François V of France was born in 1640 as the son of François IV and his wife. In 1681, his father died after more than 75 years of reigning, and he became new king.

He immediately tried to become Roman king like his father. 1682, the (several times postponed) election took place. (Several candidates, like crown prince Humphrey of England and king Humphrey I himself, had died at an inconvenient time, and the anti-French groups had to look for new candidates, since queen Kristina I of Sweden wasn't electable.) Finally, after a turbulent election, king Francisco II of Sicily was elected emperor Franz IV by Brandenburg, Prussia, Saxony, Jülich-Berg, the Netherlands, and the Palatinate (until then controlled by France), while François V ("the other Franz", as the Germans called him) was elected by Poland, Württemberg-Austria, Nassau, Braunschweig and Luxembourg. François V didn't want to accept the result of the election, which was admittedly quite unclear (are the votes of French-occupied Luxembourg and collegially governed Brandenburg valid?).

As a result, the anti-French War broke out. The king himself wouldn't witness the end of it any more, although at the time of his death (1692) the French defeat was foreseeable.

Predecessor: François V Berry (Chaos) Successor:
François IV François V

King of France

François VI
Franz I Franz II

Duke of Luxemburg

Franz III
Frans I Frans II

Count of Flanders

Frans III

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