Welcome to the Revised and Reloaded Fractured America Map Game!

The last game died due to biased mods, yes, sadly that was me.

Well, we're doing it over, and this time no more biased mods. Let's do this, FRACTURED AMERICA REBORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We will have an algorithm, proposals are needed.
  2. The CSA has won the Civil War and forced the USA to grant California independence due to the Confederates being able to occupy Washington DC.
  3. The game begins on 4/30/2012 at 1:00 PM EST.
  4. The game starts in 1863.0.
  5. Turns are in half years.
  6. Other rules will be added later.

Sims, the whole of #2 is implausible. May I fix it? IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 19:03, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

I fixed it. It's vague, but it works. DeanSims 16:42, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

Alliance Pages

Alliances will put their page/links to their pages here.


There will be five mods, but impeachments are allowed, not by other mods though, by players who are not mods.


Current Map

3Updated Fractured America Map8

Changes, Issues and Complaints

  • Britain does not own the Eastern half of the island of New Guinea, it was claimed by both the UK and Spain.
  • The UK claimed it before Spain.
    • . . .In the same turn as Spain, which is more or less at the same time.
    • i specifically wrote it the turn before no the same turn, someone deleted the part i wrote about it... hm i wonder who? and anyway, i posted before so it shouldn't even be disputed!
    • In fact, I (Spain) claimed it waaaay before the UK did. In 1870.5, in fact.
    • That's funny because I combed your posts the day this happened and I never saw that before, but I give you props for trying. Nice try, Spain.
  • Central America should be protectorates of GB, not actually part of the Empire.


There will be four mapmakers

  1. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:39, April 29, 2012 (UTC)
  2. Enclavehunter 01:49, April 29, 2012 (UTC)
  3. AwesomePeruvian 06:19, May 12, 2012 (UTC)


North America

South America

  • Brazil: LurkerLordB (Talk)
  • Argentina:
  • Uruguay:
  • Bolivia:
  • Chile:
  • Venezuela:
  • Colombia:
  • Ecuador:




  • Morocco:


The Game


Victory For Sim!!!

Feel free to add other good luck quotes.

The game has begun, and may the odds be forever in your favor.


  • Republic of California: The ROC begins to settle Hawaii and sends settlers as well as troops there. The ROC also asks Mexico if California can purchase Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, and Baja California, and using an RNG, 1-6 No, 7-10 Yes, with Baja California (7) and Sonora (9) being sold, but Durango (2), and Chihuahua (5), not being sold. The states of North Baja, South Baja, and Sonora being created from the newly purchased lands.
  • CSA: President Davis celebrates the victory of the CSA over the US. Now that the war is over, many soldiers are laid off, and a normal force of 50,000 is made. Meanwhile, more infrastructure is built, and more immigrants are let in.
  • Persia: Persia begins various campaigns to the east of the country. Some successes are made against Balochi and Turkmen forces.
  • United States: America vows revenge on the Confederates in the near future, and prepares for war in ten years or so.
  • Japan: The Japanese Shogunate begins to issue reforms to help modernize the nation and military infrastructure, and continues with isolationist policies. Note: I am new at map games so please forgive any ignorance. I will change things as needed to ensure minimum implausibility.


  • Republic of California: The ROC continues to settle Hawaii, while another Gold Rush begins to California. The ROC offers the CSA an alliance. Sonora, North Baja, South Baja, North California, and South California become the five states of the ROC, and a new flag is designed with five stripes and five stars, kind of like the American flag, only with less stars and stripes.
    • Woah! woah! woah! How did you gain those?
    • I used my territory and carved inner provinces within my own borders.
  • A new turn already? Persia: Persia defeats the scattered and disorganized Turkmen, and they are annexed into the nation. Similar efforts to do the same against the Balochis has stalled for now, but is expected to succeed in the end.
  • Yeah, no one else has posted in a couple of hours so I started a new one.
  • Spain: A liberal revolution takes Isabel II down, and replaces her with a Provisional Government. The new government starts to work on making a new constitution, which protects the rights of all Spaniard people. They also start to change the army around, in order to make it become far more professional, and stop having to deal with the hated quintas. Democratic winds cross the nation, which happily welcomes the change of regime. Changes soon happen everywhere. The people of Cuba and Puerto Rico are finally granted Spanish citizenship, allowing them to vote on their representatives to the Spanish Congress of Deputies, while work is done in the Philippines to eventually give them access to the same rights.
  • CSA: More infrastructure is built, and factories begin to be built in the nation, as a result of lacking an industrial production that almost cost the Confederacy the War of Independence. Meanwhile, more people immigrate to the CSA.
  • Russia: Russia undergoes a period of the rise of liberalism. A new liberal czar begins many liberal reforms, including the end of serfdom, freedom of religion and race, and other stuff. A new government and constitution is modeled after the United States. Industry begins to grow and prosper. They begin to expand and upgrade their military.
  • Prussia: A military alliance is offered to Russia, and the military is built up. In addition, pan-German propaganda is spread around the North German Confederation idolizing Prussia and demonizing Austria.
  • France (Sorry for being late!): France, in the need of valuable cotton, recognizes the Confederate States of America and offers them an trade agreement. Meanwhile, citizens in French Algeria are given equal rights to that of the people on the mainland. France expands its military, and sends Prussia and Russia an trade agreement.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It agrees. It does request help in its modernization program.
    • French Diplomacy: France will help Russia with its modernization.
    • Prussian Diplomacy: King Wilhelm I will agree to the trade agreement only if France promises to cease meddling in German affairs.
    • French Diplomacy: France reluctantly agrees to Prussia's offer.
    • CSA Diplomacy: The CSA agrees to a trade agreement.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees.
    • BTW, you do have land in Mexico and you are fighting against Mexico. How will you deal with that?
  • United States: The USA continues to buff up its military, infrastructure, and economy. Lincoln fires all those Generals who managed to lose the War. A newly found man, Ulysses S. Grant, is appointed Chief General of the United States Army. Martial Law is declared over Maryland and Delaware. The Democrats begin to portray Lincoln as a loser, but most Americans see McClellan and others as the cause of the loss of the War. Used as scapegoats, Lincoln remains held high in the view of Americans. America splits NM Territory into Arizona and New Mexico Territory with OTL borders minus the Confederate part. Lincoln offers to buy the CSA Arizona Territory in exchange for Northern Missouri.
    • CSA Diplomacy: The CSA, feeling that this is a bad deal, politely refuses to sell the Arizona Territory.
    • What? Missouri is a highly populated state, and pro-CSA, while Arizona is a barren desert with little or no people and is pro-Union.
    • Hmm, since you put it that way, I'll accept.
  • Britain: Britain is appalled at what has happened in the US, and refuses to recognize the Confederate States and declares our support for the US. Meanwhile, the Empire's economy prospers, and we are growing quickly. The US is offered alliance and trade agreements.
    • USA Dip: The USA agrees.
  • Japan: Reforms fail to stem dissatisfaction with th government, The shogunate responded by crushing revolts in south Honshu. Thus begins the war of the Meiji reformation, a seven year long civil war that ends with the end of the Shogunate.


  • Republic of California: The ROC officially annexes Hawaii after the settlers there overthrow the monarch and Hawaii becomes a state. The ROC is then reorganized into the Federated States of Pacifica, or FSP. The FSP government is then turned into a Dictatorship when the President takes power with the Armies support, and the FSP becomes a military state, although some basic rights are allowed. The new Dictator then asks Prussia, the CSA, and France for an alliance. The FSP then asks Mexico if it can purchase Durango, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and Nuevo Leon, using RNG with 1-6 No, 7-10 yes, Chihuahua (8), and Durango (10) are sold while Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and Nuevo Leon are not sold. The FSP then begins to integrate these new lands into the so called, at least by the Generals in the Army, the Californian Empire.
    • RNG: 5, No.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It agrees.
  • CSA: Infrastructure and Industry continue to be built up, and the military starts to buy more artillery as part of a new military strategy to bombard the CSA's enemies from afar before they can attack us.
  • Prussia: The military alliance is still being offered to Russia. Pan-German Propaganda is spread about the North German Confederation, and the military is built up more this year.
  • Russia: It establishes the Triple Alliance composed of Russia, France and Prussia. They begin building up infrastructure across the vast country to ensure that every region catches up to the economic development of the country. Industries continue to grow vastly. Liberal reforms are taken effect across the country.
    • FSP Diplomacy: The FSP asks to join the Triple Alliance.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Sure. What is the FSP anyway?
    • FSP Diplomacy: The Federated States of Pacifica.
  • France: France refuses to recognize the new territorial acquisitions in Mexico, and increases presence in the French part of Mexico. The military is expanded, and the government passes reforms to improve the economy. French Algeria is expanded, and the first French ironclad is constructed, and three more are laid down across the coast of France. A trade agreement is sent to Britain and the US.
    • FSP Diplomacy: The FSP asks France to recognize the purchases and offers France a deal, France can annex most of Mexico officially and California will help France suppress rebels.
    • French Diplomacy: France will recognize the purchases from France if no more purchases will occur between California and Mexico.
    • FSP Diplomacy: The FSP agrees.
  • Britain: Her majesty Queen Victoria is pleased at the acceptance of the United States. She asks the US if it needs anything at the moment. Meanwhile, the British Raj continues strong in India years after the Sepoys rebelled against the Crown. However, the British are going to take a kind stance with the Indians in order to insure peace and prosperity their. Britain asks to join the Triple Alliance.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Sure.
  • Japan: Thousands die in the attempted coup in Kyoto led by Satsuma. Emperor forced to revoke all Tokugawa treaties. Tokugawa responds by brutally suppressing people all across Japan, lending more support to the Satsuma rebels.


  • FSP: The FSP is renamed the Californian Empire by Dictator John Fremont, (a relative of the other Fremont who was a fighter in the Mexican War), and the Empire begins building up its navy and army while the immigration and baby booms continue. The Empire asks Colombia to sell Panama to California because California needs land having an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Using an RNG, Colombia accepts using the same numbers I've been using all along, and Panama is annexed by California. Naval and Military bases begin construction in Panama.
  • CSA: The CSA invades Northern Mexico, and the army begins occupying Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. Meanwhile, infrastructure and industry is built in the nation.
    • Californian Diplomacy: California offers the CSA an alliance to split Mexico between the CSA, France and California.
    • French Diplomacy: France agrees, but asks for an independent republic to be formed at the Yucatan Peninsula, called the Republic of Yucatan.
    • This is all wrong, you didn't even use algorithms. Not a mod, BTW.
    • Which country are you talking about, France, California, or the CSA. Enclavehunter 00:28, May 3, 2012 (UTC)
    • The CSA.
    • Sorry, I was about to make an algorithm but had to sleep. Of course, someone made it now. CSA Diplomacy: We agree to splitting it, but ask for Californian and French aid to defeat the Mexicans. In return, we will help you with your parts of Mexico.
    • Californian Diplomacy: California offers the below borders and agrees to a free Yucatan: Offer small
  • Russia: Russia invades and totally conquers the small Caucasian states. They continue to build up and expand industries. Modern conveniences such as steel buildings, modern machinery, etc. are becoming more common. The government continues to pursue liberal reforms.
    • Now, I'm no mod, but somehow I doubt Russia could go from hardcore authoritarian dictatorship closed off from the outside world to something as liberal and modern as you have proposed in one year.
  • France: France expands French Algeria southward, while France secretly prepares for an land invasion of Mexico via its territory there. Meanwhile, the military is expanded, and after tense negotiations between the government of Nicaragua and France (as well as using an RNG), agrees to allow France maintain a naval base on Nicaragua for 20 years, and if the government of Nicaragua wants, will sign it for another 20 years. The economy begins to grow, and another ironclad and three sloops are launched for the Mediterranean Fleet.
  • Prussia: The Pan-German propaganda continues to be spread about the North German Confederation, and the military continues to be built up.
  • Spain: Spain continues investing in improving its weaponry assets. Spain declares war on Morocco, due to several attacks on Spanish ships launched from Moroccan coast. Three armies are deployed to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: the ones in Ceuta and Melilla will advance towards the south, while the one in the Canary Islands land in the southernmost land. After a few months (used the algorithm) Spain has managed to take all the Mediterranean coast and part of southern Morocco, and is preparing itself for an advance into central Morocco. Spain asks Prussia for a trade agreement.


  • Californian Empire: California continues a military buildup and invades Mexico and begins to conquer the country to help the CSA. The Below map is offered to divide Mexico, notice the Yucatan Republic. Offer small
  • CSA: With Californian aid, more progress is made into Mexican Territory. We agree to the proposal made by California. Meanwhile, more men sign up to join the war effort.
  • France: In support of California and the CSA, declares an act of war against Mexico. Military defenses are constructed on the Channel Shore to stop any aggression by sea. Meanwhile, the military is expanded and factories are sent to produce war materials, and the French Navy sets up an blockade along Mexico. (More to come).
  • Russia: Modernization and liberalization continues in the country. They continue to build up railroads, canals and roads across the country. They declare war on the small Central Asian states.
  • Prussia: The military continues to be built up. The revenue that was going to be spent on Pan-German propaganda is instead directed to hiring and training a few thousand Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Croat Mercenaries, unbeknownst to the public.
  • Britain: The Queen still refuses to recognize the Confederates as a legitimate state but she recognizes the Californians. Prosperity makes its way to the Empire and society in general is blossoming into a peaceful society. Numerous technological advances are made by the army and the navy.
  • Spain: The war against the Moroccans continues, and further advance is done. The Moroccans' morale slowly drops as the Spaniards keep taking more and more land from them. Several amphibious landings are launched, taking the main coastal cities, and effectively also blocking the Moroccan Atlantic coast. A general advance towards Fez is initiated, with the aim of imprisoning the Sultan and forcing him to acquiesce to Spanish demands. Prussia is, once more, asked if they are willing to start a trading relationship with Spain.


  • PROGRESS IN 1865.5
    Californian Empire: Californian troops continue to advance into Mexico while 35,000 troops are sent to help the Confederacy in its invasion and 12,000 are sent to help France. Spain is offered any price it wants for Cuba and the Philippines, as California is laden with gold and silver. The Navy helps the French blockade of Mexico. CE troops continue to advance deeper and deeper along the Mexican coast, farther than the agreed upon borders and into what would be French land, this means that all of what would be CS Mexican Coastline is occupied by California. Both allies are told this is only until the war ends.
    • Opposite are the borders showing what is currently held by each ally in the current war. NOTE THESE BORDERS ARE NOT PERMANENT, ONLY WHAT IS HELD BY EACH ALLY CURRENTLY.
  • CSA: The CSA army continues to advance into Mexico, and they soon meet up with French and Californian armies. Meanwhile, relations with Britain turn sour since they refuse to recognize us as a nation.
  • Britain: All goes well for the Empire currently. Britain remains neutral in the conflict in Mexico but will strike if its colonies are in any danger especially British holdings in Central America. The Queen still does not recognize the CSA and doesn't plan to do so in time. Britain asks Russia to buy Alaska at any price.
  • France: France continues to advance toward Mexico City and meets with the Confederate forces, and the Battle of Mexico City begins (Algorithm would come later). Meanwhile, French Algeria is expanded southward and continues to absorb the land. The military is research, three new ironclads are released, and the army is expanded. Modernization occurs in both the economy and military, and after seeing the designs of the Gatling gun used by the Union and Confederate forces and begins working on its own design.
  • Russia: It takes over the Central Asian nations. It asks Britain for industrial supervision. They also start to harness the resources of Siberia that are now important to the Russian economy.
    • British Diplomacy: We'll help you industrialize and much more, we ask to buy Alaska at any price from you.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It agrees to sell Alaska for 50 million.
    • British Response: Sold.
  • Prussia: An attack on both Prussian Silesia and Bavaria by Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Croat soldiers dressed as soldiers of the Austrian Empire occurs simultaneously. Prussia and the North German Confederation declare war on Austria. War is declared on Austria by Prussia, the North German Confederation, and Bavaria. Using a random number generator and the odds of 1-5=No and 6-10=Yes, both the states of the North German Confederation (9) and the southern German states (7) opt to join under the King of Prussia to form the German Empire and defeat the Austrian menace.
  • Spain: Spain politely rejects the Californian offer, as the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico are important parts of the Kingdom of Spain and have been for many years. Spain again asks Prussia about the possibility of initiating a trading relationship. Spain also starts to work on its own design of a Gatling Gun. The invasion of Morocco is finished, finally placing all of Morocco under Spanish control. Morocco is divided in three Captaincies, which will, with time, become Foral Regions of the Kingdom of Spain. Spain offers Portugal the possibility to ally. Using a RNG with 1-5=No and 6-10=Yes, Portugal accepts (9) the alliance offer. With the victory over Morocco, Spanish industries start to expand in there, as well as obtaining new resources of great importance. The next look is taken at Central Africa, where the Spanish colony of Guinea expands towards the north, west and south along the coast.
    • Prussian Diplomacy: After much deliberation, Prussia decides to open up communication with the new democratic government of Spain, refusing to recognize such a liberal state in Europe until now. A network of trade between Spain and Prussia is agreed upon by King Wilhelm I.
  • Japan: Satsuma occupies Kyoto and Tokyo, for the first time in history, the Emperor requests aid from Britain and the USA.
  • Japan Diplomacy: The Emperor of Japan graciously accepts the California Empires request for an alliance.


  • Californian Empire: Celebrations over Mexico's defeat begin, and below is a map of what lands are currently occupied and by what nation: Talks on how to properly divide Mexico will now begin on the talk page.PROGRESS IN 1866.0
  • CSA: The CSA Government celebrates the victory over Mexico. Meanwhile, the military begins to put down any potential rebellions in Mexico. More Industry is built in Mexico to provide jobs for the new population.
    • Californian Diplomacy: California offers more of Mexico for western Arizona.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We accept.
    • Californian Diplomacy: The CE offers the CSA and France an alliance against the USA so all three nations can gain more land and draw their borders more to their own liking, so the CE can have Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and all of New Mexico west of the Rio Grande. The CSA can have the rest of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, eastern New Mexico, Nebraska, and Wyoming, while France can have Maine, New England, and New York, the rest of the USA will be reorganized into the United Republic of America, a joint CE/CSA/French puppet state.
    • Britain warns against this alliance and strongly advises any nation to not join.
    • You cannot just divide another user's nation like that, especially without war, and I guarantee you Britain would oppose it. Enclavehunter 16:58, May 7, 2012 (UTC)
    • Just because I missed a turn doesn't mean you can invade my country.
  • Russia: With the help of British supervision, Russia continues to grow as a modern nation. Socialist reforms are established in order to gain the support of the people. They continue to grow good relations with Britain.
  • Prussia: The war with Austria is going well, and Vienna is surrounded. Germany will remain technically disunited until after the war with Austria.
  • Britain: Her Majesty Queen Victoria is content with the agreement with Russia and hope for continued good relations. We maintain our threats against any nation that presents a threat to British holdings close to the chaotic zone that was formerly Mexico. However, the Crown finally decides to officially recognize the CSA as it demonstrated its power in its invasion of Mexico. (correct me if im wrong) British ships land in OTL Hispaniola and claim it for the Crown.
    • Californian Diplomacy: Britain can have Montana, Dakota, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey just for sitting by and not fighting for either side. Here is the border offer.
    • Britain rejects this offer and strongly advises against a war with the US, as the empire is allied with them
    • Border Offer
  • Spain: Spain reinforces the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico, to protect them against potential attacks by any foreign power. Spain continues to improve its infrastructure everywhere, as well as increasing trade agreements with the South American nations. Spain also supports the United Kingdom and the United States of America against the Californian threats towards the latter. Spain wishes to offer the United Kingdom the possibility of allying with us, forming a triple alliance between the United Kingdom and the two Iberian nations (as there is already an alliance between the UK and Portugal). The colonization of the African west coast continues unabated. Spain suggests the Central American nations that they should band together to protect themselves from the expansionist Californians (OOC: This should be the mod's call), and offers to sell them weapons. Spain offers a trade agreement to the nation of Siam and attempts to place them under a protectorate. With an RNG, 1-5 to no trade, 6-8 to trade, 9-10 to protectorate, I drew a 7. Spain invades the Sulu islands and then North Borneo, which are part of the Sultanate of Sulu, securing the southern border of the Philippines.
  • British Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance and also offer to sell weapons to Central America and train their armies against the insufferably expansionist Californians.
  • France: France celebrates its victory over Mexico, and divides the newly conquered Mexican territory into administrative states, and each become part of the Republic of France. Meanwhile, French forces in Mexico City begin reconstruction, and the city removes all traces of the former Mexican government, but the people can still keep their culture. The Republic of Yucatan is established and becomes French protectorate, and therefore that if any foreign nation invades Yucatan, that they will be at war with France as well. The military is improved, and two more ironclads are released. Research on the Gatling gun continues.
  • US Dip: USA calls on France to help against CSA.
  • Can we start the next turn?


  • CSA: The CSA begins to build up industry in Mexico to help end ethnic problems in Mexico and to try to stop any Mexican Separatists. Meanwhile, more infrastructure is built.
  • Prussia: The war with Austria is nearing completion, Austrian armies outside Vienna have been destroyed, and the siege of Vienna is predicted to last only a few more months until capitulation. Prussian King Wilhelm I asks his cousin Carol I of Romania to take the Romanian part of the collapsing Austrian Empire before the Hungarians can seize it.
  • Russia: They continue to modernize the country. Mass-construction of new towns made out of superior materials occur nationwide. They encourage new settlements in Central Asia to increase federal control. They declare war on the small state north of Afghanistan and conquer it.
  • Californian Empire: California offers the British 350 tons of gold and silver bullion for British Colombia, while the same is offered to Russia for Alaska. Both nations citizens there will gain rights and citizenship in the CE. California also invades Costa Rica, and after several months of fighting, the country falls to California's onslaught, and after a week or to since CR's fall, it is learned that British agents were selling guns and weapons to the CR Army, causing thousands more CE casualties than needed, and All British agents are arrested in the Empire and jailed after quick trials. The Emperor orders the Army on high alert as well as the Navy. The CE asks France and the CSA to help should a war between the British and Californians occur, as the USA undoubtedly back the British. Russia is offered British land for help should a war occur.
    • Alaska belongs to Britain. They already purchased it from Russia.
    • Also the Russians are allied with the British.
    • We vehemently reject the offer.
    • You just reply. You don't cross my text out.
  • France: France increases its military presence in Mexico. Meanwhile, three new ironclads are launched, and defenses along the English Channel are constructed. Napoleon III, the current president of France, mobilizes the military and borders along Belgium and the Low Countries. Increase in production continues.
  • Spain: Spain reinforces its position in Morocco, the rest of Africa and Oceania. The Spanish Army commissions new weaponry for its future use in other conflicts. New infrastructure is built every day, connecting all the cities and industrial centers of the Kingdom with each other. The Spanish colony in Central Africa expands, reaching the mouth of the Congo River and starting to go into Africa, using the rivers as platforms for exploration.
    • CE Diplomacy: Spain is offered an alliance by California in case Britain and California go to war, Spain would receive some of Britain's colonies.
    • Spain is allied with Britain.
    • Don't cross my text out, it can still reply.
    • Sorry, but we are not interested in allying with you.
  • Britain: Thousands of defenses are built up on the Canadian border, with an increased military presence in case of war. The all powerful Royal Navy and the Army are placed on high alert, though the Crown dismisses Californian threats saying that they are simply an aggressive and stupidly expansionist state that only gains land at the expense of small, weak countries. Hispaniola is established as a colony. Britain asks its allies Spain and Russia to also be weary of what is going on in America. Britain asks an audience with the French government. The remaining Central American nations are offered British protection status to protect them from the insufferably expansionist Californians(RNG: 1-5 Yes, 6-10 No: 3 the answer is YES). With the rest of Central America under British protection, Queen Victoria hopes that the CE is wise enough to not fight with the strongest nation on the planet. As for the jailed British agents, they'll be freed when their time comes.Any nation that even attempts to take any more Central American land will be at war with Britain due to them having protectorate status.
    • '​'French Diplomacy: France agrees to the audience.
    • The Republic of Yucatan, the white nation underneath French Mexico, is a French puppet state, so they aren't under British protection. To make it clear, they are under French protection.
    • Yes and we recognize that. We meant the rest of Central America that isn't taken by a foreign power. Anyway, Britain asks France that if in case of war with California they will get involved or not.
    • Depends on the situation, most likely if we feel that our territory is threaten, then yes. But most likely not.
    • Well the Californians are being simply annoying with their threats of war, but we wish to avoid war as much as possible. And your territory is not threatened at all I mean we're allies right? Also, do you support the US?
    • I'm talking about the Californians. We do support the US, and will help, but only if the war is started by the Californians for no reason, or vise versa.
    • Thank you. Your audience is appreciated and Her Majesty Queen Victoria hopes for continued good relations with France.
    • The Californians are just being aggressive for no reason. I strongly suggest everyone helps America against Cali if Cali attacks.
    • Britain agrees.
    • You do every nation individually.
    • Give me one good reason why. It makes sense, ALL nations there are afraid that they will be eaten up by the Californians and you're saying I need to do an individual RNG for them all?
    • No one is scared of California. It's a small nation and has less people than the US, CS, Britain Home Isles, and France.
  • Austria German Pan-Nationalist rebellions spring up. Many soldiers are Pan-Nationalist and join up in arms against Austrian government. Rebels ask for Prussian help.
  • Persia: Persia completes its conquest of the Balochis after several campaigns, and new ones are planned for the Pashtuns next.
  • US: US builds up massive defenses along the border with California. Lincoln starts a wartime economy in every major city and orders construction of shelters in case California invades. Offers to pool resources with Britain to protect against California.
    • British Diplomacy: The US has full support from the UK and its dominions in case of war with California. They are aggressive for no reason and will be punished if they don't stop. You also have the support of other major European powers so don't worry, you're safe with us.
    • French Diplomacy: The US has the full support of the French, and will help in anyway necessary if and when the time comes.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: The US can also count on Spanish support against California.
  • Could we start next turn already? Also, whoever is in charge of making the maps, please remember that Morocco, the North African coast between Cape Blanco and Morocco, a good part of the Central African coast, the Sulu Archipelago and North Borneo are Spanish.
  • The Netherlands: The Netherlands sends more soldiers to Dutch Guiana because of the unrest in North and South America. Holland offers assistance to California in return for the Baja California peninsula. Meanwhile, permits are given to Dutch companies to start plantations in Dutch Guiana. Infrastructure is also improved in Dutch Guiana.
  • in retaliation for supporting California, Britain severs all diplomatic ties with the Netherlands and begins to place economic sanctions on the tiny country.
  • Sweden: King Charles XV of Sweden is tired of Sweden being a minor power in Europe, when at the start of the century it was one of the major powers. He begins an industrialization program, modernizes the military and plans to begin colonizing parts of Africa.
  • United States: Nevada and Nebraska are admitted as states. America looks to the Pacific to expand into. A new faction of Americans is formed and the Nationalist Party is formed. It wants to expand into Africa and wants America to become a colonial Party.
  • Japan: Tokugawa is publicly humiliated after is defeat at the siege of Kyoto, Civil War officially ends. The old Japanese shogunate is dissolved and the Empire of Japan is officially born.
    • Japan Diplomacy: Japan will offer an alliance to the CSA as well as a gift of seven million yen in exchange for Chihuahua, Mexico.


  • Prussia: The War with Austria draws to a close as Vienna is captured. The royal family is captured and executed. Austria Proper and the Sudetenland is annexed to the German Empire, Transylvania is annexed to Romania, which is now a puppet state of Germany. Ethnic Germans willing to to move to the German Empire are ferried out of the defunct Austrian Empire by the German Empire. The remaining parts of what was once the Austrian Empire are free do what they want (Presumably form nations based on ethnic boundaries).
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and improves industry. Lots of factories begin to be built on the outskirts of Stockholm. A small colony is set up in south western Africa, it is called Asgard.
  • You can't just come out of being weak and minor and then all of a sudden have a colony next turn. You can claim the area but you might get competition from Spain.
    • They aren't that weak and minor that they can't set up a colony, e.g. the King of Belgium set up a colony in the Congo in OTL and they were quite weak like Sweden. Besides, it's only gonna be a small colony and it's going to expand very slowly.
  • Belgium: Troops are trained and forts are built along the borders.
  • CSA: More Factories and infrastructure is built in the nation. The military is also built up. The CSA is the most Industrialised it has ever been. We also, peacefully, ask California not to invade the US.
    • You are an agricultural nation how do you expect to become industrialized in three years?! Almost all of your land is plantations! You're far from even funding industrialization you just fought a long and EXPENSIVE war!
    • I didn't say I was Industrialized. I said I was more Industrialized than I have been before.
  • United States: President Lincoln officially frees all slaves.
  • Russia: It begins making reforms into health and education, hoping to extend that to all the Russian people. It begins to build an extensive road/railroad system across the country to connect all parts. They declare war on Persia to prevent harming their Central Asian interests.
    • Persian Diplomacy: Persia urges Russia to reconsider, stating that Persia wants no land from Russia.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It demands it has Turkmenistan, then it will leave.
    • Persian Diplomacy: How about this: You get the northern part, and we keep the southern part.
  • The Netherlands: Holland begins to feel the sting of the economic sanctions. The public begins to dislike any relations with California if this is what the country is going to receive. Riots in Amsterdam become common. Meanwhile, the government begins sending more soldiers to Dutch Guiana and the Dutch East Indies to protect them from great Britain's wrath. Most of the navy is now stationed around those colonies. Prices of goods begin to inflate.
  • British Diplomacy: We're not going to invade you or anything, we just want you to not support California.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: The Netherlands declares its offer of assistance to California in exchange for territory void and warns it against challenging multiple European powers and U.S.
    • British Diplomacy: Britain lifts economic sanctions and pays Holland due compensation for lost funds as well as thanks it for complying.
  • Persia: The Military continues operations against the Pashtuns/Afghans, although more men are sent to Turkmenistan to protect against Russia. Persia asks other nations like Britain, France, and any other nations to put a halt to Russian aggression.
  • Spain: Spain continues to expand its control of Africa. It signs a deal with Portugal to make the Congo River the border between Spanish Guinea and Portuguese Angola. Spanish troops defeat several local African kingdoms and forces them to recognise the authority of the king. The Prince of Asturias, heir of the crown, marries a daughter of the King of Portugal. We also join Britain in sanctioning Netherlands for their support of California.
  • Britain: Queen Victoria hopes that the Californians stop their expansion and invasion of the US now that THREE major European powers oppose them. The sanctioning of the Netherlands will continue until they rescind their support for California. Apart from that, all goes well for the Empire ATM.
  • France: France joins Spain and France in the sanctioning of the Netherlands, and demands them to stop supporting California. To show that France is not a hypocrite, breaks its alliance and trade agreement with California, but will continue to have relations with other countries.
  • Um ... The Netherlands already stopped supporting California.. read the thing that says "Dutch Diplomacy" ...
  • Japan: Emperor Satsuma I begins to modernize military and to establish a new road network to replace the one damaged during the rebellions. Japanese Navy begins to modernize with steam ironclads and is preparing for conflict with the Koreans.


  • German Empire: Germany requests a council of the Great Powers of Europe to discuss the dissolution of the Triple Alliance, and its substitution with the Europe First Pact, so as to avoid any more diplomatic issues with lesser nations in the New World or Asia.
  • Romania: King Carol I of Romania celebrates the unification of Romania, and slowly begins industrializing the nation.
  • Russia: It continues improving the country's economy and infrastructure. Many improvements are made to the military and navy to becoming more and more modern just like those of Western Europe. They refuse Persia's offer and still demand Turkmenistan.
  • The Netherlands: With Great Britain's sanctions gone the economy begins to recover and riots become less common, although the country still has to deal with the Spanish sanctions. An anti-Californian feeling has settled over the nation because of the nation's punishment and the government puts a high tax on any goods shipped to California. The nation produces its first ever ironclad and research into improving the design has begun. Holland sends 15,000 soldiers to the island Sumatra in the Dutch East Indes to gain control of the entire island by crushing the native's small nations. (Would this require the algorithm?)
  • France: France agrees to Germany's proposal, and the military is expanded. French Algeria is expanded, and lifts economic sanctions on the Netherlands. The French ironclads are expanded to have more armor, four guns, and an crew of eighty. France proposes rail links to connect all of Europe, to allow greater trade between the nations.
  • United States: The United States asks its allies (Britain, France, Spain, etc.) to join the Global Alliance. Offers to help CSA industrialize if Maryland and Delaware are ceded to the USA. (Very good offer here.) An embargo and trade sanctions are placed on California as punishment for leaving the Union. An attempt is made on Lincoln's life and the Secret Service is created to protect the President.
  • Mod Event: OTL West Virginia secedes from Virginia again and declares itself part of the Union.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to improve Sweden's industrial base. Lots of factories pop up across the country, most of them being iron & steel works, but a wide range of factories including textiles, distilleries, weapons, matchsticks, furniture and trains. The economy of Sweden enters a boom stage
  • CSA: The President, disappointed that West Virgina has left, decides to tighten his leash on all states with some loyalists in them, with Loyalists mainly just getting deported. Meanwhile, Propaganda is distributed amongst the population with sayings such as "There is no way, like the CSA way". Meanwhile, we accept the US's request, hoping to improve relations between the two of us.
  • Spain: Spain lifts sanctions against Netherlands. A wide program of modernization of the fleet starts: new ironclads start to be built. Cosme García Sáez and Narciso Monturiol are hired to develop submarines for the Navy. Cuba and Puerto Rico see many factories built there.


  • Californian Empire: California continues to occupy Costa Rica, but offers Britain a non-aggression pact as well as the offer to return the Agents selling weapons to the Costa Ricans. The CE asks the USA, CSA, Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands for trade deals, while the USA is given a formal apology, and CE troops are ordered to only fire when fired upon. Mexicans and Costa Ricans are given equal rights with White Californians. With the threat to their security gone, the CE begins to expand into the Pacific, taking over unclaimed islands as well Midway Island and the Samoa Islands, both of which become CE Protectorates. Spain is asked if the CE can purchase the Philippines for 450 tons of gold bullion and 550 tons of silver bullion as well as trade deals and the allowance of open borders which allows Spanish vessels the right to dock in CE ports as well as move small numbers of troops through California so Spain can attack other enemies should Spain be at war.
  • Britain accepts the pact but declines the agreement. We advise California against southern expansion as the rest of Central America has become a British protectorate.
    • Spain asks the Californian Empire to (A) learn how to write Philippines, and (B) stop asking us to sell them the Philippines. The Archipelago of Philippines is an integral part of the Kingdom of Spain.
  • Russia: It declares war on Persia to gain control of Turkestan and control of the country. They continue to build their extensive railroad and road system across the country. Companies begin to harness the mighty power of the natural resources of Siberia. It builds up and modernizes its fleets in Europe and Asia.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The economy of Sweden continues to boom, and this causes a baby boom too.
  • CSA: With the aid of the US, Industry is starting to pop up even faster than before. Industry is built in Mexico to help stop separatists. Meanwhile, we accept trade requests with California.
  • German Empire: The building of roads, canals, and rail lines throughout the German Empire begins. The Kaiser is somewhat surprised that France is the only nation to agree to his proposal, the Europe First Pact, but shrugs it off, hoping to improve relations between the once-enemies of France and Germany. Wilhelm concurs with the building of the Grand European Rail Line, and its construction will be concurrent to the German National Railroad.
  • (Sorry, I was out the other day) Britain gladly accepts the offer to enter the Europe First Pact. Britain will help fund the European Rail line as well as a ferry service between France and Britain.
  • Romania: The slow industrialization of the nation continues, and is expected to be done by 1900.
  • Persia: Although shamed by this decision, Persia completely withdraws from Turkmenistan, leaving as few natives behind to fall to the Russians. Efforts are designed towards the Pashtuns to the east, who are starting to fall. Persia hopes that, by relinquishing Turkmenistan, the Russians will leave Persia and its interests alone.
  • Britain: Queen Victoria goes on a tour of India to show the people she cares about them and their work. Meanwhile, the economy continues to boom and all keeps going well. With the crisis in North America hopefully gone, the army is lowered from High Alert Level 5 to High Alert Level 1.
  • The Netherlands: Holland waits before responding to California's offer for trade because the last offer to help the nation was meet by retaliation from others. The War against the Aceh goes well with all coastal regions and population centers captured, now only forts high in the mountains remain to fight the Dutch. More plantations pop up in Dutch Guiana, mainly cotton and coffee bean. As a result of this, many textile factories are built in Holland to process all the cotton. Explorers land at the Eastern tip of Africa and a claim to the area is established. The Netherlands also attempts to place protectorates over Siam and central Vietnam. Using RNG: Siam- 1-5 no, 6-10 yes, Vietnam- 1-5 no, 6-10 yes. Drew a 9 and then a 1. One is established over Siam but Holland fails to place one over central Vietnam.
  • You can't just prance right in and take people's sovereignty away like that, people are going to rebel against you.
  • Um... no offense but protectorate has two meanings 1) to establish full control and make it a non-separate state. 2) to promise to protect it from other nations and it still remains as a separate state. The Netherlands established the second one.
    • Spain demands that the Netherlands immediately abandon their protectorate claim over Siam, as Spain has had interests in there for a few years already.
    • Dutch Diplomacy: States it has no interest in taking control over the region but it desires to keep the nation free and independent.
  • Spain: The Spanish Navy continues developing submarines. The first prototypes start to be built, as well as the first crude submarine weapons. Factories are also built in the Philippines, where work is being done so that the Philippines also becomes industrialized.
  • Brazil: Emperor Pedro II declares a gradual emancipation of all the slaves in the empire will begin shortly. He reassures the existing slave owners that this will be very slow and that he will make sure to minimally harm their economic fortunes. Meanwhile, Brazil claims the two unsettled parts of South America (which are green on the map) and


  • German Empire: Work on the infrastructure of across Germany continues, including the Great European Rail Line.
  • Romania: Industrialization continues, little else happens.
  • The Netherlands: Improvements of infrastructure continues as more railroads and factories are built. More ironclads are also constructed and plans to set up factories to build ironclads in Dutch Guiana and Dutch East Indies are made. The last Aceh resistance has crumbled and the soldiers now mainly patrol the island and end any partisan movements. Soldiers are also sent to Borneo on its Spanish Borneo border to make sure an attack on Dutch East Indies cannot be made.
  • CSA: More industry and infrastructure are built all across the nation. With US aid, Industrialization is slightly ahead.
  • Californian Empire: The Empire begins to establish colonies on unclaimed Pacific Islands. The Empire begins to experience a huge immigration boom and when another gold rush begins, thousands immigrate there in less than three weeks after the new reaches Europe, while even more immigrate from Asia and Latin America.
  • The Brazilians begin to move into the unclaimed parts of South America this year. Emperor Pedro consults with prominent slave owners to create an abolition plan which they will accept.
  • Spain: Spain continues to industrialize. The first military submarines make their appearance in the Spanish Navy. They are not very advanced, and have a short autonomy, but they are more than capable of fighting in the water. Torpedoes also start to be built for their use in submarines. Spanish troops and settlers continue their advance into Africa. Spain declares war on República Dominicana, with the aim of rising the Rojigualda again on the island. After several months of fight, the Spanish Army is triumphant and controls the whole nation. A provisional military regional government takes charge, while the Spanish government starts to work on the transition of Dominica from the military government to a regional government, similar to those in place in Cuba and Puerto Rico.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The economy of Sweden continues to boom, and Sweden becomes the world's largest manufacturer of matchsticks.
  • Denmark: The nation increases its military and starts producing weapons especially cannons. The king of Denmark is killed by his general over power. The general was sentenced to death by hanging. Prince Harold Naesvion takes power. Denmark asks for an alliance and trade agreement with Sweden and Germany
    • German Diplomacy: The Kaiser agrees to both the military alliance and the trade deal, and sends his sympathies for the late King Christian IX.
    • Swedish Diplomacy: Sweden agrees to both the military alliance and the trade deal, and send their sympathies for the late King Christian IX's death.
  • Russia: Russia agrees to Persia's surrenders and stops attacking. They send missionaries to Central Asia to gain more followers of Christianity.
  • Persia: Persian forces enter Khandahar and Kabul, effectively taking control of Afghanistan and Pashtunistan (if there is a difference, I'm not sure there is). Modern military practices are studied and being taught to the armed forces.


  • Russia: Russia continues to make converts in Central Asia. They complete the European section of the railroad/road system and continue making progress east. They manage to gain profit from the rich natural resources of Siberia, which despite harsh weather conditions, is a good place for settlement.
  • German Empire: The work on infrastructure continues as planned, and the Kaiser sends an emissary to the Tsar, asking him to abandon the all-but-defunct Triple Alliance, which implores Russia to be an ally of the known enemy of Europe-California-and instead join the Europe First Pact.
  • Romania: Industry continues growing, and already the life of the average citizen has improved, if only in the form of a slightly longer life.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The economy of Sweden continues to boom, and the quality of life and average lifespan of Swedish citizens increases too.
  • Spain: The Spanish government does away with the quintas conscription system, and instead establishes a mixed system of Universal Military Service (every male over 18 must do at least 12 months of training with the army) and a professional army. Cuban troops are used to take control of several West African native kingdoms, which become protectorates of the Kingdom of Spain. Railroads start being built in Guinea and the rest of Spanish Central Africa, in order to reach the important resources in the region
  • Californian Empire: The Empire invades Fiji and begins to conquer the islands. The Emperor begins the construction of a railway from the northern and southern ends of the Empire, and construction begins immediately.
  • Brazil begins gradual emancipation of slavery, planned to end in 1888. The Brazilians seize the two unclaimed parts of South America to the west of Brazil. Can Brazil have a color on the map?
  • The Netherlands: Factories the build ironclads are built in port cities in the Dutch East Indies. Meanwhile, infrastructure is improved and research is put into improving the current Dutch ironclad model.


  • Russia: They continue to make converts in Central Asia. They manages to complete the railroad/road system in the Caucasus and finish the main railroad to Siberia. They listen to Germany and also agree to join the Europe First Pact. They become wart of the situation in California and also declare it an enemy.
  • CSA: Infrastructure and Industry are built all across the nation. A large railroad system begins to be built, and it is expected to be done in ten years. Meanwhile, we ask for trade agreements with Brazil.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The economy of Sweden continues to boom, and a minimum wage for workers is introduced too.
  • Britain: Britain continues to watch North America carefully, especially the Central American protectorates. Britain funds the Great European Rail Line and funds a regular ferry between fellow Euro First Pact member France and our country.
  • Spain: The Spanish army continues expanding. Most of the Gulf of Guinea is now Spanish, and settlers start to move up the Congo River in order to claim it for the King of Spain. There is also funding coming for an Iberian branch of the Great European Rail Line. Settlers start to come to New Guinea, which is claimed in the name of the King of Spain. The Spanish government draws up plans to determine the path to be taken if the circumstances are such that the Princess of Asturias may gain the Crown of Portugal, since she is the second in the line of succession. Whoever is in charge of drawing the maps, will you finally give to Spain the territories Spain has gained since 1865? Morocco, the African coast between Morocco and Cape Blanco, the Gulf of Guinea, part of the Congo River's northern bank, Northern Borneo, Sulu Archipelago, New Guinea's northern coast and Santo Domingo, if you are wondering.
    • No. Spain was already falling behind the world and it was no longer as powerful as it used to be. Besides, during this time you're experiencing economic problems so you couldn't take all that territory. We'll give you something, but not that.
    • Funny, because, you know? I have not seen anything about these "economic problems" anywhere in here, so you can start to give me what I earned. I didn't see anyone complain about my conquering Morocco, the expansion along the Gulf of Guinea and taking N. Borneo, Sulu and part of New Guinea, so that is clearly a signal that I gained it.
  • California Empire: Fiji finally falls to California and the islands are annexed by California. California begins a massive military and industry build up.
  • The Empire of Brazil builds up its military and continues gradual emancipation of the slaves. They agree to trade with the CSA.
  • Persia: Persia completes its conquest of Afghanistan. More westernization reforms continue, slowly increasing the average living condition of the people as industrialization creeps into the country.
  • Denmark: Denmark improves infrastructure and military. The economy is also improving.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan begins the five-year industrialization plan, which will increase industrial output by 20%. Japan begins assault on Korean peninsula and has begun the siege on Seoul Korea. Civil unrest begins amidst pro-westerners and isolationists, causes riots in the capital of Kyoto.
    • Japan asks if California Empire is interested in a new alliance. (old alliance invalidated when the new government was set up)
    • California accepts the offer and begins to trade with Japan. California suggests that the Alliance be named the Pacific Alliance, while the CE asks if the two Emperors can meet in San Francisco to suggest other matters.
    • After increased political pressure in Kyoto, Emperor backs off of contact with the West, alliances are temporarily not allowed by the Diet until 1890.0.


  • Russia: Russia manages to turn a majority of Kazakhstan into Christianity. They ask Japan for an alliance and trade agreements and to partition China between themselves. They declare war on the Ottoman Empire, willing to gain the Holy Land, liberate the Balkans, and gain access to the Indian Ocean.
    • That's not happening in two years.
  • Britain: Britain condemns Russian actions against the Ottoman Empire. As a member of the Europe First Pact, we ask that Russia stand down. We call an emergency meeting of the Europe first pact members in London to discuss this situation.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It asks if Britain wants to join the partition.
    • British Diplomacy: To save face, we'll keep our stance but request a secret meeting with the Russians to discuss this.
  • German Empire: The German Empire is on strike until the various problems with the current map, as listed in the appropriate complaint department just under the map on this page, are fixed.
  • Empire of Japan: Japan undergoes a series of radical reforms called the Meiji Reforms, that outlaws the former isolationist government, riots occur all over Japan and the Emperor is assassinated, and a new one appointed by the Diet. industrialization continues now that the Meiji Reformations have finished.(NOTE: THE MEIJI REFORMS TOOK PACE IN OTL 1869. HOWEVER, THE NEW GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN FOUNDED AFTER THERE IS NO ISOLATIONIST POLICES. SO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO CORRECT ME.
    • Japan Diplomacy: Alliance with Russia accepted, We will agree to partition China amongst our two nations. We also accept trade between our two nations.
    • Japan Diplomacy: His Imperial Majesty requests an audience with Her Majesty of Britain's government, to issue mutually beneficial trade amongst our two auspicious nations. The meeting should will be held in the capital, Kyoto.
    • Japan Diplomacy: We also extend this offer to President Grant of the USA.
  • Spain: The Kingdom of Spain joins the German Empire in the strike. We have been complaining about the map being incomplete for ten turns already, it is time that it is fixed!
  • The Netherlands: More ironclads are built and more military installations are set up. Dutch Guinea farmers begin sending complaints to the Dutch Government about wanting to keep their slaves since the ten year wait for abolition is almost over. The government passes a law that extends the wait for another five years. When are we getting a new map? Holland gained all of Sumatra and Spain gained A LOT of land ...
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The economy of Sweden continues to boom, and Swedish cartographers create a scale map of Sweden with a mile equals an inch for the King.
  • OK, people! I redid the map. @Spain due to your economic problems during the time you couldn't have gained too much land but i gave a fair amount to you. Also the British controlled/claimed Borneo before you. @Germany: Sorry, I need someone else to change what you asked for. @Sweden: your colony is there but you're definitely going to have problems controlling it.
    • Incorrect: North Borneo was not British until 1882 in RL.
  • United States: USA goes on strike until the map is fixed, just like Germany.
  • Japan asks if the mapmaker in question can hurry up and fix the map. Otherwise, His Imperial Majesty may have to sit it out.


  • Russia: Russia begins making ironclads for their navy and begins to give soldiers proper, advanced training from military experts from Britain and France. It secretly asks the Balkan nations to join it in the war against the Ottomans for land and glory. They ask Britain if they want to join on its side.
  • Japan: The Empire begins massive militarization in line with future plans. The Pan-Nippon railway is began, and telephone lines extend all across Japan. Japan asks Britain for continued aid in modernizing the military by sending experts to Japan. Industrialization continues, though is still behind the West.
    • Japan Dip: Still waiting for a reply from Britain and the USA, as well as Russia.
    • California:: The alliance offer is accepted and California will send troops to help Russia and Japan split China in return for some land.
    • British Diplomacy: We refuse because you're allied to California. If you ally yourself to Britain (the most powerful nation on the planet). We will be better allies to you than California, a weak and pitiful nation that will never provide what Britain can. If you sever your alliance, we'll give you what you asked.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The colony in Angola is also stabilized as Sweden deals with local African rulers, so they retain most of their power but Sweden rules over them.
  • Netherlands: Eager to gain more land, the Netherlands plans declares war on the Ottomans and join Russia's side. The Dutch army secretly prepares to launch an attack from its Eastern Africa (OTL tip of Somalia) and invade their middle east territory. It also asks for an alliance with Russia.
  • CSA: More Industry and Infrastructure are built in the nation. Meanwhile, more people move to the cities.
  • Britain: Her Majesty Queen Victoria commissions a colony in Eastern Africa to compete with the Dutch there. Also, from South Africa the land is expanded into the North. The European Rail Line gains increased funding from Britain and the ferry service from the British Home Isles and France is completed, dubbed the Victoria Line.


  • Californian Empire: The Empire continues to build a massive military, industry, and infrastructure for the country. California asks Japan if there alliance can be reorganized into the Oceanic Powers.(can you please use spellcheck, all the incorrect spelling gives me a headache)
    • Japan will ask its ally Russia for a possible "Pacific Alliance" which will include the Empires of Japan, Russia, and California.
    • Russian Diplomacy: It agrees.
    • CE Diplomacy: The CE thanks both Russia and Japan. The Pacific Alliance is now official!
  • Japanese Empire: the Empire continues to build and advance its military. Emperor Keiro Tanaka has a strange dream about flying machines but shrugs it off as a dream. The navy is almost finished modernizing and has begun to amass for an attack against Korea. Japan calls on Russia and California to help in conquering Korea.
    • Japan is still awaiting reply form Her Majesty's government of Britain and the USA about the meeting in Kyoto. Japan is still asking for Britain or France's aid in modernizing the military.
    • Britain: We refuse because you are allied to California, stating that we would "Never help any nation in any way that has ties to the disgusting country of California.
  • CSA: More Industry and Infrastructure are built in the nation. Many people continue to leave their farms to go to the Cities. Meanwhile, we ask for trade agreements with Japan.
    • Japan accepts the trade agreement and immediately begins to trade with the CSA.
  • The Netherlands: Dutch explores slowly head down OTL Gulf of Somalia to expand the East Africa Colony which is now renamed Dutch East Africa. Netherlands waits to attack The Ottomans until Russia confirms their alliance. Meanwhile, Dutch-Siam relations continue to flourish as more Dutch trading posts are set up in the region.
  • German Empire: Work on the infrastructure continues, with the whole system to be done by January of 1875. The Kaiser also questions where Russian loyalties lie - with the obviously superior Europe and her obviously superior people, or some subhuman Japanese and the tedious Californians.
    • Japan states that Russia may do as they please and His Imperial Majesty will not rise to such weak taunts. A nation's strength is its wit and military, not its tongue.
    • California states that your words are nothing, and that the Russians will do as they please, not what the anyone else wants.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The colony in Angola delegates more power to local rulers, and they allow Swedish merchants to set up plantations in the colony.
  • Russia slowly expands its Djibouti colony to increase control of the Red Sea. They begin building a string of new ports across the Black Sea to increase trade in the region. Increase crop production is common in European Russia thanks to introduced methods and technologies.
    • ​He he, sorry, but guess who has already a colony in Equatorial Guinea? Hint: it's not Russia.
    • Excuse me sir, you realize that Russia is still backward and only freed serfs about ten years ago? You do not have the capability to colonize at this moment. Wait until 1889 (Russia had a very small colony in Djibouti).
  • Romania: The slow process of industrialization is moving along as scheduled, and Romania agrees to aid Russian troops conquer land in the Balkans from the Ottomans, provided they get their fair share, of course.
  • Spain: Spanish explorers continue to advance towards the south, attempting to lay claim to more of the African coast. Several hundreds of native soldiers are trained in the use of new weapons, so that they may soon attack more local kingdoms and turn them into vassals of the Kingdom of Spain. Santo Domingo is slowly integrated into the Spanish political system: it is expected that they will be ready to choose their first deputies to the Spanish Courts in two years.
  • Britain: The colonies in East and South Africa steadily expand, hoping to outdo the Dutch in the former mentioned. The Victoria Line is extremely popular and exceeds expectations, the government sees this as a chance to improve already good relations with the French. Queen Victoria invites the German Kaiser to London to discuss important issues on the talk page.
    • German Diplomacy: We just fixed the Fourth Wall! Besides, I believe international diplomacy is to be done on either this page or the talk page of the player to whom you wish to engage with in diplomatic relations. I am open to either.


  • CSA: More Industry and Infrastructure are built in the nation. Meanwhile, a small Abolition movement starts in some Southern Cities.
  • California: After ten years on the California throne, Emperor Johnathon Fremont dies, leaving the throne to his son, Alexander Fremont, who takes the title of Emperor Alexander I. With his rise to power, California asks the CSA and France if their alliances are still valid, as California has begun to stop its imperialist ways and has begun to work on infrastructure and improving the lives of its peoples. The CSA is asked to join the Pacific Alliance. Emperor Alexander also invites the Confederate President, Japan's Emperor and the Russian Tsar to meet with him in his Palace in Sacramento to discuss the current issues of the day and how to store between the four nations.
    • Japan accepts the invitation and would like to know when said meeting will be held.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We will join the Pacific Alliance, and the President will attend the meeting.
    • California Diplomacy: Emperor Alexander rejoices at the news and orders the extension of the National California Railway to connect with the Confederacy's and the dispatch of the his own train to pick up the CS President.
    • Valid my foot. France left you in the dark after you were going to invade the US and never returned.
  • Japan: Japan officially declares war on Korea and immediately begins to send troops to Seoul. Japan, with Russia and California's help will surely crush the upstarts and pave the way to a stronger Japanese Nation. Infrastructure is continually being built and the military is being upgraded at break-neck pace. Japan hopes to be equal to or superior in military effectiveness and strength by 1900. His Majesty extends an offer of alliance to the CSA.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We accept the alliance request.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. King Charles XV dies childless and is replaced by his brother Oscar takes the throne as Oscar II of Sweden.
  • German Empire: The Kaiser sends his sympathies for the death of a man he perceived to be a great king, who was innovative, forward-looking, and Germanic. Work on the infrastructure is nearing completion, and soon German and European connectedness is to be at an all-time high.
  • Romania: King Carol I of Romania also sends his sympathies for the death of the great Swedish monarch. Industrialization is advancing towards 100% by 1900, currently at 17%.
  • US: USA offers its condolences following the death of King Charles and a base is established at the coast of OTL Congo. United States cuts industrial aid to the CSA but offers an offer: Leave California: Imperialist or not, an ally of California is not an ally of the Union.
    • Japan is concerned by the animosity shown to California, and requests what exactly happened to cause everyone to hate them as Japan was isolationist up until now We payed little to world affairs. Japan is concerned that California may have done something horrible, if that be the case then Japan is not certain it will remain allied to them.
    • CSA Diplomacy: We demand that the US continue its Industrial Aid, or return the states that we sold in exchange.
    • US Dip: Why? It is either America or California. Your choice. However, limited industrial aid is re-introduced.
    • CSA Dip: Why? Because we had a deal. Because we gave up a few states for Industrial Aid. Because it shouldn't matter who we ally with, we just want to seek better relations with all.
    • California: California begins to send money from gold and silver profits to the Confederate States to help them industrialize, and states tot he Union that you need to grow up. Emperor Alexander I personally sells half of his families royal collection to help fund Confederate industrialization.
    • US Dip: Fine. Whatever.
  • Netherlands: The Dutch East Africa colony quickly expands as the government sells land for extremely cheap prices. More forts are built and soldiers are sent to protect the people. The colony expands rapidly. Infrastructure is improved as well.
  • Britain: Colonies in Africa continue expanding greatly especially in south and east Africa. Other parts of the empire are thriving. Relations between France and Germany are at an all-time high with the increased connectedness of continental Europe and the British Home Isles. Britain once again confirms its backing of the United States in any conflict.
  • Russia: It discovers oil in the Caucasus and Central Asia and begins developing this resource to expand the colony of this region. Because of this, settlers flock to the area to make profit. They continue to slowly expand Djibouti.
    • You didn't have it until 1889 and also did not have it very long because it was encroaching on British and French territorial rights.
    • Then why did you mention I had it then?
  • Spain: the King of Spain sends his condolences for the death of the King of Sweden, and hopes that the new king will continue his brother's legacy. Industrialization continues, in order to support a greater, more modern army, as well as help in the development of a better infrastructure. A second submarine, the Poseidón, is built and presented to the Navy, which asks for the development of at least five more units, as the Poseidón is a very good weapon.
    • You have on many occasions stated Spain is a Kingdom, and just now that it has a king. Yet, did not a liberal revolution take down Isabel and replace her with a provisional government? Or what? I'm not a mod, I'm just wondering.
    • Damn, I knew I forgot to do something! I should have mentioned that the Prov Government, in the end, chose to find a new King.
  • Persia: Persia sends a trade and exploration fleet down the African coast, and the fleet lands at Zanzibar. Persia claims the white strip of land along the East African coastline, and asks other nations to respect its claims. The army, now with new weapons and tactics, invade the few small nations above it.


  • Russia declares war on the remaining tiny Central Asian nations and completely conquers them. They begin to use the earned money to build up the economy and infrastructure in the country. They colonize the unclaimed Sakhalin region.
  • Persia owns those states since last turn.
  • They why are they still shown on the map?
  • Because the map maybe wasn't updated?
  • Spain: The Spanish armies continue advancing into the West African kingdoms, placing them under the control of the Spanish King and Government. Spanish industries develop a new, more powerful rifle, with longer reach and greater accuracy, that is immediately issued to as many soldiers as possible while more units are produced.
  • What do you mean continue? you never posted that before.
  • German Empire: The infrastructure is nearing completion, and soon the amount of trade of goods and persons throughout Europe will make inter-European war impossible.
  • Romania: The industrialization process continues at a moderate pace.
  • Japan: Japan lay seize to Seoul and has already conquered the surrounding areas thanks to little Korean resistance. Japan asks Russia if they'd care to participate in a war with China. Japan proposes to equally divide the region with Russia.
  • In this time period, Korea is part of China, so you are at war with China.
  • Do an algorithm first. It's a non-player nation, but it is considerable land and the Koreans would definitely put up a fight.
  • Netherlands: More and more settlers arrive and Africa and force the indigenous population into submission. More forts are built across the Dutch colonies. More ironclad factories are built and more and more ironclads are being produced.
  • Persia: Persia builds several forts along the border with Russia. Through a treaty, the sultanate of Zanzibar agrees to become a protectorate under the Persian Empire. Military westernization continues, and Persia asks if any nation would be willing to train and arm its forces better.
  • Britain: South and East African colonies are expanded, with the eastern one growing the most, due to increased settlement. Interconnectedness increases among the French and German allies. Britain offers to train and arm the Persian forces.
    • Persian Diplomacy: Persia accepts.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The Angola colony expands inland, and more exotic goods become available in Sweden, thanks to the Angola colony. Sweden no longer poor or weak, thanks to a huge effort to modernize Sweden's naval capabilities.
  • CSA: The nation continues to industrialize, and more people move to the cities. The Government decides that the country has to become self-sufficient, and starts to aggressively Industrialize. Many people are "moved" to the cities, and large amounts of lands are declared national parks, and cannot be farmed. This angers many Southern Farmers, but many Factory Owners welcome it, as they need more workers.
  • California: Infrastructure and industry are now up to full pace, and the economy is booming. Japan, Russia, and the CSA are all sent money to help their economies, especially the CSA, and the CSA knows that if it tries to take back its rightful land, the CE and Pacific Alliance will have its back. Japan are encouraged GREATLY to industrialize. Californian troops are sent to Japan to help in there conquest of Korea.
    • Japan has been industrializing for over a decade, read my past posts. Thanks to Cali for aid in the Korean issue.
    • What rightful land? Also, please spell stuff right. Also, Russia is more industrialized than you.
    • The CSA traded land for US help in industrializing, and since the USA cut its side of the deal, the CSA still should have that land.


  • German Empire: The German infrastructure is interconnected and will soon be finished, as will be all of Europe, thereby preventing war on the continent in theory.
  • Romania: Fewer and fewer farmers are needed to feed the nation, and as such more and more people are moving into the cities and becoming factory workers.
  • Britain: Her Majesty Queen Victoria rejoices at hearing that the interconnectedness is almost complete. Meanwhile colonies are expanded particularly in South Africa and East Africa. A new colony in West Africa is commissioned and the Papua New Guinea claim is put on hold until later this year.
  • Japan prepares a massive flotilla invasion in conjunction with Russian forces to invade and conquer the Korean peninsula and then push further inland. Industrialization continues and the military updates. Sokoya Industries is formed, which works mainly in manufacturing, Sokoya expands into Edo, Hokkaido and Nagasaki. (Can somebody do my war algorithm, please?)
  • Russia: It agrees to join Japan in the invasion Korea as long as it is divided amongst themselves. They put their newly modern Pacific fleet to the test in the war, hoping to show the new-found strength of the country.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. Sweden offers the German Empire an alliance too.
    • German Diplomacy: Alliance accepted.
  • California: California's Emperor begins passing political reforms such as Freedom of Speech, Religion, to Petition, and Freedom of the Press,, he announces his plan to form a Constitutional Monarchy by next year. The Army and Navy continue to be modernized. California continues to settle its Pacific Island colonies.
  • Spain: The Spanish government sends a message to the Governor-General of the Philippines, and orders him to send troops to occupy a fragment of the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, in order to lay a claim there before other nations can take everything there. The conquest of the West African native kingdoms continues: the kingdom nearest to the coast has been taken over already, and envoys are sent to the nearest native kingdoms, giving them two options: accept status as a Spanish protectorate or die in wars where they are sure to lose. Becoming a protectorate will mean great benefit for them.
  • Britain already claims that eastern part of the island, doing that will surely make them go to war with you.
    • ​German Diplomacy: Because both nations have laid claim to the island in roughly the same time, the only logical thing to do would be to hand over the island to a neutral authority, such as Germany, so as to allow the Spain-Britain diplomacy to work unimpeded. Kaiser Wilhelm I humbly accepts the burden.
    • Check the 1870.5 events, and then tell me again who claimed New Guinea first.


  • German Empire: The German and European infrastructure is virtually done, and all that remain are a few less traveled roads and lots of paperwork.
  • Romania: The nation's industries grow, the economy shifts more rapidly from agriculture to industry.
  • CSA: The nation continues to industrialize, and many people are moved to the cities. Meanwhile, a railroad across the nation begins to be built, and it is estimated to be done in seven years.
  • Britain: All colonies are expanded while Papua New Guinea continues to be settled, the eastern half is British 'we claimed it much earlier than the Spanish.In an effort to curb Swedish power in Africa, the South African colony has expanded just enough to surround Swedish Angola. The Victoria Line is expanded due to such high demand for free movement between France and Britain. Queen Victoria goes on a tour of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Russia tells Japan that Korea will be divided by the 38th Parallel: Russia gets the top, Japan gets the bottom. Industry replaces agriculture for the first time as the main powerhouse for the economy. It still produces lots of food thanks to new agricultural techniques.
  • You do know you and Japan were defeated in Korea, right? Also, that industry part is a no-go come on you were still feudal 12 years ago that's not gonna happen for a while.
  • California: California's Emperor continues passing political reforms such as those in the United States Bill Of Rights, he also continues to announce his plan to form a Constitutional Monarchy by next year. The Army and Navy continue to be modernized. California continues to settle its Pacific Island colonies.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base.


The Central American nations throw out there British protectorate status and re-assert themselves as independent nations. Nicaragua splits into two nations almost immediately due to Civil War. El Salvador and Guatemala, however. begin talks of unifying with the Yucatan to form the Confederation of Central America (CCA), The new nations take a strong anti-European stance and begin to look for Allies in South America, not wanting to trust the CSA, CE, or the USA.

Not happening. Those nations reached out to Britain because California was going to encroach on their land. Since that threat is seemingly over, I had a plan I was going to unveil this turn anyway so just let me do that.

No. They're fine how I put it.

  • California: True to his word, the Californian Parliament is created, turning California into a Constitutional Monarchy. The Emperor appoints the first Prime Minister, Daniel Shclatemy, and he begins to work direclty with the Emperor to make the nation a Democracy. The Army and Navy continue to be expanded and modernized, and thanks to Industrialization and infrastructure being done, Gold, silver, and mineral shipments begin to be sold to its Allies. The Prime Minister asks the Confederate President to meet them in Houston to discuss current issues.
  • Spain: Spanish inventor Narciso Monturiol develops a new type of submarine that can fight better below the seas. The government invests in these new weapons, and creates new subjects in the Sea Academy for this new kind of warfare. Spanish explorers continue to expand within Africa, trying to place as many tribes within the borders of the Kingdom of Spain as possible. Several more tribal kingdoms in West Africa fall to the Spanish armies.
  • Russia: Continues industrial development and encourages people to take in more Western cultural traditions. They continue to invade Korea from the sea with Japanese help.
  • German Empire: The nation's infrastructure is complete, and all the Great Powers of Europe are well-connected, from Spain to Russia to Britain, Europe's togetherness is greater than the time of the Roman Empire. Those that were working on the infrastructure are either recruited into the military, or are sent to establish a small German colony on the West coast of Central Africa, directly in between Spain's and Portugal's colonies.
  • Romania: Industrialization continues.
  • Britain: The Empire's colonies are expanded, especially in Africa and Papua New Guinea. (this was my plan all along) Protectorate status on the Central American nations is lifted but before that happens, Britain organizes them into one single pro-Britain nation to be called the United Republics of Central America or URCA. (I'm going to make them a playable nation). Britain will arm and train URCA's navy and army.
  • SOLUTION! I'm going to have someone unbiased do this because Dean never listens to reason.
  • Sweden: The nation amps up its military and continues to expand Sweden's industrial base. The Angola colony expands a bit too.
  • You can't expand that colony anymore, Britain's colony surrounds it.
  • Netherlands: Explores a soldiers land at OTL Eritrea and set up a claim there and build a fort. Meanwhile, infrastructure is also improved.
  • Persia: Persia begins to modernize and improve their army with British training. The navy is also expanded, so to have better connect to Zanzibar.


  • German Empire: Kaiser Wilhelm I dies of Malaria following a visit to the German Colony, and the nation begins mourning his loss. Crown Prince Fredrick III is coronated as German Emperor, and begins rebuilding the military, on the advice of Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck. In addition, Fredrick III issues a formal apology for his father's racism, and wishes to open up diplomacy with Japan.
  • Romania: In order to change things up, Romanian industrialization continues without any major deviations from the norm.
  • Spain: Spanish troops continue their invasion of the African kingdoms, while repeating their offer of turning them into protectorates in exchange of helping them to modernize. (Can someone do the RNG to determine whether they accept my previous offer?) Spanish King Leopoldo I offers his condolences to German Emperor Fredrick III for the death of his father, and hopes that the Spanish-German alliance and commercial treaty stand as strong as ever.
  • No RNG needed. Game is dead. 17:21, April 30, 2014 (UTC)

I hereby declare this game dead. Time of death: 6/14/12 @ 4:00pm.

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