all expanded up to a total of 1.2 million men, and training of these new soldiers begins immediately.
  • Canada declines courteously but offers to but offer to buy just Liberia for any sum the U.S wants.
  • US Diplomacy: The USA offers Canada a deal that will put Liberia under Quebec's, the United States, and Canada's control.
  • Quebec is interested in buying a colony.
  • US Diplomacy: The USA, knowing that Quebec has always been friendly to the USA, offers Quebec joint control of Liberia so that both countries can send settlers there and both countries have an equal say in Liberia's future.
  • United Kingdom: The UK offers Italy to attack and annex small portions of the chaotic and lawless Ottoman Africa (OTL Libya-Egypt area). The area could either be a condominium or just Italian and British colonies. The British prepare their military to attack the area.
    • Quebec Diplomacy: wants to buy Sri Lanka from UK.
    • Hind Diplomacy: wishes that the British give the colony to the people of Hind-Bharat as where they belong. A trade agreement and money will be offered.
    • IQC Diplomacy: The IQC believes that Hind-Bharat has a greater claim over the island than Quebec does, and it would be easier for them to assimilate.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: More battleships are constructed at a slower rate. The process of the missionaries in Burma continues with great success, with the locals believing what is said. Almost all of the population is now completely Hindu. Some Buddhists don't believe the missionaries and stay Buddhists. Battleship production slows down and updates are used to design refits for the battleships, with the refit planned next year. The organization of mosques, churches and Hindu temples are completed. Sunni Muslims in the Empire are the next target of conversion, into Shias. This is easier as they will only be needed to change from one form of Islam to another.


The World in 1879.0
  • Empire of Brazil: The Imperial Brazilian Armed Forces began a colonial offensive against the Ottomans in Libya, expanding outward from Tripoli, capturing other port cities like Benghazi and Sirte, along with much of the Libyan coastline. But as the Edict of Rio de Janeiro takes its political hold, Pedro II holds fast to his protective doctrine, and gives the Canadians a deadline by which to end their colonial expansion into Venezuela.
Ottoman Empire Division (FA)

How's this for everyone?

  • Italy: Italy asks Brazil to let it have a share of the Ottoman Empire since it wants to invade as well. It also asks for an alliance between the two countries and trade agreements. The modernization and expansion of the economy, military, infrastructure, and navy all continue, will a force stationed in Tunisia.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: The Empire of Brazil will agree to let Italy have any parts of the Ottoman Empire it wants, and their alliance and trade agreements, but only if they will recognize the Brazilian claims in Ottoman Territory (Modern Libyan border).
    • Italy Diplomacy: Italy agrees to this. Other than Tunisia (which it has), it would want the Syrian and Palestinian parts of the Ottoman Empire.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: The Brazilian government agrees to recognize Italian claims, but only if the Italians can prove they can militarily back their claims up.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK asks Italy and Brazil to make a pact to annex parts of the Northern Africa Libya-Egypt Ottoman Empire evenly.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil agrees.
    • Italy Diplomacy: Italy agrees to the UK Pact, and explained that it wanted Palestine and Syria for religious reasons. (They held important sacred Christian sites and large Christian populations)
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK reluctantly agrees and draws up a (hopefully) final map for the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Anatolia, West Thrace and Western Saudi Arabia will remain as the Ottoman Empire, even though it is divided between Italian Syria.
    • Empire of Brazil: The Empire of Brazil's ambassadors point out that they have recently seized Benghazi and Sirte.
    • Italian Diplomacy: It still asks for Palestine since it is sacred to Christianity.
    • I did give you Palestine. It's on the map. But now the US wants the Ottoman Empire to be fully connected to Western Arabia, so I'm afraid you'll have to have just Africa. But if you feel that you have the smallest colony you could always expand father into Africa. Also, Palestine is mostly Sunni Islam.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Dutch Congo and Dutch South East Afrika expand as more colonists join these colonies. Oman also expands with Dutch help, closer integration between Oman and the Netherlands is promised by the Sultan of Oman to the Dutch King.
  • Quebec: ask England to name its price for Sri Lanka.
  • Chile: The government make a national census, which establish that the Chilean population reach to the 3,800,000, including people from the Argentinian territories and a new wave of immigration from countries at wars in Eurasia in the last years. The Minister of War and Navy Belisario Prats establish officially the obligatory military service for young men of 18 years of age (the army now is the 90,000 soldiers), and order the increase of the navy, which now reach to the 45 ships. In economy, the production levels are good, and the construction of new railroads in the new territories began.
  • German Empire: The French Revolt is finally put down, and many of the ringleaders are executed, while those convicted of major crimes are imprisoned for terms between 5-20 years. Germany continues to focus on industry, as Germany is already to late for the colonial race.
  • Iberian Empire: Iberian empire sends their newly stationed Philippino troops back to their homeland. State of War is canceled in the streets of Iberian Empire. Iberian Empire declares their neutrality in all current wars of the Earth. They expand their main colony south.
  • Canada: Canada expands it New Ottawa Colony and more and more people move their, mainly Muslims from other parts of Arabia. The military continues to grow and Canada ask Britain is they can annex British Columbia and British Manitoba for an access point to the Pacific and for Commerce. The economy continues to grow as more products are sent overseas.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA offers Canada a deal that will put Liberia under Quebec's, the United States, and Canada's control, making it under the three nations control and that Liberia will eventually become an independent country. Quebec is offered the same deal. The USA also offers a portion of Madagascar to Italy in return for its portion of Syria.
  • United States of America: Namibia-Angola continues to be colonized and expanded. The Armed Forces and Navy continue to be expanded. An alliance is offered to Quebec, Canada, China, and Germany. The US Army now numbers 2.3 million men, of which 1.2 million are fully trained. War factories begin to turn out guns and other weapons, mostly Gatling guns and other weaponry. 32 ironclad steam frigates are produced, giving the USA 67 of these ships. The US Pacific Fleet has only 12 of these ships while the US Atlantic Fleet has 50 and the US Colonial Fleet has five. Plans for the USA's armed forces are as follows:
  1. The US Army will have 5.2 million men.
  2. The US Pacific Fleet will have 85 Ironclad Steam Frigates.
  3. The US Atlantic Fleet will have 90 Ironclad Steam Frigates.
  4. The US Colonial Fleet will have 46 Ironclad Steam Frigates.
  5. For a total of 221 Ironclad Steam Frigates.
  • IQC: Many in the Imperial Quan Confederation still bear too much ill-will towards the USA to become allies, but they are not opposed to beginning to trade again and become not enemies, and after a few years they may become allies. Meanwhile, many Buddhist missionaries have traveled to Haozhou and have begun to convert many of the natives of that land to their religion. Many other Buddhists begin to travel to the capital of the Hind-Bharat, urging the leaders to not convert all of the Buddhists in Southeast Asia, especially areas like Cambodia and Thailand that have more than 90% Buddhist. Many of the Buddhist leaders feel that they must restore their religion and convert more of the inhabitants of the IQC to Buddhism. However, there is conflict between the schools of Buddhism, and many turn to the Emperor to decide which school is the best one for the IQC
    • US Diplomacy: The USA completely agrees to China's dilemma, and trade between the two nations is restarted. The Colonial Guard is created to defend the United States Colonies in Africa.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: More battleships are constructed at a slower rate. The process of the missionaries in Burma is stopped, with the Chinese Buddhists urging the government to stop. Almost all of the population is now completely Hindu, however. Some Buddhists don't believe the missionaries and stay Buddhists and they will not be forced to change. Battleship production slows down and updates are used to design refits for the battleships, with refits planned coming into play and ironclads and battleships being refitted. The conversion of the Sunnis starts and people start converting to Shias, with quite a lot of people believing the Shia missionaries.


The World in 1879.5
  • United States of America: The US Army reaches 3.7 million men and now has a total of 112 Ironclad Steam Frigates. Namibia-Angola continues to be colonized and expanded and now has a population of 126,000 people and a Colonial Guard of 5,000 men. Liberia's population now totals over 89,000 people and has a Colonial Guard of about 2,000 men. The Armed Forces and Navy continue to be modernized and expanded. The USA experiences a huge baby boom of over 16 million babies from a population of about 52 million people and a total of three million immigrants.
  • Italy: Italy brings all the nations of the world involved in the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire to prepare for war. It does its part by building and upgrading the military in all sectors. The modernization and economic growth of the country still continues. It secretly meets with Balkan separatists from the Ottoman Empire, telling them they will support them when war starts.
    • USA Diplomacy: The USA also offers a portion of Madagascar to Italy in return for its portion of Syria.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Unless it takes part in the war against the Ottomans, it refuses.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA will participate in the war.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA wants part of the Ottoman Empire to become the Republic of Turkey, and Madagascar will be divided between the Ottoman's attackers if they leave a reasonable portion of OTL Turkey independent. The USA will not attack any country in the war on either side unless it is attacked first. The USA wants the following to remain independent as the Republic of Turkey.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK agrees to let the Republic of Turkey be one connected country, but it is possible for Italy to take Cyprus. Is this the final map we shall have for the Ottoman Empire divisions?
    • Italian Diplomacy: It is not. My claims to Syria, Palestine and Cyprus are not on there.
    • It was. The US made this new map of a possible interconnected Republic of Turkey. We could take a vote on the talk page as to see which we should have, a connected Republic of Turkey or an Ottoman Empire that has two parts but are divided from each other.
    • I have established three colonies in Arabia and one is near the Ottoman Empire, 300,000 troops are stationed there and 200,000 more will be there a few weeks before the turns end. I would like Kuwait and parts of southern Iraq, or a good portion of uncolonized Arabia. I will have my 500,000 troops help you guys take apart the Ottomans if I get either of my two requests. My current Arabian colonies are along the coast of the Persian Gulf and between the Dutch Orange and the dark red colonies on the Indian Oceans Coast DeanSims
    • US Wishes for help in the war

      Concentrated dark blue= present US Colony grey territory with blue lines=US Wishes for its help in the war

      • You can establish colonies in Arabia, but they can't grow to be too big at once. Also, Hind-Bharat officially gets Iraq from helping Russia in the war against the Ottoman Empire, but I think you can get Kuwait if your colony is established close enough to it. Also, you can't just get a portion of Arabia since they aren't the country that was attacked and being annexed; you'll have to colonize it, which can't be too quickly since it is a desert country. ChrisL123
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK agrees to the troops to help in the annexation of parts of the Ottoman Empire (but of course you'll have to understand the comment I made above.)
    • US Diplomacy: The USA asks for more of unclaimed Arabia in return for its troops helping in the war, and also asks that the nations of the world think about divided Ottoman Empire. If it is left divided and weak it will be conquered by some other country and some country won't like it and it will attack that country, resulting in a number of conflicts and revenge wars that will only get bigger when somebody's ally gets dragged in, or in other words, a divided and weak Ottoman Empire left to the whims of other countries will result in a World War, and then more than one country will be conquered and crushed into the dust, it could be two or three countries, it could be more. A united Republic of Turkey that the nations of the world respect and do not crush out of existence merely because they can will grow into a strong country and a powerful one that, having been beat down to near death, will try to keep the world peace for as long as it is possible.
Ottoman Empire Divi8sion (FA)


US Diplomacy: The USA offers Italy all of Madagascar if Italy gives up Syria and Palestine. Cyprus can stay Italian. The USA establishes three new colonies; two are on the coast of the Persian Gulf while the third is established between the Dutch and dark red colonies on the coast of the Indian Ocean, and thousands begin to immigrate to these new colonies while ten of the Ironclad Steam Frigates 300,000 troops are sent to the one bordering the Ottoman Empire. The USA asks for Kuwait and part of OTL Iraq. 12 more ships from the Colonial Fleet and 200,000 more troops are expected to arrive a few weeks before the turns end.

  • Chile: New legislative elections took place, and the Liberal-Conservative Fusion maintain the absolute majority in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. Construction of new ships continues good in the shipyards of Concepción, Punta Arenas, Valdivia, Antofagasta, Valparaíso and Puerto Bulnes (OTL Rio Gallegos). More people from Eurasia arrive to the country. The Chilean troops move now to the northern frontier.
  • IQC: The IQC continues to update their military and their industry, becoming much closer to the west in industrialization. The Great Buddhist Awakening continues within the IQC, with many different new Buddhist sects appearing. Which ones will fade away within a couple years and which ones will become large remains to be seen. Some Buddhist missionaries travel to Southeast Asia, to attempt to stop the conversion of Buddhists to Hindus.
    • Hind missionary response: The Buddhists aren't converted, they have formed a new branch of Hinduism, Buddho-Hinduism. They are still Buddhists left and they will not be forced to convert, it is only that most of the populace believes in what is preached. The conversion has also stopped a few months ago.
  • Japan: Continues to modernize and improve the military focusing on teaching the infantry a mixture of different fighting styles several small unclaimed islands in the Indian Ocean are colonized by Japan.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Brazilian Emperor agrees to the division of the Ottoman Empire, and declares the new colony Tripolitania, with Tripoli as its capital. From their bases in Tripoli, Brazilian soldiers move north to colonize the southern Dodecanese Islands.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: More battleships are constructed at a slower rate. Some Buddhists don't believe the missionaries and stay Buddhists and they will not be forced to change. Battleship production slows down and updates are used to design refits for the battleships, with refits continuing and ironclads and battleships being continuously refitted. The conversion of the Sunnis converting and people start converting to Shias, with quite a lot of people believing the Shia missionaries. Hindu missionaries also enter the Western areas. Some conflict arises between the missionaries of the two religions but is nothing major as
  • US Diplomacy: The USA offers all of the countries this deal, let me keep the rest of the Ottoman Empire as a US Protectorate/Colony until Turkey is strong enough to stand up on its own two feet. And in return, all of my other colonies will be divided between the countries who invaded and conquered the Ottoman Empire. Ironclad Steam Frigates can be given as well as territory, and all military and naval bases in the colonies come with the ships currently there as well as the guns and ammo. All of the US Colonies are connected by railroads internally as well as externally with each other and other colonies in Africa. the US Colony/Protectorate of Turkey, and all of my colonies will be divided between you.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK declines the US's offer. It should be a shared protectorate between Russia, Hind-Bharat and possibly Ethiopia, Italy, Brazil and the UK. The US little part in the Ottoman-Arabian area until recently, and should not get to control the country by themselves.
    • Why is the US willing to lose its entire empire to protect one weak nation from being divided in two? It is most bizarre
    • The USA was at destruction's door when China showed it mercy, I think the Republic of Turkey/Ottoman Empire should be shown the same thing.
  • both are trying to convert Sunnis.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Oman, Dutch Congo and Dutch South East Afrika expand as a baby doom boom occurs in the Netherlands.
    • LOL, I assume you meant baby boom....
    • Yeah I sure did. LOL.
  • German Empire: Bismarck announces that Germany will follow an isolationist policy in all matters except in Europe itself, and will maintain the current Status Quo with all means; war if necessary.
  • Canada: Economy and military grow. The colony of New Ottawa expand east. Also, Canada ask to annex British Columbia, Arctic Islands, and Manitoba in order to improve commerce.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK states that the annexation was not recognized and will be fought for if not returned to the Empire.
    • Canadian Diplomacy:"Canada ASK to annex..."
  • Russian Empire: The Tsar will not have the American barbarians lowering the property value of their newly acquired territory, and will fight tooth and nail to keep the US out of the Middle East. Meanwhile, vast amounts of raw resources are shipped to Hind-Bharat in an Ironclad deal.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA thinks that it should be able to keep its Arabian colonies that it already has, but agrees to no expansion into the Ottoman Empire.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Hind-Bharat thank the Russians and sell them 15 battleships.


The World in 1880
  • Imperial Quan Confederacy: The Imperial Quan Confederacy Colony of Haozhou has been a great success, and some of the surrounding tribes have converted to Buddhism and joined with Haozhou. The only problem is that this has now resulted in the small Iberian colony just to the south of Haozhou being now surrounded by other colonies and unable to expand. The IQC offers $250,000 to its ally Iberia to buy this tiny little colony. Meanwhile, many new branches of Buddhism have appeared. One is a challenge to the Dalai Lama for leadership of the Tibetan Buddhism, one is a more philosophical and less religious form of Buddhism, another attempts to combine Buddhism with Islam, yet another means to make Buddhism more acceptable to Confucians and Daoists, and the last new branch elevates the Buddha to a position near that of a god.
    • Iberian Empire would agree to sell it for $275'000.
    • The IQC sends the Iberian Empire the money, and then lets all Iberians who do not wish to live in Haozhou return to Iberia, while those that stay in their former colony are treated as fairly as Chinese
  • Iberian Empire: Main African Colony is expanded further south. Franco Hernandez dies from a heart-attack and the throne is taken by Julian Hernandez (a 15 year old king).
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Boer republics jointly begin the construction of the Trans-Boer Railway to join up all of the Boer Republics (and Zululand too) in Dutch controlled Southern Africa. A major Dutch Colonist by the name of Max De Snaijer sees this railroad being created and sets about created a Dutch Cross-African Railroad from Dutch South East Afrika to Dutch Congo. This causes the expansion of the Dutch Congo and Dutch South East Afrika colonies towards each other.
  • Empire of Brazil: The new general elections in Brazil fill the Chamber of Deputies and Senate with people from the pro-colonization Brazilian National Party, and the office of Prime Minister with one as well. After debating the subject with both houses of the Brazilian General Assembly, Emperor Pedro II sends soldiers to conquer Hispaniola.
  • The United States of America: The USA continues to expand its Arabian colonies and Namibia-Angola. The baby boom continues while the US Army reaches 5.8 million men and 220 Ironclad Steam Frigates. Industrialization of the colonies continues while harbors are built in all three of the Arabian colonies. The 500,000 US Troops stationed in the US Arabian Colonies are moved to the Ottoman Border to assist the British and Hind-Bharats. Seeing that the USA's aid is not going to be appreciated, the United States withdraws all of its troops from Arabia and prepares for an invasion of Peru.
  • YOU DON"T HAVE AN ARABIAN COLONY! You're going to get killed because expansion is killing the value of your military.
    • The IQC warns that Brazil and Argentina have vowed to defend Peru and other South American nations from imperialism. They ask why the US would conquer a peaceful nation for no reason. It seems like the US is a brutal and warmongering nation
    • The USA asks what it will take to allow the USA to take over Peru, as the previous war does not want to be repeated. The USA wants Peru as a state in the Union with equal rights to the rest of the United States, and the USA wants an America of all American cultures, a world of no racism or prejudice because of the color of skin or an individuals ethnicity. The USA asks what Brazil and Argentina want to allow the USA's annexation of Peru.
    • Pedro II states that the Edict of Rio de Janeiro holds fast, and that he shall not be bought by the Americans if it means that he shall have to give up his morals. He also likes to point out that Argentina has no say in the matter, and that both sides are probably referring to Brazil's ally Chile, which has historically supported the Edict of Rio de Janeiro.
    • Canada pleases the U.S not to invade Peru.
    • The ambassador Vicuña Mackenna declares that The Chilean government firmly side with Brazil, and that Edict of Rio Janeiro is clear about any foreign intervention in the region. (NOTE: You confuse to Chile with Argentina?)
    • Emperor Liu-Tao of China remarks that the United States is set to be crushed in the war against Peru as well, if his prediction (aka the algorithm) is correct. Surely, losing two wars within a couple years would be disastrous to the United States, and would result in whoever the current president is losing the election in the second part of this year due to their "democracy". He may be persuaded into giving supplies aid to one of the two sides in this war, if the US or the South American nations offer the IQC enough....
  • Chile: President Saavedra create two new ministry: Education (separating Public Instruction from Justice) and Ministry of Industry and Public Works. The liberal Gregorio Amunátegui Aldunate is named in the first ministry and the conservative Juan de Dios Correa de Saa in the second. While, the expansion of the national military industry continues with force, due to the good levels in economy. More troops are trained each year. The Husares de la Muerte unit trebles his size.
  • Canada: Canada still wishes to annex British Canadian Properties. The military grows and New Ottawa population numbers three million and expands exceedingly. The military grows to two million troops and a Navy is worked on and a metal ship come out once every two days. The Canadians offer Japan an Alliance.
    • Japan: Agrees to an alliance with Canada.
    • US Diplomacy: Canada is offered an alliance by the USA.
    • We already had one.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK denies Canada to annex BC and Manitoba, but will sell the British Arctic Islands for $600,000.
    • Canada Diplomacy: Both Manitoba and Arctic Islands for $4 million (British Arctic Islands aren't even worth $500,000, I don't know why I am offering you $4 Million for both. At least follow one thing OTL,
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK has no need for the Arctic Islands, but we can't give up Manitoba; "The reason we have Manitoba as a Dominion because of Canadian surveys (back when Canada didn't have a player. Also, the Adjacent Territories Order only applied to OTL because Canada was still loyal enough to Great Britain to remain a dominion of the UK. You, however, have declared independence and are no longer a dominion of the UK, and the ATO doesn't apply.)
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We are still loyal to the queen (like I said when I declared independence). $5 Million for Both.
    • UK Diplomacy: Hmm. So you are. Okay, I will give you the Arctic Islands for free but we will have to keep Manitoba, and I suppose British Columbia can be a dominion for a year and a half until it is given full access to you, but in return we get Acadia (since it is nowhere near Canadian soil.)
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Deal, but British Columbia will be automatically introduced into Canada.
  • United Kingdom: The UK initiates the border changes in the Ottoman Empire, and declares that Syria will have to stay disputed. Thousands of troops are sent to British Egypt to keep the colony from being taken over by either Italy or Ottoman soldiers. Colonization efforts are stopped, but Bechuanaland offers $1 million to buy the portion indicated on the map from US Angola. Also, the UK will keep Sri Lanka until further notice.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA offers the UK a deal giving British Colombia to the United States in return for all of Namibia-Angola, Madagascar, and Liberia plus 5 million World Dollars, which is the USA's currency.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK declines the US's offer, British Parliament saying, "British Columbia and any other colony in America (as well as Asia) are more valuable than African ones." However the Bechuanaland offer for the portion of Angola (in grey) is still offered.
  • Italy: Italy still disagrees of the US because of religious reasons. The modernization, economic growth, and build-up of the military continues. It also asks France to try to invade Switzerland and divide it amongst themselves.
  • German Empire: Fairly quiet this half-year: nothing of major note happens, except for industrial growth.
  • Japan: Modernizes its cavalry divisions and continues to colonize unclaimed Islands in the Indian Ocean. Japan begins construction on more gunboats and ironclads. A railway is under construction connecting most of the major ports and cities of Japanese Vietnam allowing for much faster transport of raw materials and agricultural goods
  • Russian Empire: Russian supplies continue to flow into Hind-Bharat for the creation of Warships, and now Russification begins in the Russian Middle East Oblast. The Russian language, Russian East Orthodoxy, and Russian History are all taught in schools in that area without exception. Naturally, there is a large opposition to this, but the few major protests that do break out are put down with deadly force.
  • Republic of Persia: Following the War, work can continue on the Internal Combustion Engine.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools started to be wide spread built across Hind-Bharat with different ones for adults and children to educate the populace. More battleships are constructed at a slower rate. Refits are continuing and ironclads and battleships being continuously refitted. The new ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships. The conversion of the Sunnis continues and are converting to Shias, with quite a lot of people believing the Shia missionaries. Hindu missionaries also enter the Western areas. Around half of the population is now converted.


The World in 1880.5
  • Iberian Empire: Expands south-west on Main African Colony.
  • Italy: Italy begins to prepare for war against the Ottomans, and demand that their future claims be recognized. The economic and military growth continue.
    • The War already happened.
  • IQC: The industrialization and urbanization of the Imperial Quan Confederacy continues, with the old style of the agricultural society of China starting to end. With that will end the old religious systems, for the great Buddhist reformation continues. There are now three main groups: Chún Buddhism, which is led by a Tibetan monk who believes that the standard Tibetan Buddhist order, headed by the Dalai Lama, has become corrupt and that is must be purified. Chún has most of its support in Tibet, although the standard Tibetan Buddhism still is a majority. The next main group is Yŏushénlúnzhĕ Buddhism, which has been influenced by Christianity and Islam and now believes that there is a high god over all Buddhism, and states that the Buddha was that god incarnated upon earth. It is strongest in the coast where Christians have the most influence, and in areas where Islam is strong. Finally, Xìntú Buddhism aims to restrict Buddhism to matters of faith and mind, and allow Confucianism to handle society and Daoism to manage the physical bodies of people. It is popular in areas with large Daoist populations as well.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Empire of Brazil continues its campaign to conquer Hispaniola, while it keeps its armed forces on watch, with the possibility that the United states could make a move on Peru.
  • The United States of America: The US Army reaches 6.9 million men while the number of Ironclad Steam Frigates reaches 322, making the USA one of the worlds largest Naval Powers behind Great Britain and the Greatest Naval Power in the Western Hemisphere and in the Americas. Seeing that a war for Peru would be disastrous, the USA lands troops in and occupies Samoa. Namibia-Angola and the Arabian Colonies continue to grow and the UK's deal is accepted as the USA gets to keep most of Namibia-Angola while gaining another colony almost completely free. 17 gun, iron and bullet factories are completed in Namibia-Angola, 12 in Liberia, and 20 in Madagascar while 25 dry docks are built in Liberia and Namibia-Angola as a total to build Ironclad Steam Frigates and other Naval Vessels while 38 are built in Madagascar alone. Industrial sectors in all of US Madagascar and Africa total over 59 thanks to government aid, allowing much of the manufactured goods needed in the Colonies to be produced there which allows the cost of shipping to be cut hugely while helping to improve the Colonial economies and the United States economy at home almost immediately. The Ironclad Stream Frigate is the America Name for Battle Cruiser Ships, making the USA just below the UK and Dutch in the Naval Arms Race. A black substance called oil is found in the Arabian Colonies and it is realized that it can be used as fuel for factories and changed into other forms of cleaner fuels by using an oil sifter, creating gas, petroleum and other oil based fuels. Oil begins to be imported from the Arabian Colonies into the United States proper and the other US Colonies as well as the other US Colonies, helping reduce the need for fire word and allowing some of the nearby forests to begin to grow back.
    • The US population in 1880 was about 50 million, and that is assuming that the new Mexican portions made up for the confederate loss. There is no way that you could have a military that uses up about 14% of your population.
    • IQC Diplomacy: Samoa is currently part of the Imperial Quan Confederacy, but as almost no Chinese have gone to live there, they don't really care that the US is settling it, and they sell it to America as long as the IQC can keep a small military base there,
    • US Diplomacy: The USA apologizes for attacking, it didn't know it was Chinese, and the US agrees to China's terms for a military base, the USA pays China for the islands.
  • United Kingdom: UK troops start increasing Egypt's borders by colonizing new land. British Parliament thinks about the Ottoman's borders and states the possibility that Western Arabia, who doesn't have a Turkish majority, would probably work best joining Saudi Arabia. (more to come)
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Dutch continue to expand the Dutch Congo, Dutch South East Afrika, and Oman. The South Sandwich Islands are also colonized by the Dutch. The Dutch navy also commission around 100 extra battle cruiser ships, making the Dutch Navy the world's 2nd strongest after the British, but the Dutch navy isn't far off the British, and the Dutch King himself orders the expansion of the navy until it is the greatest in the world. This is partially due to the large Dutch empire stretching the globe and its dependence on trade.
  • Russian Empire: Large-scale rioting continues, and the Tsar agrees to remove Russification policies in the Russian Middle East Oblast if 25% of the male population agrees to be drafted. The newly augmented Russian Military is trained, and nearly all funding goes to improving the military.
  • Republic of Persia: Some headway on the Internal Combustion Engine is made, and a crude, inefficient oil engine is created to power a small train. It works for 12 minutes before bursting into flames, with the debris killing three spectators and wounding seven more.
  • Canada: The military improves its weaponry and troops are sent to New Ottawa. New Ottawa is added as a province of Canada and the people there rejoice. The economy grows and New Ottawa expands North.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespreadly built across Hind-Bharat with different ones for adults and children to educate the populace. More battleships are constructed at a slower rate. Refits are continuing and ironclads and battleships being continuously refitted. The new ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships. Resources are sent to Russia. The conversion of the Sunnis continues and are converting to Shias, with quite a lot of people believing the Shia missionaries. Hindu missionaries also convert Sunnis. Around 3/4 of the population is now converted.


  • IQC: Development of the military and industry continue. The Buddhist reformation continues, with Chún, Yŏushénlúnzhĕ, and Xìntú Buddhism all continuing to grow at a steady pace. Meanwhile, the IQC has a great offer to Japan: if Japan will give the IQC Taiwan/Formosa, the IQC will give Japan all of Manchurian Sakhalin as well as the small Ryukyu islands and 2000 USD. They reaffirm their alliance with Japan, and hope that this deal goes through.
  • Japan: agrees to the Chinese proposal as long as Japanese ships can still use Taiwanese ports.
    • The IQC agrees to the condition of allowing the Japanese ships to use Taiwanese ports, and turns over the islands of Sakhalin and Ryukyu to the Japanese, as they take Taiwan/Formosa.
  • Russian Empire: Work on the military is continued, as does the resources-for-ironclads deal with Hind.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the internal Combustion Engine is continued, and a new prototype is tested, with the only difference from the last test being that there were fewer civilian casualties.
  • Germany: continues to do little this year. The army is expanded and railroads are built in remote areas.
  • Canada economy grows and the army is improved with new guns. Troops, before sent to New Ottawa, are sent to Arizona in the U.S and 50,000 are sent there in order to train. New Ottawa expands and a colonisation fleet is sent to Hawaii and it is colonized.
    • The US already took Hawaii, but appears to have given it to Iberia.
  • Italy: Italy's economic growth, modernization, and military expansion all increase. They ask Russia and Germany to try to invade Austria and divide it amongst themselves.
  • Chile: Presidential elections took place in the country, result winner the Liberal Anibal Pinto Garmendia, who will assume the Presidency in September. While, with the economy growing, the Chilean government continues expand the armed forces, with 20,000 soldiers more, and the navy now reach to the 60 ships. Preliminary studios calculate the population now in 4,300,000, with the immigration from Eurasia and others countries in South America, like Ecuador, Colombia, who are afraid the attempts of intervention by the US. The Ministry of Education recently created focused resources in instruct the new people.
  • Iberian Empire begins researching new forms of medicine. Meanwhile, they extend their Main African Colony to the south-east.
  • United States of America: Troops stop expanding and formulate on holding territories. The army is rearmed with much more up to date stuff and ironclads are churned out. The baby boom continues and to increase the population boom. The troops sent over train with the Americans and through war games, both of the armies have learnt new tactics for war.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: As Dutch South East Afrika expands, Dutch explorers discover Lake Tanganyika, and set up a small port on the lake's southern shores. Dutch Congo also expands thanks to small PT boats being sent down the various rivers of the Congo Basin. The Crozet Islands and Kerguelen island are discovered in the Southern Ocean and they are colonized as the Dutch Southern Ocean territories.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespreadly built across Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed at a slower rate. Refits are finally finished and ironclads and battleships have been refitted, including new ones rolled out of the production line. The new ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships while Resources are sent to Russia. The conversion of the Sunnis continues and are converting to Shias, with quite a lot of people believing the Shia missionaries. Hindu missionaries continue converting Sunnis. Around 3/4 of the population is now converted.
  • Ethiopian Empire: The Empire begins ethnically cleansing the Sudanese territories gained during the war, applying the same methods that they used in Kenya. They also expand into the unclaimed southern Sudan.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Empire of Brazil launches a series of laws expanding the Navy, ordering the building of multiple new battleships, frigates, and cruisers. And a design contest is opened for the development of a new submarine design for the Brazilian Navy.
  • Confederate States of America: The President of the CSA is shot and killed. When the new president takes office, the 13th amendment is passed: Senators are directly elected by popular vote.


  • The IQC: The IQC converts many of the tribes around Haozhou to Buddhism, and they join up with that colony, resulting in it expanding outwards. Emperor Liu-Tao orders the military division in Haozhou to be expanded. Meanwhile, the Buddhist reformation continues, with Chún and Xìntú both gaining more followers. Yŏushénlúnzhĕ, however, appears to have leveled off in size. Increasing urbanization and industrialization result in the traditional Chinese Folk Religions classified as Daoism to begin to fade, although Daoist medicinal practices remain popular.
  • Italy: The modernization, military expansion, and economic growth all continue. It asks the Balkan countries to make a coalition to finish off the Ottomans once and for all. (Can mod do RNG for them?) It also asks Germany and Russia about the plan to invade Austria and divide it amongst themselves.
  • Russian Empire: Several small towns on the Astro-Russian border is attacked, with high casualties among civilians and much pillaging. The attack is blamed on Austria, and the Tsar formally declares war. The troops are mobilized, and obviously War-eager Italy is invited to attack the "Austrian rapscallions who would dare make such an offense to the Great Powers of Europe." (If I could get an algorithm for this, that would be wonderful)
    • The IQC will send supplies to Russia to help them in the war.
    • Italy begins to attack from the southeastern side. (it be glad if Germany joined us)
    • Hind military troops and ships come to help.
  • Republic of Persia: Does not take part in this war, instead focusing funding on the Internal Combustion Engine, which the Sultan will not give up on despite a lack of popular support.
  • United States of America: Troops are holding their territories. The army is rearmed with much more up to date stuff and ironclads are churned out. The baby boom continues and troops returning increase the population boom. Huge projects are begun in colonies as well as on the mainland. Ironclad construction continues.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespreadly built across Hind-Bharat. the syllabus is decided, with pupils supposed to be learning Russian, English, German and Hindi. Sanskrit will also be thought at higher classes. Maths and Science will be thought, with Hind-Bharat hoping to gain a few scientists of their own. More battleships are constructed and the ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships while Resources are sent to Russia. The conversion of the Sunnis continues and are converting to Shias, with quite a lot of people believing the Shia missionaries. Hindu missionaries continue converting Sunnis. Almost all of the population is now converted.
  • Iberian Empire: Expands south, aiming to block the colonisation of Great Britain into the Sahara. Medicine technology is also improved.
  • Chile: Anibal Pinto assume as new President of Chile, and began a project to raise new cities in the northern Patagonia, which will be occupied by the immigrants which arrive to the country every half-year. The army and navy continues increase with the acquisition of new weapons designs. Also, the Chilean government is seeking any possible new technology in development.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: A Dutch fort is founded by the Boyoma Falls, from where Dutch PT boats are sent down the Lualaba River, and from there they go onto the Lukuga river, from where they reach Lake Tanganyika. The area a mile out from the rivers are put under Dutch administration (like the Gambia which is based around the river) and connects the Dutch Congo and Dutch South East Afrika colonies. The Dutch set about making the whole river route from the Congo river to Lake Tanganyika (via the Lualaba and Lukuga rivers) accessible to boats and it is turned into sort of like a canal as the side of the river. This causes the Dutch Congo colony to expand a lot.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Brazilian submarine design contest ends, as a final board of naval officers and scientists observe the final contestants. Although the only viable options are man-powered, a winner is accepted, and work begins to build the first of such experimental submarines. Also, by now the conquest of Hispaniola is ended and the entire island is formed into the Imperial Colony of Hispaniola.
  • United Kingdom: The UK grows its colonies to help continue the West African colony grow into Africa and not be cut off by Morocco, as well as helps Canada grow their Arabian condominium. They also offer to help Russia in their war with Austria. (more to come)
  • Japan: Takes control of the new territories and sends colonists to them. Dozens more naval vessels are built and more marines are trained.


  • The IQC: Reinforces their defences, using the money gained from their colonies and their continued industrialization. They are still concerned about the European imperialism in east Asia, but they do not wish to start a war with the British or the Dutch. The Buddhist reformation continues to occur, with Xìntú becoming the fastest-growing branch of the Buddhist religion. Some Xìntú missionaries travel across the world to spread their religion.
  • Italy's modernization, economic growth, and military growth all continue. Italy manages to capture western Italian territories from the Austrians and are currently besieging Venice, but are careful to not damage or destroy its works of art. It meets with Hungarian separatists to join the war.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Following the success of the Congo river system exploration, the Dutch send more PT boats down several of the Congo's tributaries and the Dutch Congo colony continues to expand.
  • Iberian Empire expands south-east, still aiming to block the colonisation of Great Britain into Sahara. They do not inform them of that. Medicine is upgraded.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Imperial Brazilian Armed Forces launch an invasion of Cuba, with the lapse in Confederate defenses, and begin their invasion from the east of the island. Meanwhile, at home the Brazilian government looks to see the transportation system built up, mainly through the development of a modern railroad system, a large series of roads, and new canals to connect the cities on the coast to the farms in the country.
  • Confederate States of America: The CSA, which had been building its military up in case the United States wanted revenge, defends Cuba. Unfortunately, the military in Cuba was much thinner than it is in mainland CSA. Several thousand troops are sent to Cuba to reinforce the troops already there, though they make sure not to leave anything in the mainland undefended. Several dozen ironclad ships are sent to Cuba to cut off Brazilian reinforcements. While much of Cuba is retaken, Brazil still holds onto the eastern tip of Cuba. A request for aid is sent to the USA, Britain, China, France, and anyone else willing to help the CSA.
    • US Diplomacy: The Americans will help the Americans. Men are re-mobilized and ironclads work in synchronization with their CSA counterparts. Brazilian troops ships are attacked.
  • Russian Empire: The War with Austria continues, with Russia and allies making great headway against the defending Austrian forces. The Tsar estimates the war will be over in less than three years.
    • Don't forget the war algorithm. You should make one.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Internal Combustion Engine continues, with nothing of great interest to report.
  • Canada: Canada expands New Ottawa and economy grows. A colonisation fleet is sent and colonises the Pictam Islands and Creates New Toronto. An alliance is offered to Italy, CSA, and Iberia. Canada also ask to join the World Economic Community.
  • United States of America: Troops are sent to assist Confederate Troops in Cuba. The army is rearmed with much more up to date stuff and ironclads are churned out. The baby boom continues. Huge projects are begun in colonies as well as on the mainland. Ironclad construction continues.
  • Japan: Improves infrastructure and finishes up the rail lines in Vietnam. A trade agreement is proposed to Italy.
  • Chile: Education levels in the majority of the provinces increased in the last years, but in some places like Chaco, Cordova and the Patagonia continues low. This moves to the President Pinto to focused more resources in the aerea. The construction of new ships also continues, but more qualified engineers are needed for the projects. An alliance is offered to Italy.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespread built across Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed and the ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships while Resources are sent to Russia. The conversion finishes with all of the population is now converted.


  • IQC: The IQC declares its neutrality in the war between Brazil and the Confederacy. Meanwhile, they focus their resources on expanding Haozhou by the largest plausible amount into the depths of Africa, subjugating many uncivilized tribes due to the belief that the lives of the Africans will be better if they live in a Confucian society. Buddhist missionaries of all schools, including the new reformed schools such as Xìntú, convert many Africans so they may escape the cycle of life and death, while Daoist medicines and health practices improve the lives of the African people as well. But is it worth the Africans' freedoms and the deaths of those tribes who resisted? Emperor Liu-Tao believes so, but the Africans may disagree. Meanwhile, Xìntú missionaries travel into Thailand, Vietnam, and Burma, peacefully urging the people not to convert away from Buddhism to Hinduism entirely. Instead, they urge that the followers attempt to follow either just Buddhism or attempt to practice both flexible religions at once.
    • Hind Response: Hindu missionaries tell the Buddhist missionaries that the people converted have formed Buddho-Hindusim, a mixture of both religions and classified under Hinduism.
    • The Xìntú Buddhists are successful due to bringing Buddhism to its basics, letting it be practiced alongside Daoism and Confucianism in China, so the mergings are accepted by them.
  • Italy's modernization, economic growth and military growth all continue in the country. Venice is officially captured, allowing Italy to secure a foothold in former Austrian-Italian territory. They move north to Slovenia, besieging its capital there.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Dutch Congo continues to expand as more of the rivers of the Congo river system are explored.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: The Dutch offer Japan a trade deal.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: Japan agrees to the Dutch trade deal.
  • United States of America: Troops continue to assist the CSA troops. The army rearming is completed and ironclads are churned out. The baby boom continues. Huge projects are begun in colonies as well as on the mainland. Ironclad construction continues.
  • Confederate States of America: Brazilian troops are pushed out of Cuba. The Ironclad blockade covers Cuba and the mainland CSA coast to prevent another attack. A counter-attack from the CSA will occur if Brazil does not stand down by 1883.
  • Chile: Some ultra-nationalist political factions began to gain more influences inside of the government, and they express his idea for to unite to Peru and Bolivia to the "Great Chilean Territory"; in the last months, the governments of these countries have not had good relationships with Chile. Also, they argue that another reason for this is prevent any foreign intervention in the continent. For the moment, the Pinto's government no listen this things, but, still, continues with the modernization of the army and navy, in case of a war.
  • Iberian Empire: Expands their Main African Colony south-east, aiming, to still block the GB's entrance into Sahara, but not revealing that to themselves.
  • Empire of Brazil: Brazil backs down and offers a ceasefire, hoping to recover from such an embarrassing war. Instead they turn their sights to Panama, sending in an expeditionary force of 10,000 soldiers, planning to seize the slim straight between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and build a canal. Pedro II says Brazil is down but by no means defeated.
    • Ironic how the second I attack an inactive country, the player comes back.
    • I would have actually come back when I did even if I hadn't been attacked. Sorry about my inactivity, guys.
  • Peru: Shortly after being formed, the capital and parliament of the Peruvian Republic (Peru) is established in Trujillo and the first president is hastily elected. A trade route is established with Bolivia across Lake Titicaca, from the Peruvian city of Puno, to Copacabana, just inside Bolivia. Many people around the country are firmly against ideas from the Chilean government expressing plans to unite with Chile and become one nation under the Chilean government.
    • Hind Diplomacy: A trade deal is offered as well as military support to help protect Peru from any invaders. Noticing than the region is unstable, any ironclads and battleships sparable from war with Russia are sent steaming to South America.
    • Peruvian Diplomacy: Peru agrees to the Hind trade deal and the military support.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Troops are rushed to Peru and the naval fleet arrives on the Peruvian coast.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespread built across Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed and the ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships while Resources are sent to Russia. Troops aid the Russians on the Austrian front while the rest are sent to help Peru. The converted Sunni population stands at 65% Shia Muslim and 35% Hindus.
  • United Kingdom: The UK grows its colonies. The central republic of British West Africa splits into a smaller colony, to continue colonizing land towards the center of West Africa. British Egypt officially becomes a British colony/protectorate. Many cities and provinces are anglicized. Edward VII plans a trip to Egypt to meet Egyptians and British troops, to try to cool the heated situation.
  • Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand (CANZ): After a long period of inactivity, the CANZ upgrades its military and some infrastructure. The people decide to elect a new Monarch, George I of Australia.
  • Russian Empire: The war with Austria continues, with Austrian forces slowly retreating from the massive flux of Russian Allied soldiers. (I suppose I might as well post the Algo for this one myself)
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Internal Combustion Engine continues, with the device now able to functoin for hours at a time without exploding.
  • Canada: The Pictam Islands is fully colonised and New Toronto expands to 1000 people. New Ottawa is now expanding rapidly and grows and grows. Ironclads start to be built in New Ottawa to make employment and a new one rolls out every two days.


  • The IQC improves their military a great deal, sending many units to Haozhou. They increase their industry by sending government contracts for military supplies out, making factories and companies that make military supplies common across the IQC. Meanwhile, the Religious upheaval continues across the land
  • Italy succeeds in conquering Slovenia from the Austrians and have moved to Croatia. The modernization is finally completed, bu the military still expands. They try to get Serbia and Germany to their side.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Tsar Alexander III asks the King of Italy to stop pestering Germany to aid them when Germany has declared neutrality in all conflicts not already pertaining to them, IE invasion of Germany, not to mention that Austria is heavily outmatched as it is.
  • Russian Empire: The War with Austria continues, with nothing of major significance to report.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Internal Combustion Engine is moderately successful, and the first 'automobile' is constructed. It uses 15 liters of gasoline, has a top speed of 40 kph, and runs for twelve hours before cutting out and wounding the driver and occupants. No deaths.
  • Canada: Hearing of the Internal Combustion Engine Success, research the subject and work on it. The colonies expand and more ironclads are built. Canada offers to buy U.S South-West Africa for its price.
  • Peru: Several Army Training Facilities (ATFs) are constructed without delay around the country to train all young men at eighteen years old or above in fear of an attack from invaders wanting to claim Peru as their own. A small fleet of ironclads are also built in the port city of Lima.
    • Ecuador owns the Galapagos Islands at this point in time (Ecuador annexed the Galapagos Islands in 1832), so unless you declare war against Ecuador, they're Ecuador's to keep
    • You just started, don't colonize yet and haven't worked on your military too much. You'll end up like the US.
    • I'll take that into account.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Dutch navy surpasses Britain's after more battle cruisers are built, including a new Dutch Destroyer Class ship which has the biggest guns on a ship in the world. Five of these new Destroyer Class ships are built, and they are used to go and colonize the island of Socotra.
  • Chile: The Pinto's government officially declares that Ecuador and, in addition, Colombia are under the Chilean protection, due to the threats from Peru against the Galapagos islands. The Minister of War and Navy, the General Patricio Lynch, informs the President that armed forces now have reached to 140,000 professional soldiers, and 95 ironclad steam frigates. While, the Minister of Industry and Public Works began a project for development in Chile of the new Internal Combustion Engine.
    • Hind Response: Troop numbers allocated to be sent troopes overnight and are sent to defend Peru, whatever the cost.
  • Empire of Brazil: Pedro II tells his Chilean allies that Brazil has no interest in Colombia outside Panama, but if Chile has a problem, they will back down from Panama, in the mean time they halt military actions there. Until then they continue the building of Brazilian transportation and infrastructure.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: (I forgot that Panama belongs to Colombia, je je) The Ambassador Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna informs personally the Emperor Pedro that the Chilean advertisement only refer to foreign powers and the Peru. Chile has not any problem with the Brazilian actions.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: As a result of this, the Brazilian government resumes the conquering of Panama.
  • Iberian Empire extends their Main African Colony to the east.
  • United States of America: The Army is ready for war. Chile is asked what it will take to allow the USA's annexation of the Ecuadorian coast, and as the USA is already at war with Brazil for attacking the CSA, war with Chile is not wanted at all. If Chile allows Ecuador to be conquered, US aid will help Chile take over all of Argentina and give Chile all out support. The Army Levels off at 7.5 million troops from a population of 73 million people thanks to immigration, Mexico, and the Baby Boom. All soldiers are trained to there best ability by the American High Command. The number of Ironclad Steam Frigates reaches 475; and 50 of these are sent to Ecuador in preparation for a blockade. Peru can have some of eastern Ecuador if it helps in the war. The Dutch are promised the Galapagos if they help in the war while Hind Barat is asked to send troops. 1.7 million American troops prepare to land in Ecuador if Chile agrees to the deal as the American-Chilean Alliance is still highly valued.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: The Dutch agree to support the USA in their invasion of Ecuador. The Dutch send one of their new Destroyer ships and a few cruisers to help in the blockade of Ecuador. A unit of Dutch troops are also sent to help in the invasion of Ecuador by the USA. The Dutch also send another Destroyer and several cruisers to go and seize the Galapagos islands. After the Galapagos islands are secure, half of this force will be sent to go support the American invasion.
    • Peruvian Diplomacy: Peru agrees to help the US, as long as it gives Peru a little time to build up its army and navy.
  • CANZ: CANZ increases immigration rates to expand the population of the nations. Meanwhile the miitary is expanded and trained.
  • You can't increase immigration rate, the people move, not you move them.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Hind-Bharat encourages a huge immigration campaign to Australia and South Africa as well as the West and East Indies. Although an emigration campaign is already ongoing, this increases the scale ten-fold.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be built widespread across Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed and the ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships while Resources are sent to Russia. Troops aid the Russians on the Austrian front while the rest are in Peru, readying themselves for war.


  • IQC: builds up their military, wary that war could be coming. Emperor Liu-Tao asks why civilizations such as Ecuador are being invaded. Wouldn't such resources be better spent civilizing the uncivilized Africans? For that is what he is doing as he develops Haozhou. One goal of the development of Haozhou was to convert the people to Chinese religions. However, Taoism proved dificult to convert others too, while the crisis with the Chun Buddhists rivalling the Dalai Lama's power results in Tibetan Buddhism failing to organize well enough to convert, so Xintu Buddhism becomes the dominant religion of the colony (with Confucian Islam taking over the northernmost areas. Meanwhile, many aspects of Chinese culture have been brought over, including art, architecture, poems, and as many foods as can be prepared there. In Indonesia, movements to either convert the people to Buddhism or Confucian Islam occur, with that culture being left mostly alone because it is Asian.
  • Italy finally captures the capital of Croatia, securing the Southwest Austrian Empire. They secretly meet with Hungarian separatists, who would help them achieve independence in exchange for their support on their side. They begin moving north to Vienna. The military grows larger and larger to combat the Austrians.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: A new set of rights is passed by the Royal Council; this ensures freedom of speech, religion, to protest, etc. This helps cement the Dutch government's great relations with the Dutch populace, and opinion polls show that the government is loved by the vast majority. Colonization continues as well in Dutch Congo.
  • Iberian Empire extends their Main African Colony to the east.
  • Peru: Plans to colonize the Galapagos Islands are withdrawn due to threat of war against Chile, but the Hind reinforcements are requested to stay due to possible further threats. Exploration of the Amazon River to the northeast begins to determine its final lenth. A mountaineering expedition to climb the country's highest peak, Huascaran (6768m), fails tragically when only two of the 13 men who set off made it back down, after turning back due to bad weather about a third of the way up. The rest were all killed by or disappeared into, a blizzard that struck the mountain. The army recruitment process is ramped up in anticipation of the possible US invasion of nearby Ecuador, in which Peru has agreed to help.
    • Hind Response: Majority of Hind Troops will stay.
  • Canada: The military Expands and New Ottawa expands too. A new policy lowers the citizenship waiting time for immigrants to three years. Canada offers to Buy the U.S Arabian Colonies for two Million Dollars and U.K Bahamas for One Million.
    • USA Diplomacy: accepts.
    • You can't accept. You gave up your Arabian colonies to Quebec. Canada will have to ask Quebec for them now.
    • I think they were talking about it, I don't think they actually did.
    • No, they actually did
    • Canadian Diplomacy-Offers to Buy Quebec Colonies for two Million Dollars.
  • CANZ: The CANZ continues to upgrade its military, and king George orders the research and building of 50 new ships for the navy. The shipwrights inform him that such an immense project will not be able to be completed in any less than 17 years, especially considering that he has ordered the ships to be of a new and better design. King George informs them that if the project is not finished in 14 years, he shall have them all killed. The shipwrights begin work immediately, and by the end of the year, they are well on their way to having completed the design.
  • Russian Empire: (Still waiting for mods to adjudicate the outcome of the Russo-Austrian War.) War with Austria continues, not much else happens.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Internal Combustion Engine continues, with the device being made more effecient, using only ten liters of gasoline to run all day.
  • USA: Invade Ecuador with Peruvian, Hind and Dutch help. It is said that Ecador will be given to Peru as it is ethically theirs.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespreadly built across Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed and the ironclad material is used to start to build bigger and better ironclads as well as the battleships while Resources are sent to Russia. Troops aid the Russians on the Austrian front. Troops in Peru attack Ecuador with American help and corner it from all three sides.


  • IQC: Continues to educate and Easternize Haozhou. Indonesia is also given better healthcare, infrastructure, and education as well. They build up their military, which now is as powerful as that of any European nation. The religious upheaval continues
  • CSA: John Davis is elected President of the CSA. Son of Jefferson Davis, John Davis, along with many other people in the CSA, recognize slavery as unnecessary and unneeded. As the CSA continues to become more industrial, more and more farms are closing, freeing many slaves. While not decided illegal just yet, slavery is becoming frowned upon by the CSA.
  • USA: Immigration continues from Hind-Bharat and so does the baby boom. The attack continues and it seems that Ecuador will also fall soon.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Emperor of Brazil declares that Panama has been "liberated" from Colombian hands, and work begins for paving the way for the building of a canal. One of the original major problems is with malaria, but luckily the Brazilian scientists and biologists manage to secure the cause of the problem, mosquitoes. After the problem is contained, the work on building such a canal begins with the architectural designs being drawn.
  • Iberian Empire extends their Main African Colony to the east. Meanwhile, new iron clads are being massivelly produced.
  • Italy: Italian armies finally conquer Vienna. However, to prevent counterattacks from the Austrians, they build a strong, but temporary barrier between the two countries. They ask the Russians about what's to come now that Vienna's captured.
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: The Dutch forces seize the Galapagos Islands and half of that force is sent to the Dutch units supporting the American main army. The Galapagos becomes a colony of the Kingdom, and a small port is built on the islands to be used as a stopping point for Dutch traders. The Dutch Congo expands, too.
  • Peru: The Peruvian army, with the huge Hind forces, invade Ecuador from all three sides. Hind advisors help train the new Peruvian troops. Advisors talk with the president on changing the flag of Peru. The president agrees and the new design will be put up by next year.
  • Canada: Navy is Grown with new ironclads and more troops that are mainly muslim in New Ottawa. New Ottawa expands north and the offer to buy Quebec's Arabian Colonies for $1 Million and Bahamas from Britain for $2 Million.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Schools continue to be widespread built across Hind-Bharat. More battleships are constructed and the ironclad material is used to start to build ironclads as well as the battleships while resources are sent to Russia. Troops aid the Russians on the Austrian front, with the war almost over. Troops in Peru attack Ecuador with American help and continue to corner it from all three sides. Troops are starting to get overstretched, however.


  • The IQC: Continues to have a religious upheaval. Xìntú Buddhism has come to be the larges Mahayana school in Zhonghua, although others exist there. In Tibet, the division still exists. The military of the IQC increases in its size and power.
  • Iberian Empire: Continues to expand their Main African Colony to the east. Meanwhile, new factories are built.
  • Italy: Manages to secure most of Austria and have been moving north. They ask Russia to see what will happen next. It also begins to expand its African colonies southward.
  • The Kingdom of Netherlands: The Dutch Congo and Dutch South East Afrika colonies expand some more. The military is also amped up.
  • Peru: The attack on Ecuador continues, with help from Hind forces. The Eight-point star on the new Peruvian flag is to represent the eight provinces of the country.
  • Empire of Brazil: Progress continues on the building of the Panama Canal, as building continues now that the planning stages have gone into full procedure. With the Canal construction continuing, the government turns funds to help build a new era for the Brazilian Navy, as work begins on new battleships are built that are mostly now steel.
  • CANZ: The CANZ continues upgrading its military, with the first of the promised ships beginning to be built. King George promotes immigration to refugees, in an attempt to increase the population.
  • Canada: Military is equuiped with better weapons. New Ottawa is Expanded. The current Prime Minister was assassinated and over 100 were killed. A culprit was killed on the spot and investigators are trying to find out what happened.
  • United Kingdom: The UK grows her colonies slower due to small revolts between British soldiers and tribes. The UK denies Canada the offer for the Bahamas, stating that "the Bahamas are apart of the British West Indies and will remain that way, united with other British isles." Meanwhile, the British army in Guyana amps up in anticipation of attacking Venezuela to gain more land for the colony.
  • Russian Empire: The war draws to a close as Russian and Russian-allied troops surround the capitol and execute the royal family. Tsar Alexander III proposes that the German Confederation should get the ethnically German Austria and Sudetland, Russia will get the rest of the Czech and other Slavic areas in the north, and Transylvania, and Italy can have the rest. Chinese and Hind troops may keep the spoils of war looted during the invasion.
    • I already took down the capitol. RandomWriterGuy 03:28, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
    • Yes, I was simply restating what had happened from a different perspective, while adding in the end of the Austrian Royal Family. We don't want them running away to the US to tell on us, now would we? Anyway, what do you think of my proposed divisions?
    • Good, except that we have to ask Germany if it's willing to accept the deal. And we had not heard from him for a while...RandomWriterGuy 05:58, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
    • Hind Response: Troops rejoice at the surrendering of Austria and take some Austrian scientists and technology back home.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Battleship production continues. Ironclad material from Russia is used to build ironclads as well as the battleships while resources are sent to Russia. Troops in Peru march into Ecuador and continue to corner it from all three sides. Troops return home from Europe and immediately, war is declared on the grey land independent on mainland Hind-Bharat. It is a short campaign and within weeks is Hind-Bharat's. Troops overstretching is reduced with the troops in Peru being sent home and being replaced with fresh new troops.


  • The IQC: Expands their colony of Haozhou further into the depths of Africa, to bring civilization to more people. They save up vast amounts of money this year, with their savings currently consisting of three million USD. What they are saving it for is unknown....
  • Italy: Italy celebrates its victory against Austria. They declare themselves controller of the rest of Austrian territory not taken by Russia and Germany. They continue to expand their colony southward, covering the area of OTL Libya except the Brazilian part. They send expeditions to what is now Chad to claim even more land. They also ask France to buy its colony in Algiers. (Can Mod to RNG for this)
  • Iberian Empire: Expands their colony between Germans and Dutch, to the east. More, towards the South Africa. They also begin building infrastructure in the Sahara, supplying water for citizens there.
  • Canada expands New Ottawa and expands the military. The investigation result in a Quebec assassian (if it is or not, the investigation made its best guess) and all trade stops with Quebec and troops are placed on its borders and one of its Arabian Colonies Border.
  • Russian Empire: Victory over Austria is celebrated, and the recently captured areas are Russified.
  • Republic of Persia: Slow but steady progress on the 'Automocar' continues, making it more fuel efficient, and less prone to exploding spontaneously.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Ask whether they can help on this new "automocar".
  • The Kingdom of the Netherlands: Dutch Congo and Dutch South East Afrika are expanded more. The Dutch navy increases its number of destroyers from five to 15. A new steel battleship is also commissioned. The Boer republic of "Comoros-der-Malawi" is also founded after the Northern section of Dutch South East Afrika and the Comoros islands are deemed to be amply civilized; the two colonies are joined and "Comoros-der-Malawi" becomes the latest nation to join the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The remaining Dutch South East Afrika colony is renamed Dutch Central South Afrika.
  • Empire of Brazil: Brazil continues building the Panama Canal in there colony in the north and continue the build up of the Navy. A new bill also passes the Brazilian General Assembly that expands voting rights in Brazil not only to the general populace of males, but also to some upper class women
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Battleship production continues. Ironclad material from Russia is used to build ironclads as well as the battleships while resources are sent to Russia. Troops overstretching is reduced with the troops in Peru being sent home and being replaced with fresh new troops. Ecuador has almost been conquered and the Maharani talks about making a centralized parliament in European fashion. She knows she does not have a lot of time left and will die soon.


  • Canada: Public urge an invasion of Quebec after the assassination and on March 21st, Operation Lawrence is commenced and a large invation of Quebec and its colonies commences. (Someone make an algorithm please!). The military expands and the country turns to a war time economy.
  • The IQC: Expands their military and their colony of Haozhou. The religious upheaval continues, and they Emperor donates another million dollars to their savings, which now is four million USD in size.
  • Iberian Empire: Continues to expand their southern colony to the east.
  • Italy: Italy's expeditions to what is now OTL Chad return. They ask the government to settle the territory, but warns them that due to the desert, they have to find an alternate route to the region.
  • Empire of Brazil: Work continues on both naval and Panama Canal expansion, and now the government continues to build its man-powered generation of submarines.
  • CSA: Slavery is outlawed in the 14th Amendment. The economy, while suffering a setback, continues to prosper. The military is amped up.
  • Netherlands: Dutch Congo expands and the military is amped up to deal with the tribal resistance to Dutch rule.
  • Russian Empire: Begins to retrain its military after much of the soldiers therein perished following Austria's invasion.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the automocar continues, with the goal being fuel efficiency, now that spontaneous explosions have been stopped via critical design flaw being fixed.
  • United Kingdom: The UK will remain neutral in the war against Quebec Arabia, but many British troops already in Canadian Arabia will help to attack the colony. The UK grows her African colonies and tries harder to continue the colony into central Africa, to try to connect Egypt.
  • Peru: With victory in Ecuador within reach, a quarter of all troops in war zones are recalled, to be reunited with their families. Thanks are given to the Hind forces which assisted in the war.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Battleship production continues. Ironclad material from Russia is used to build ironclads as well as the battleships while resources are sent to Russia. Ecuador has fallen except from a small portion. The Maharani talks about making a centralized parliament in Europian fashion. She knows she does not have a lot of time left and will die soon, and work on a new constitution and parliament is begun.


  • Iberian Empire: Iberians expand their Main African Colony to the east, towards the Egypt. Historians and researchers call it a "Hot War against Britain", where Iberians and British people try to colonize as much as possible.
  • Russian Empire: Work on the military continues, with new recruits being trained by putting down the ever-shrinking crowds of protestors in what was once the Austrian Empire.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the automocar continues, and estimates say that at this point, it could see use in the Private Sector, however slight.
  • IQC: Expands Haozhou further to the east, continuing to Easternize the Natives' culture. Meanwhile, they continue to industrialize due to all of the new resources from the Empire, with the IQC now having as much industry as any of the top industrial powers (although due to the vast population, the percentage of industry is much smaller)
  • Netherlands: The Dutch Congo expands southwards.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Ecuador is conquered and troops are recalled home, to be replaced by new ones. The new troops are there for solely peace-keeping. Expansion is started in Egypt to head towards the Chinese colony and match up with them, with connection predicted in four years. Hindu missionaries arrive in Egypt but they are not needed as immigrants from eastern Hind-Bharat, due to industrial construction, have brought the religion with them and now most of the population is Hindu. Battleship numbers reach 150 while ironclad numbers at around 220. Industrial material from the IQC is brought in from rail through the connection in Indo-Burma.
  • A new governmnt is formed in Venezuela to defend the country against British expansion, and more people are called to join the army... an alliance is offered to Brazil.
  • Canada: Destroys the Quebecan Army in the Battle of Ottawa in close street fighting and after their defeat in the battle, they surrender and give all their territories to Canada, including Colonies. The Military is expanded to keep order in Quebec and the economy grows. The Southernmost Quebeckian Colony is incorporated into New Ottawa but the Northern Colonies become New Quebec and all Quebeckian Citizens are given Canadian Citizenship with a few war criminals excluded.
  • CANZ: The CANZ continues to upgrade its military.


  • Canada: Canadianzes its newly captured Quebec which is added into Canadian Quebec OTL. The military expands and New Ottawa and Quebec expand rapidly with a goal of connecting the colonies by 1887 with a trade route. Canada still offers to Buy Alaska from IQC for any price it wants (reasonably).
  • Iberian Empire: Expands their Main African Colony to the east, still competing with Britain, to take as much as possible. Southern colony is also expanded to the east.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch Congo and Dutch Central South Afrika colonies are expanded.
  • Empire of Brazil: Work continues to go on on the Panama Canal while the Navy continues its expansion in the south, and the alliance offer from Venezuela is denied.
  • Russian Empire: The military is improved, little more happens.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Automocar continues, nothing significant changes.
  • The Imperial Quan Confederacy continues to civilize the colony of Haozhou, and they build up Indonesia as well. The religious tension continues, with Xintu Buddhism now one of the largest groups of China. Many Chinese and Manchurians have migrated to Alyeska, so the IQC refuses to sell the colony.
  • CANZ: The CANZ continues upgrading its military and infrastructre, and promotes immgration to refugees.
  • Venezuela: The new president assumes the control of the Republic of Venezuela. ships are builts in Maracaibo port, and more men are recruited for the army. Venezuela ask to Brazil if there is something that we could offer for some alliance. The same question is sent to Chile.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil once again says no to an alliance with Venezuela and asks that Chile do the same.
  • USA: Upgrading of the military is carried out and troops are sent to the newly established colony in South America. Industry is expanded and money is allocated for farming and industry.


  • Canada: finishes the connections of its Arabian Colonies which all expand. The economy skyrockets and government approval is at an all time high. Canada again offers for Alaska because it is in the Canadian Sphere of Influence and many Canadians have been moving there since it was Russian and it is a major hub for escaped criminals. The offers is at a million dollars.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch military is amped up.
    The World in 1887.0

    The World in 1887

  • United States of America: The USA's Army now totals nine million men from a population of 120 million people, which is so large thanks to the baby boom and huge immigration from Hind-Bharat. The US Army decries the Canadian Invasion and occupation of Quebec as violating the Canadian-US Alliance, and that unless Quebec is released, war will follow. Quebec's colonies will stay with Canada, as is only fair, and US troop levels on the Canadian border now numbers 2.7 million men. Superior will be given to Canada as well if Quebec is released. The US Navy now number 300 Destroyers and 600 assorted Ironclad Steam Warships and Naval Vessels.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Hind-Bharat support the invasion of Quebec, saying that it was an offshoot of the Canadian government and deserved to be re-incorporated. For this, Hind-Bharat promises to increase number of immigrants sent to America.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA thanks Hind-Barat and the military is increased to 10.5 million men and another hundred destroyers are turned out.
    • That population is totally unrealistic, it is almost twice the size of the US at this time in OTL and that was with the south added. Even with Anglo-Namibia and some parts of Mexico and Liberia, there is no way the US has a population that big. Try 70 million, with maybe a million people in the army (having 10% of the population in the military is ASB unless you are being invaded or something
    • Hind-Barat has sent millions of people to the USA while Mexico and my colonies are also included, but I will change the population to 85 million people and 3.5 million troops. Canada claims to have two million troops, and if I can only have a million, then Canada can barely have any.
    • I claimed that because you had ten million!
    • LOL, Canada can't have two million troops, their total population is probably like 20 million or less. I doubt even the IQC or Hind-Bharat could field ten million people

  • Russian Empire: Tsar Alexander III states that he will remain neutral in the US-Canadian conflict. However, the ironclad fleet is amped up, with the goal of doubling the current 200 by the end of the decade, in order to prevent any US warmongering in Eurasia. Most of the State's resources are placed into the ironclad fleet.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the automocar continues.
  • USA Diplomacy: China and Russia are offered an alliance while Russia will receive 40 Ironclads for its navy as well as a solemn American vow never to take any territory or meddle in Europe's/Asia's affairs without Russian approval. If war with Canada occurs, which is NOT wanted in the least, Canada will be divided between Russia, China, the USA, and a new, much larger Quebec. Canada's colonies will be split up between China and Russia and the USA wants no new colonies. Since Hind-Barat have already given there promise for aid in such a war, Namibia-Angola will be given to Hind-Barat if it sends a large amount of troops to the USA to help if war occurs.
  • IQC: Liu-Tao agrees to send soldiers to aid the US in any war with Canada, as long as the IQC gets the Yukon territory of Canada.
  • USA Diplomacy: The USA not only accepts but promises parts of the Northwestern Territories as well as the Yukon. The USA does not want to destroy Canada entirely if it does not release Quebec, but reduce it to Manitoba and Saskatchewan and then OTL Nunavut would become what remains of Canada. Quebec is given OTL's provincial borders as well as Labrador and the coast of Ontario 50 miles inward of the coast. The rest goes to the USA while Newfoundland Island goes to Hind-Barat and Russia, if it accepts, will gain Madagascar.
  • United Kingdom: The UK states that they will side with Canada in the war, however they will not be able to bring troops in for a half a year, having trouble with rebelling African tribes. African colonies are increased anyway
  • Canadian Diplomacy: Canada warns that Quebec is none of Hind, Chinese, or U.S business and that it is a U.S plan for world domination. Thousands are recruited into a home guard and are placed on the border. Canada wishes for China to stay neutral as WE HAVE AN ALLIANCE. All the unemployed are given guns, repetitions when the dispute is over. Canada also warns that Canada would kill the U.S with its troops spread so thin (Algorithm). Canada pleads not to invade for peace in North America and if they do invade, wait until 1888.
  • US Diplomacy: I don't want war, if I wanted world domination, I would never have given my colonies in Arabia to Quebec and I would have annexed it the first chance I got. I don't want war, but I will fight to liberate Quebec, and if I have to do it, the wrath of the USA, China, and Hind-Barat will rain down on you and you will lose all of OTL Quebec and the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, and all of the Maritime Provinces, and that's if you give up at first. We are Allies, and Quebec was MY ALLY. I should have declared war at first, but I didn't, and I won't wait until next year, British troops will then be in Canada.
  • Empire of Brazil: Construction continues still on the Panama Canal, and expansion begins for the Brazilian Army, preparing in case of new conflict in South America.
  • US Diplomacy: Brazil is offered an alliance.
  • Canadian Diplomacy: Brazil is offered an alliance so if the U.S.A invades Canada, you can take over U.S, South America and they want you to be their ally to get support for their world domination campaign.) You gave Quebec to them because you didn't want to be marked down in the algorithm three points.) We invaded Quebec because they killed our president and our people were upset at them. It was the people who sparked the invasion. Canada also offers a peace deal, same boundaries but U.S will gain Canadian Pictiam Islands and Vancouver Island. Also, if you cared about Quebec, why didn't you tell me to stop the invasion, I got no resistance.
    • US Diplomacy: I was gone and my country was under another player's control temporarily. I want New Brunswick, Newfoundland Island, and Nova Scotia, you can keep the other stuff. I will throw in Namibia-Angola to be fair and Madagascar and Quebec will stay yours, I will create the Quebecious-Maritime Union from these provinces.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Okay, I'll take the colonies but the only problem is that it's British...
    • US Diplomacy: Hold it, I'll take some of British Colombia, or we take steps to form the Canadian-American Union?
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Huh? What kind of Canadian-American Union?
    • Yeah, you can't take the Maritime Union, that's the UK.
      • Care to negotiate, I can give you colonies.
  • Chile: The last year, by a narrow margin, José Manuel Balmaceda, the candidate from the National-Liberal Union, defeated the Liberal-Conservative Fusion candidate, Waldo Silva Algue and become in the new President of Chile. Since then, the new government formed by Nationalists, Democratic Liberals and Radicals, has realized several reforms and scientific advances, special in the health. The international scenario, Balmaceda has been evaluating which alliances really the country has. For the moment, he has ratified in his ambassador position in Brazil to Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna. who almost died the last year due to a heart attack. Also, due to the situation with US-Canada, the army productions increase. In the Congress, the oficialist coalition has not majority, but in the elections of the next year maybe the situation changes.
  • Iberian Empire: Main Iberian African Colony is expanded eastwards towards the Egypt.
  • Peru: Research begins to find a new way to build warships cheaply and quickly. Resources are sent to the new US colony on the coast to help them stablize.


  • Canada expands its military and colonies in the middle east. Canada offers to trade Newfoundland for the new Quebecious-Maritime Union but in exchange for Surpiror and Madagascar. Quebec is not for sale. Many Canadians move to Hawaii.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK hasn't agreed to a Quebec-Maritime Union and is unsure if the Maritime provinces would agree to it. They would agree to it if given mainland Newfoundland, however.
    • Canada Diplomacy: I'll agree if you release control of the joint Arabian enterprise.
    • US Diplomacy: The US will agree to this deal.
  • The Netherlands: Dutch colonies in Africa are expanded and the military is further amped up.
  • The IQC expands the industry of the Haozhou colony, and they continue to Easternize it, aiming to create a strong new nation in Africa. More people immigrate to Alyeska. Meanwhile, Liu-Tao converts to Xintu Buddhism, which now dominates the Chinese and Manchurian areas of China. However, Xintu only covers the religious aspect, and the Daoist philosophy and health and the Confucian society aspects remain. The IQC builds a great statue of Laozi, Buddha, and Confucious, the largest statue in the world, to commemorate the three great teachers of the land.
  • Russian Empire: Tsar Alexander III dies of a stroke, and Nicholas II is coronated the following day. Nicholas keeps things running as usual, and continues the military buildup his father started, but declares that should the US go to war with Canada, Russia will intervene on Canada's behalf.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Automocar continues.
  • Japan: Modernizes its navy and expands the size of its land battalions. More factories and railways are built in Korea especially in the southern half.
  • CSA: The Confederate States of America amps up its military. The modernization of the nation continues.
  • Empire of Brazil: Work continues on their construction of the Panama Canal, while work continues on directly expanding the size of the Brazilian Army.
  • Chile: Scientific and new engineers from Europe and North America arrive to the country contracted by the government to help in development of new infrastructures and in health. Efforts to increase the army and navy are realized. Also, the government hopes to make a new census the next year.
  • Iberian Empire: Iberians recruit 5000 mercenaries to fight against African rival tribes, while expanding their main African Colony to the east.


  • Canada: Canada connects its Arabian Colonies and the people rejoice. The military expands and the government supports a baby boom. Canada wishes to annex British Manitoba and offers to buy it from Britain for $500,000. Canadian Liberals, wanting an expanded Canadian Federation, move to Hawaii and attept to coup the Queen ( to make the Canadian Hawaii. New Ottawa expands.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch African colonies continue to be expanded.
  • Russian Empire: Following a series of revolts in Moscow and St Petersburg, Tsar Nicholas II hands over all non-military control of the government to the Duma for the time being, but retains to right to return to a position of absolute power following a declaration of war.
  • Republic of Persia: The automocar has shown great progress, and should soon (5-15 years) be available as a commercial vehicle.
  • Japan: Builds more warships. A border skirmish occurs in New Guinea after Australians illegally cross the border both sides blame the other and tensions in the area quickly rise.
  • Empire of Brazil: Brazil continues to work on the Panama Canal, and also sends 18,000 soldiers in an expedition from the Panama Territory to conquer the country of Costa Rica, upon releasing a statement saying that the Costa Ricans were attacking Brazilian supply lines to Panama.
  • Chile: The national census is realized; the population reach to 10,100,000 people, due to the improvement in health and the larger inmigration. The armed forces now have 500,000 soldiers and 350 ironclad steam frigates. New technologies are applied in agriculture, mining and others. However, a confused incident take place near to the Bolivian border where a new railroad is built to connect some locations with Bolivian and Brazilian towns. A division is sent to the area.
    • Italy's player RandomWriterGuy resigns from the game having officially lost interest in it.
  • Peru: The armed forces have reached just over 265,000 soldiers and a navy of 124 warships. A huge ore of silver is found near Cuzco in the south, and mining has begun almost immediately afterwards. An alliance is offered to Chile and the US. Peru offers to help Brazil in the takeover of Costa Rica. It also offers to help with the Panama Canal.
  • United States of America: The USA asks that the Quebecious matter be solved soon. The Army reaches 3.6 million men, the highest it will ever be unless it is a life or death war. The USA, seeing that an independant Mexico is useless, moves in and occupies the decaying Mexican Republic. A deal is offered to the British to retake Australia and split it between themselves.
    • I'm off for the day for Christmas, I might be back tomorrow, I'm off the wiki in about an hour so... have a good Christmas, I got Psych Seasons 1 and 2 from my mom. Gonna stay up late tonight and watch 'em. and if Santa tries to come in, I'll keep on watching 'em! :) DeanSims 15:38, December 24, 2011 (UTC)
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Quebec was to be East Canada but was not for some reason and your Quebecious matter is to get more land. Quebec is ours unless we have a trade...
    • US Diplomacy: It depends on your proposal. If Quebec is given equal rights with Canada's other peoples and provinces, then the United States will drop its objections to Quebec being annexed if Canada agrees to allow the annxation of the decaying Republic of Mexico and Guatemala.
    • Canada Diplomacy: It was annexed as a full righted province and expanded to OTL Quebec.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Expansion in Egypt heading towards the Chinese colony has expanded for a good two years and are halfway to connection. Most Egyptians are either Hindu or Shia as immigrants from eastern Hind-Bharat, due to industrial construction, have brought the religion with them and now most of the population is Hindu or Shia. Industrial material from the IQC is continously brought in from rail through the connection in Indo-Burma.
  • CSA: Hearing that the property stolen from them by the independent Mexican government, the CSA invades independent Mexico, blocking ports and seizing much of the CSA/Mexican border. Cannons are brought in to quell resistance.
  • US Diplomacy: The USA demands that the CSA withdraw from independant Mexico, as it is now US Territory. Correction, the USA asks the CSA to withdraw. The US Army is expanded to four million men.
    • Seriously? You took Mexico over in six months? It would be a stretch to take it over in two years!
    • Want to split and conquer it together? I have an idea, what would it take to reunite the USA and CSA as one nation, like the North American Union?
    • You can't just declare a nation a territory, especially one as organized as Mexico. And this war should be of realistic length (such as four years)
    • True
    • I have a proposal for Canada and the CSA, a North American Union where the provinces of the CSA, USA and Canada having seats in a congress, no more divisions or wars, one country. A true democratic republic. DeanSims 17:24, December 26, 2011 (UTC)
    • The CSA will split Mexico with you. I'm not joining the USA though.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Canada would. but will wait in Canada's best interest.
    • US Diplomacy: Canada is asked what it needs to form the NAU with the USA.


  • Venezuelan army today duplicated its size. Trade agreements are sent to Colombia, Chile and Brazil, and Netherlands.
  • Empire of Brazil: Brazil rejects Venezuela's offer of trade agreement, and Peru's offer of help building the Panama Canal, which Brazil continues building. Meanwhile, Brazil sends a message to Venezuela's government, asking them to disarm, and requests that Chile stand behind this decision.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch African colonies continue to expand, but at an even greater pace after the Dutch Afrika Railway Company is set up, and a pan-African railway through Dutch territory begins to be made.
  • Russian Empire: Tsar Nicholas II looks to expand his territory, and sees Italy is prime for the taking; he has an aide draw up some false claim about a town on the Russo-Italian border being razed by the Italians, and uses it as a pretext for war. Hind is offered Italy's colonies should it join on Russia's side. The Russian Fleet begins blockading Italian ports, and the Russian Army surges into Northeastern Italy.
  • Peru: The President dies of a sudden heart attack, so the Vice President, Pedro Illiamni, takes over. He announces his plans for Peru to become a peaceful nation, but if needed, a powerful military asset. He proposes a new education system, and in response to this, construction begins on over a hundred new schools and colleges.
  • Japan: Bombards the New Hebrides islands for several hours before landing marines on all the islands this sudden attack surprises the Australian defenders who are quickly driven back. Another Japanese assault occurs on the island of New Guinea. They drive the Aussies south before the fighting turns into a bloody stalemate.
  • Empire of Hind-Bharat: Expansion in Egypt heading towards the Chinese colony is a 1.5 years away from completion. All Egyptians are either Hindu or Shia now as immigrants from eastern Hind-Bharat, due to industrial construction, have brought the religion with them and now most of the population is Hindu or Shia. Industrial material from the IQC is continously brought in from rail through the connection in Indo-Burma. More materials and troops are sent to aid Peru and the Maharani sents her deepest condolences to the late president's family.
  • Iberian Empire: Expands Main African Colony.
  • The United States of America: The USA asks Canada what its terms are to form the NAU. The USA continues to expand its Namibia-Angola colony. US Ecuador and US South American Guyana join the Union as Ecuador and Guyana. A radical plan to have Madagascar join the Union to end the small rebellion their as North and South Madagascar is passed by one vote, and both join the Union. The USA invites Guatemala, Nicaraugua, Costa Rica, and El Salvador to join the Union as full fledged states, and after using, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica all approve of joining the Union after promises to give people of all races citizenship is passed by Congress as the Universal Equality Act, and as soon as it is passed, the three Central American Nations join the USA as full fledged and equal states.
  • Canada claims the rest of unclaimed Arabia and officially admits New Ottawa and New Quebec as the Province of Arabia. Hawaii, having been coup by Canadian Nationalists, is addmited as the Province of Hawaii. Many Muslims move to Arabia and the military is expanded. The terms of the North American Union is each Member State still is independent but sends ten delegates to the North American Congress and provide for the common defense, tranquillity, and prosterity of the member states. Any County with North American holding can join but if it is a foreign country with North American Claims, they get only five delegates. The other condition is that the United States gives Surpirior to Canada. Does the United States Approve?
  • US Diplomacy: Hawaii was American early in the game. And the United States does approve, as the terms are completely fair and quite generous. The World Economic Community currency should become the NAU's currency, as it was originaly the North American Dollar. The USA proposes that the capital of the NAU be moved to a town on the US-Canadian border so it is not entrenched in either nations territory.:
  • Canadian Diplomacy: Canadians celebrate of the Union and propose the capital either be in Quebec or Seattle. Canada apologises for the Hawaii issue but offers to buy Oahu for $50 Million. ( ). Canada offers the CSA membership in the NAU.
  • US Dipomacy: The US refuses the offer for Oahu, but instead gives Maui to Canada free of charge to celebrate American-Canadian Unity. The USA sugests that a new city is built to honor the NAU, as it wouldn't be fair to either side if it was in either city (no offense meant), and it is suggested that a city be built on Orleans Island in the St Lawrence River called Union City, it would become both Canadian and American Territory. The USA suggests that both the USA and Canada's colonies be put under NAU control intead of US and Canadian control. This would allow all NAU peoples and troops to move freely through the colonies.
  • Chile: Military industry continues his production. While, the government put more resources in education for the far-zones and health investigation. The President Balmaceda decides to support the brazil demand against Venezuela for that this country disarm. More troops are moved to the Bolivian border.
  • The IQC advances its military and continues easternization of Haozhou.


  • The United States of America: The USA repeats its offers of building Union City and the Colonial matter (refer to US Dipomacy in the last turn). The USA suggests that the US and Canadian Armed Forces should be united as the NAU Armed Forces and Navy. An NAU military base is built in Pearl Harbor and all NAU vessels are welcome there.
  • Canada approves of the Union City and and (because now our only territory is the Picitam Islands because Arabia became a Province) approves of NAU Territories. The Military expands and a baby boom continues. Surpirior (out of the NAU agreement) becomes split between Manitoba and Onterio OTL. A railroad is built across Arabia.
  • Russian Empire: The War with Italy continues.
    The World in 1889.0

    The World in 1889

  • Republic of Persia: Work on the automocar continues.
  • Empire of Brazil: Brazil continues its ultimatum towards Venezuela, and continues the building of the Panama Canal. Pedro II says that he does not want to leave Venezuela defenseless, only down to such a level that they no longer feel threatened by their northern border.
  • Japan: Japan drives the Australians in New Guinea farther south and the Japanese cosalidate control over the New Hebrides. More ethnic Japanese move into the colonies.
  • Iberian Empire: Colonial expansion of Main African Colony continues. (( Can someone finally update the map, please? ))
  • Netherlands: The Dutch African colonies continue to expand, as does Oman. A new Boer republic is declared and it breaks away from Dutch Central South Afrika; the Boer republic of Nistelrooy joins as a republic of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and such.


  • Canada: Canada ask Persia if Canada can help with the Automocar project. The military is expanded and many muslims move to New Ottawa for the high level of living. Canada still ask if it may annex British Manitoba. The population of New Ottawa is five million.
    • Persian Diplomacy: Persia refuses this offer, as the Sultan thinks Canada has grown too close to the US, and will share Persian secrets with them.
  • Russian Empire: The War with Italy continues.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the Automocar continues.
  • The USA: The USA decon Australia and asks for NAU troops to help American Forces take Australaian territory. The US Army numbered three million men before the NAU was formed, and two million of the three are now enlisted as NAU troops. The Americans land troops in Tasmania and occupy the Island as well as landing troops near the Australian Capital on the East Coast. The USA's goal for the war with Australia is to gain new land for the American, and Canadian peoples and to hope that the more land that is taken will then beceome a province in the NAU, to gradually help the two NAU nations then merge into one nation. The United States begins to send 300,000 more troops to Tasmania to then open a second front in Southern Australia and link up with the other invasion force on the East Coast which totals 35,000 men. Namibia-Angola, after years of expansion, reaches other Euroepan colonies as it takes up the last bits of land in southern Africa that is not claimed. The Colony is renamed Namgola.
  • Canadian Diplomacy: Canada starts its own invasion with NAU troops with hopefully more success than the Combo NAU and Japaniese force.
  • The Netherlands: The Dutch ask the Russian Empire for the Kingdom of the Netherlands to join Russia's grand alliance. The Dutch Pan-African Railroad is completed too, and other railroads being to outwards from the main Pan-Afrika line to even better connect Dutch Afrika. This allows to Dutch Central South Afrika and Dutch Congo to expand even more.
  • Empire of Brazil: The Emperor Pedro II requests that the United States stop its policy of expansion, and states that any further attempt to colonize South America will be seen as an offensive act on Brazil. Rather than stand alone, they renounce their ultimatum on Venezuela and instead ask that all of independent South America join them in a single military alliance.
  • Japan: Most of the Australians left in New Guinea are pulled out to attempt to save Australia proper from the Americans allowing Japanese forces to swiftly take the rest of the island. Japan lands several marine and artilliery battalions near Darwin and lay siege to the city.
  • Chile: Chilean President Jose Manuel Balmaceda decides support inmediately the request to the US made by the Brazilian Emperor, as also the idea about create a military alliance for protect the continent from the US expansion. The government make some changes in the administration for move more resources to the armed forces formation. The new military academy "Manuel Bulnes" is founded, while in the Isla de Pascua (Easter Island) the military base is modernized. The ambassador Vicuña Mackenna informs to the Emperor Pedro II that the President Balmaceda hopes to travel to meet him to speak about the new military alliance.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Tsar Nicholas II sends a telegram stating ". . . Should Chile or Brazil take any action against the US, they will have the full support of the Russian Empire."
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: Brazil fully accepts the Russian's offer of aid, and Pedro II announces his support of a pan-South American military alliance. But Pedro II also calls for the support of other nations to aid them in their fight.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: As Brazil, the Chilean government also accepts the support from Russia, and sends an ambassador to St Petersburg to Francisco Astaburuaga Cienfuegos.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Canada promises not to be involved in any South American NAU action in order to lessen the chance of USA-South American Bloodshed.
    • Peruvian Diplomacy: Peru agrees to join the South American military alliance, and is strongly against any US military action toward any South American country.
  • Iberian Empire: Iberian Empire sends emisaires to discuss the situation about France. (( Hey. Why is it not split up yet? Wasn't it taken over?))
    • The Dutch and Germans took a little bit of territory, and the vast majority of its colonies. Didn't think it was fair to completely destroy France in case their player cames back VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 15:02, December 31, 2011 (UTC)
    • Well, the map was still not updated. Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 19:33, December 31, 2011 (UTC)
    • The division of France is shown on the map, but I haven't done this year's updates yet, please bear with me as I have an awful hangover ATM VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 20:18, January 1, 2012 (UTC)


  • The Dutch improve the military and factories are built in the Boer republics. Brahin is also colonized by the Dutch.
  • The IQC builds up their military, stating that they will come to the aid of the Russians if they find themselves in a war with the US.
  • Canada warns the U.S pulls out of Australia in order to prevent conflict with other countries. The military rapidly expands in case of U.S conflict with other countries for protection. The rest of unclaimed arabia is annexed. In order to save the C.S.A from being a failing nation still rebuilding from the civil war 30 years ago, installs a referendum in the C.S.A to annex it to Canada. If successful, Cuba would go to Brazil, Virgina to the U.S, and the rest to Canada. (Can a mod do RNG for the Refferendum?)
    • US Diplomacy: The USA will not accept that proposal, all of the CSA except for Cuba goes back to the USA while Cuba can go to Canada. More of Hawaii will go to Canada if Canada accepts this.
  • Peru: A bomb explodes near the centre of Lima, killing 38, and injuring at least a hundred. Terrorist cell/Rebel group Quechua Fe claims resposibility, and officially announces a war against the peace-loving government of Peru. President Illiamni requests for the military to destroy the threat as soon as possible, and calls for allies to help.
  • Venwzuela: the government of the republic join to the alliance offer by brazil against expansionist united states. more ships are created in the port of Caracas, and the army is expanded with more men and put to disposition to the brazilian government.
  • The USA: The United States begins to withdraw from Australia, stating that "its on the other side of the planet, and American imperialism will end with the United States reuniting with the Confederacy", as the North American Union, one national entity, while the USA and Canada shall continue the international NAU. Tasmania remains occupied by American troops but all other US Forces withdraw from Australia's mainland. Tasmania beceomes the American Colony of Tasmania. The USA asks Sweden-Norway if it can purchase the S-N's Africa colony, Greenland, and Iceland. According to, S-N agrees to sell Greenland and its Africa colony to the USA for 35 million dollars.
  • Russian Empire: The War with Italy continues.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the automocar continues.


  • The results for the referendum come in from the decaying and collapsing Confederate States of America, with the following result:
  1. East Sector: Virginia, North Carolinia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama: Rejoin the USA.
  2. Central Sector: Texas, Louisina, Arkansas, and Mississippii: Rejoin the USA.
  3. Gulf Sector: Florida and Cuba: Establish the Republic of Florida. Joint American and Canadian (NAU) Protectorate.
  4. West Sector: Confederate Mexico and New Mexico/Arizona Territory: Joint American and Canadian Occupation, Join/Rejoin the USA.

Exactly how did you do the RNG for this? LurkerLordB 19:32, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

Its mine refurendum that the U.S did. I will do RNG for my refurendum that will be based on OTL military districts.For everywhere but Cuba and Guantomo Bay: 1-4 U.S, 5-8 Canada, and 9-10 Independent. For Cuba 1-8 Brazil, 9-10 Independent. For Guantomo Bay: 1-3 U.S, 4-7 Canada, 8-10 Brazil. Virgina: 3-U.S Tennesee- 2-U.S Carolinas: 8-Canada Georgia, Alabama, and Florida: 3-U.S Arkansas and Mississippi: 6-Canada

Texas and Louisiana: 10- NAU Republic of Texas Mexico: 8-Canada Cuba: 3-Brazil Guantomo Bay: 1-U.S These are the offiacal results of the refurendum. The Republic of Texas is reborn as a NAU State. Swollow 23:37, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

  • The USA: The USA celebrates its reunification with the CSA and promises to accept the formation of the Republic of Florida. Since Cuba voted to form its own Republic with Florida, the USA the USA establishes a naval and military base in Gunatanamo Bay and turns Mexico into 31 new American States while Confederate Arizon joins the Union as the state of South Arizona
  • Canada: Canada admits North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Missisippi, and Mexico as full representing provinces of Canada. Canada welcomes the coming of Texas in the NAU. A baby boom continues and the population nearly doubled with the new provinces. Canada Splits Arabia into New Ottawa with the City as a Province and the Rest as Arabia. Canada asked Persia if, when completed, it may import its cars.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA refuses to give Canada all of New Orleans and Hawaii, as the CSA 's people voted and thats the way its gonna go. The USA does give Canada Liberia in hopes of keeping Friendly relations and keeping the NAU together. Chile, Russia and Brazil are asked to not make war against the USA or its allies as the USA has withdrawn from Australia.
  • Peru: Thousands of people around the country begin to join Quechua Fe. Rioting starts in the streets of Lima, Trujillo and Quito. Vicious battles begin to be fought among the high peaks of the Ecuador Andes. The most savage and significant of the battles is the Battle of Cayembe. The thin air meant that the soldiers tired quicker. The battle was eventually won by the Peruvian forces, who pushed the Quechua Fe back to the town of Ibarra. The President seriously asks for international support, and for Hind forces stationed in Peru to help.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Troops join with their Peruvian counter-parts and help the government fight the terrorists.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: As Peru agreed to join in the new south-america military alliance, the Chilean government decides also send help; a Husares de la Muerte batallion, specialists in counter-guerrilla warfare.
  • Iberian Empire: Colonial expansion continues.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA asks Iberia if tere alliance can be renewed.
  • The IQC subjugates the remaining Chadians, thus connecting their colony to the Hind-Bharat one
  • Russian Empire: The War with Italy begins to wind down as northern Italy is occupied and Rome is placed under siege.
  • Republic of Persia: Work on the automocar continues, with estimates of it being commercially avaliable by 1895.
  • Chile: The armed forces continues his development with the design of a new rifle. New hospitals and schools are built in the eastern provinces (former argentina). Due to the Argentina situation, the Balmaceda nationalist government considers to send an offer to join to Chile, with a referendum. The idea only will concrete if the Chilean Congress express his approval.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch amp up their military.


  • Canada's new Confederate Provinces get their first election in the Congress. Canada ask if Persia can let Canada import cars from Persia when done. A railway is built across Arabia. Liberia is addmitted as the Province of Liberia and is given aid to raise its Development Level. The government also adds Canadaian Greenland to Northwest Terriories. The population booms and the military expands. A new gas is being researched to control crowds in riots. (Can I also control Texas? It is a NAU Member and was created by the U.S and Canada. Can a mod get back to me?
  • Netherlands: The Dutch amp up the military and expand their African colonies.
  • Chile: Balmaceda's government prepares the presidential campaign for this year, while the military continues his expansion, and three new shipyards are built. Some changes are implemented in the agriculture and the fishing.


  • The IQC continues to expand their military and industry.
  • Canada's military expands and the gas to control riots is still being reserched. A baby boom continues and the population of Canada is now 20 Million if not more including the new territories. The GDP continues to grow.
  • Texas Texas celebreates its independence and its NAU Member Status. The population grows and the Port of New Orleans is expanded. Texas offers China and Chile an Alliance. Texas also build a railroad, connecting all of Texas Major Cities, to be be completed in 1892.5.
    • The IQC accept the alliance.
  • Netherlands: Amps up military and does a load of colonization in Africa.


  • Canada: Libria is now living at the standards of the common Canadian Province. The Military expands and the gas for riots is still being researched. Canadian Trade on the Missisippi increases by a two-fold as the Province of Arkansas depends on it. The colony of the Picitam Islands is merged with the Territory of Mexico. An alliance is offered to the Netherlands.
    • The Dutch accept.
  • Texas: GDP increases and population booms. The automobie is reserched but will not be done until 1900. The island of Puerto Rico is offered to be bought by Texas from Iberia for two Million. The states in Texas are split in OTL counties and parishes.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch amp up the military and expand more in Africa.
  • The IQC expands into Africa, giving some territory to Hind-Bharat. Many people immigrate to Alyeska.
  • Chile: The last year took place the presidential election in the country. After a hard-fought campaign, the winner by a narrow margin was the war hero and General Manuel Baquedano, supported by the conservative-liberal fusion, who defeat to the RLN Union candidate, Manuel Antonio Matta. With this new change of government some adjustments are realized to the government policies, except to the military aerea, which prove be supported unanimously by all the sectors.
  • Iberian Empire: Expansion in Africa continues.
  • Peru: With the help of Hind and Chilean forces, the Quechua Fe are finally pushed back from the mountains and into the Amazon rainforest, where they are eliminated. The president gives thanks to the helping armies. Though they have been friends for some time now, Peru offers the Hind-Bharat Empire an official alliance, and also one to Chile.


All colonies in Africa expand.

  • Canada riot gas is secretly completed after it is found out that it is deadly. It is renamed Nerve Gas. The military is equipped with this gas and is expanded. Canadas Mexican and Central American Provices are addmitted as OTL States and Countries. Some Scientist are sent to a University in Quebec to research a secret thing to be completed in 1893.5. The gas is given to Texas.
  • Texas: Texas automobile is still reserched. The railroad is completed. A baby boom continues. The new Gas is equipped in the army and it expands. Chile and Puru is offered an Alliance. Texas offers to buy Purto Rico from Ispanola for 2 Million.
  • Texas is now under my Control DeanSims 15:38, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
  • You can't just take over nations which are already controlled by Other people DeanSims. Also, you can't modify the map to take other people's land without an algorithm (what you did to Mexico)
  • You cant take control of Texas, and if you can, since your not a mod, then I most certainly can. And you took my land in Mexico without an algorithm. Do it again and your banned from this game.
  • I'm not controlling Texas, Swollow (Canada's user) is the one who is controlling it.
  • then i apologize to you for that
  • I told on the map changes that i got just CSA Mexico. I never did own U.S Central America
  • The IQC continues to massively expand through the unclaimed areas of Africa, with new technology letting them create a huge empire.
    The World in 1892 0

    The World in 1892

  • The USA: The USA demands that Canada withdraw from the former Confederate States and Mexico or face war. China is offered the Yukon Territory, British Colombia, and OTL Northwest Territories and Nunavut if China allies with the USA against Canada. The 4.6 million man American Army prepares to invade the former Confederacy if Canada does not withdraw, the former CSA was American territory for much to long to be claimed by Canada. Mexico is promised independence with the borders of formerly Confederate Mexico. Tanzania continues to be expanded. An alliance is offered to Texas.
    • WE HAVE A JOINT ARMY! YOU CAN"T PREPARE FOR WAR WITH MY ARMY. NOTE WE ARE IN AN ALLIANCE. I come back after gone for a day and then this. Another thing, if you are going to react to something, do it immediately and not two years later...
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas accepts. All deals with Canada are broken off.
    • Once again, controlling someone else's nation without their permission.
    • You cant take control of Texas, and if you can, since your not a mod, then I most certainly can.
    • I am a mod, I don't know if the person actually controlling Texas, Swollow is though, he said they joined his something union.
    • it joined the NAU, an international organization. Sorry I misunderstood you, your not banned.
    • Yeah, we can joint control if you want.
    • I offer you a deal. Some of my colonies for the former CSA. Reuniting the CSA and USA is more important to me than colonies.
  • The Dutch amp up the military and expand in Africa some more. The Dutch navy continues to outperform all the other world navies as the military is amped up. The Dutch also tell Canada they have the support of the Dutch Navy if Canada goes to war against the USA.
    • The USA: offers The Dutch and Chinese to divide the final bits of Africa with the USA.
    • Africa is almost divided up now anyway and the Dutch & Americans can't get anymore land.


Hurricane Dave devastates the North Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico coastline. A huge clean-up operation begins in the area.

  • Netherlands: The Dutch amp up their military and begin preparing for war. Aid is also offered to the nations effected by the recent hurricane like Brazil, Canada, USA, Texas, etc.
  • Chile: The government of the President Baquedano also offer all chilean help for the countries damaged. Due to the risk of natural disaster, the president order the develpment a special unit inside the government and the armed forces, who will make charge of this situation.
  • Brazil: Isabel I of Brazil, the new Empress, in an attempt to prove her power as the new ruler, oversees the moderately successful efforts at cleaning up after the Hurricane. Military disaster relief is put into place in effected areas, but to keep the nation's spirits up, it is announced the Panama Canal is within a year of completion. However, while some at home accuse the government of misusing resources for the canal rather than the relief effort.
  • Canada: accepts the Chile and Dutch aid for its areas. The military expands and work begins on the Automobile Car with plans from Texas, to be completed in 1900. The population also expands. Carolina is hit hard by the Hurricane and offers to sell it to the U.S for U.S South America, U.S Greenland, and U.S Madagascar. Canada offers a referendum in Southern Ottoman Empire to join Canada.
    • Not a mod. Sorry Dude. Implausbiley crazy.
    • Not if it is incorpoted into Canadian Arabia...
    • Why would a sovereign nation willingly join a nation on the other side of the world? That is why it is implausible. Imagination if now in real life the USA has a referendum to decide if they wanted to become part of India? That is basically what is happening.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA will not be ripped off. Especialy when it comes to Americas ancestral territory.
    • Nations don't give up their sovereignty like that, especially to nations which are nothing like that. Also, Carolina is nowhere near worth all of that (although remember, US Greenland isn't worth much)
  • USA:The USA breaks its military from the NAU's control, and all Canadains are expelled peacefully from the USA and its colonies unless they swear loyalty to the USA. Chile and Brazil are asked if the two nations and the USA can heal relations, as the USA helped Chile become its current size with military aid, and American and Chilean relations should be friendly, not that of enemies. The USA completes a line of fortresses on the US-Canadian border much like OTL Maginot Line. The First Zeppelin is launched from Washington DC to Mexico City. The Military begins to use these as military transports. Texas is offered an alliance. The New Advanced Rounder Gatling Gun is completed, and is given to the US Army. It is much like OTL's machine gun prior to WW1 albeit needing a little more ammunition.
  • Canadian Diplomacy: A few (100) Canadian NAU Troops, disobeying Canadian Commands, rebel on the way to Canada and massacre many U.S Troops. Canada warns the United States to negotiate before this turns to bloodshed.
  • Please don't edit my posts, but you're adding of "The Canadians are offered every alliance as it was before the CSA issue if it gives up its American territories, allowing Canada to keep its Mexican territory" will be allowed if the former CSA is returned to the USA. You can keep your Mexican territory, as I have no ancestral claim to it
  • 1. I didn't.
  • US Diplomacy: I want the former CSA and Mexico. I can communicate you with collonies and Greenland.
    • US Diplomacy: China is offered British Colombia, the Yukon Territory, and OTL Northwest Territories and Nunavut as well as US Tanzania should it declare war on Canada and ally with the USA. The USA wants only to reunite with the South, but if Canada intervenes, more will be taken from Canada.
  • You can't just finish a Margiot Line, it takes years to build.
  • I have been building it for several years now.
    • Okay then, when did you start building your Margiot line? Also you can't just suddenly invent a new technology like Zeppelins without no prior research!
    • The IQC states they will side with Canada in any war.
  • Texas: Texas withdraws its military from the NAU's control as did the USA. The USA is offered a deal creating the American International Community, or AIC, much like the old NAU but with a much closer and stronger role in the member nations, it would also have one common currency for all of its members, so one day its members could unite as one national entity.. Texas's military reaches 40,000 men thanks to immmigration from former Mexico. The Texan Army also completes a Maginot Line on its borders with Canadian occupied Mexico and the former CSA. The USA's military alliance is accepted.
  • Again you can't just finish a Margiot Line, it takes years to build.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA accpets the idea of creating the AIC, and it is suggested that Richmond become the seat of the AIC government or Houston. The currency will be called the AIC Dollar.
    • Texan Diplomacy: Texas accpets the US counter proposal, and the gas used in the Texan Military is offered in return for the Zeppelin Plans. The capital of the AIC can be in Houston.
    • US Diplomacy: The USA accept the Texans second proposal. Delegates are sent to Houston. The military is equipped with the gas from Texas.
    • Texan DIplomacy: Texas cancels all U.S plans for AIC and Zeppelin plans and stays neutral in the U.S, Canadian Conflict. All nerve gas is given back to Canada. It will support, though, whoever is the defender if there is war. (It will stay neutral.)
  • Peru: Peru offers to aid the survivors of the recent hurricane, and sends ships soon after.


Italy expands her Libya colony, thus ending the Scramble for Africa.

  • The Kingdom of the NetherlandsThe United Kingdom of the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland: The King of the Netherlands marries the Queen of Great Britain, and an act of Union is passed joining the two nations together as the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland.

    Proof of RNG for the Union of Great Britain and Netherlands.

    (I got premission from ChrisL123 that I could take over Great Britain; as seen on my talk page and on ChrisL123's talk page. I also did a Random number generator with odds meaning no union, and evens meaning union. I have taken a screenshot and it is displayed opposite as you can see VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 14:23, January 17, 2012 (UTC).) The two nations begin to integrate into one another, and the English adopt the Dutch constitution so that England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland both have nation status in the UK. Dutch South Central Afrika and British North South Africa are combined into the Colony of Central South Africa. The Union of South Africa itself gains nation status in the UK, and British & Dutch West Africa are combined into the Colony of Anglo-Dutch Western Africa.
    • UK Diplomacy: We offer Manitoba to the highest bidder.
    • Canada offers two Million for Manitoba as it is surrounded by three sides by Canada.
    • Okay, Canada you're currently the highest bidder, any other offers?
    • If he agreed, you didn't need to use the random generator, but it's fine that you did.
  • Canada puts mass of its troops on its border for protection against the U.S. Anyone 18-24 is recruited and put on a homeguard until the U.S accepts the CSA trade. Many people move out of the Canadian CSA to Canada. Zeppelins are researched. The population expands. Canada also offers to buy Nova Scotia Area off the UK for $2 million. In other news, Canada scientists have been reseraching electricity for the past 2.5 years and the lightbulb is invented (why did no one think of this :D). Canada will be connected by lightbulbs and electricity by 1895.
    • The UK won't sell the Nova Scotia area (Acadia), as it's going to be part of the UK nation soon.


  • Canada: Canada offer is now void and warns the U.S to back down. The homeguard (for defense only) numbers three million excluding the military. Canada is eager to put Manatioba into Canada and wishes the bidding end soon. Canada ask for U.K to assiat in the event of a U.S invasion. The military expands and the Nerve Gas is equipped in outpost every 1000 ft on the border. Electricity spans everywhere in Quebec and Onterio and all the country will be connected by 1895. Zeppelins are researched. A new gun is researched in British Columbia to be completed in 1896.
    • UK Diplomacy: The UK will join the anti-USA coalition if it can take New England, Namgola, US Guyana, Liberia, Tanzania and Madagascar. If you agree you can have Manitoba for free, and take the rest of the US territory if you so desire.
    • Canada Diplomacy: If we go to war we can do so but if not, I'll still buy Manitoba for my offer. Canada also ask for troops to be piled on U.S Border with Canada and your border.
    • UK Diplomacy: All right, we can wait a few years to see if war breaks out, otherwise Canada can buy Manitoba. Troops are already present at our borders, and we have many military bases.
  • Chile: A series of new railroads is built for all the Chilean territories. Levels of literacy in Chile increased in the last years. The Baquedano's government make an agreement with the opposition for send to Argentina an proposal for joining to the Republic of Chile. Is hope that each Argentinean province make a referendum to decide.
  • UK: The UK amps up its armies for the upcoming war. Electricity is also introduced, and all of England and the Netherlands now uses electricity (those who could afford it that is, but there are street lights and stuff). It is planned to be introduced to Wales, Scotland and Ireland next year.


  • Canada is now connected completely with electricity. Canada warns the U.S to back down as until they do so, Canada will be ready to fight. Zeppelins are researched to fight in war, to be done in 1896. The military expands and are equipped with the latest guns. Ships are build to blockade the U.S. The population expands. Electricity tech is given to U.K and freely sets up Acadia for U.K. Plans are made for a counter attack in case of invasion. Canada ask Chile to be neutral in the conflict. Also, the automocar is researched to be done in 1896 as a simple OTL Model T quality vehicle to be used in war.
    • Chilean diplomacy: Chilean government accept to be neutral, but ask to Canada the electricity technology.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: Canada freely sets up the electrical grid and offers and alliance.
    • Chilean Diplomacy: Chile accept the alliance and send as new ambassador to Canada to Ramón Barros Luco.
  • UK: The UK thanks Canada for wiring up Acadia, and the UK finishes wiring up Wales, Scotland and Ireland. It is introduced to the Caribbean and Boer states too. The military is amped up even more as war with the USA seems to be imminent.
  • Chile: Chilean Congress officially approves the proposal for send to Argentina. The answer from each argentinean state is waited for to last months of 1895. While, the new railroads continues his construction in the southern territories of the country.


  • Canada tells the U.S to back down by January 1st of next year or face invasion. A blockade fleet is sent of the coast of the U.S, preventing imports. Research on guns and Zepellins are continued. The Automocar is finsihed at a low quality and put into military service. Fuel for the engine comes from New Ottawa and Northern Canada. New Ottawa is experiencing a growth in GDP. The government approval rate soars to 85% and still grows. Meanwhile, troops in Canadian Maui get ready for a sea invasion of the islands. The U.S is given one last warning to back down, but at the cost of Hawaii and Greenland Guenented but with invasion, almost total conquest with a small country in Maryland, Virgina, and Delaware. A line of defense is completed on the Canadian Border.

At this point the game was rolled back to 1890 by Head mod DeanSims.

The Rollback to 1890

The game has been rolled back to 1890. DeanSims 15:06, January 28, 2012 (UTC) The game has been rolled back to 1890. DeanSims 15:06, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

  • The CSA will be reduced to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippii, Louisiana, and Florida, and it will be allowed to have its own player. Texas will be reannexed by the USA and Confederate Mexico and Cuba will be annexed by the USA. And Im not going to allow you to take all of my Latin American possessions and box me in. Im not stupid. OK, maybe I am, but Im not that stupid. DeanSims 19:40, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
Why on Earth have you rolled the game back? VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 16:06, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
Wait, did you roll back so I couldn't do the referendum in the CSA so you could occupy it? Swollow 16:45, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
Well, in his post below he's saying the US are occupying the CSA, so basically it looks like he is trying to take the whole CSA for himself. Not only that but now the Netherlands and UK haven't joined, and stopping the war that he lost against Japan. Dean, you can't just roll back the game because there's something happening that you don't like, it's a game and you don't always win. VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 17:21, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
I will unroll it if the CSA is returned to the USA. The CSA and/or Mexico voting to join Canada is stupid. I propose that someone take over the CSA again, and we start from here once more. Mumby perhaps? DeanSims 19:05, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
1. Are you seriously blackmailing me?
2. I actually cared what happened to the C.S.A.
3. I've offered MANY times to trade the C.S.A.
4. I'll trade you all of the CSA, excluding Mexico for U.S Mexico, Central America, and South America. Also, you may reannex Texas. All of this if you roll back (We'll call this Negotiations in 1895).
I'm quitting this game, unless Deansims is removed from his position as moderator. This is a clear indication of him having biased moderation in favor of his nation. There is no other reason for him to roleback other than making his nation stronger. I am never joining another map game made by someone who cannot be trusted to not abuse his moderator powers to increase the power of his nation. LurkerLordB (Talk) 19:35, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
Eh, No. People are starting to quit. I'll quit too if I don't get some land in the transaction.Swollow
I have an idea, you can take over China and Hind-Barat (ImperiumGuy told me he has abandoned this game quite a while ago), if you agree to unite Canada with the USA in 1890 to form the NAU, with a constitution written by Confederate, American, Texan, Mexican, Quebecious, Native American, and Canadian delegates. I would take over the NAU. And you would get the same mod powers as I did as long as we both promise not to roll back again if this agreement is reached. And Lurker Lord just quit, so China is open. DeanSims 19:47, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
Deal, BUT New Ottawa must go to IQC. Swollow 19:54, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
I accept your condition. the game will continue from 1890. DeanSims 20:04, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
I'm going to leave too VonGlusenburg (talk to Von!) 19:59, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
I think I am too now. Swollow 20:22, January 28, 2012 (UTC)
  • The USA: The United States begins to withdraw from Australia, stating that "its on the other side of the planet, and American imperialism will end with the United States reuniting with the Confederacy", as the North American Union, one national entity, while the USA and Canada shall continue the international NAU. Tasmania remains occupied by American troops but all other US Forces withdraw from Australia's mainland. Tasmania beceomes the American Colony of Tasmania. The USA asks Sweden-Norway if it can purchase the S-N's Africa colony, Greenland, and Iceland. According to, S-N agrees to sell Greenland and its Africa colony to the USA for 35 million dollars. The USA, noticing the CSA is in a state of collapse, moves in and occupies the CSA to restore order. Canada is asked if it would unite with the USA and CSA to form the North American Union.
    • Canada: Canada accepts.


  • The North American Union: The CSA, USA and Canada officially unite to form the North American Union, and its capital is placed at Washington DC. The NAU begins to buff up its military and navy.
  • CANZ: the CANZ moves quickly to remove all traces of the USA from Tazmania, and as a result of the invasion, begins upgrading its military in earnest, and develops various special units.
  • Colombia: The Nation starts to strength the Military Forces, alliances are offered to Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, USA, the United Kingdom and the German Empire.

GAME DECLARED DEAD: 14:24, February 15, 2012‎

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