Alternative History

France was one of the oldest nations in Europe prior to Doomsday.


France's long history was thought cut short by survivor states in the Southern Hemisphere prior to 2009. They were pleased to find out that the effects of Doomsday had not utterly destroyed the polities of Europe after contact was restored.



National Anthem of the French Republic (La Marseillaise)

Although France withdrew from overt military participation in NATO prior to Doomsday, the Soviet leadership were aware of France's intent to dove-tail into NATO troop activities, should East-West contentions broil over into open war.

Because of that France was pounded as equally as if they had participated in NATO. France itself launched its 250 missiles against military targets in the Soviet Union and its European allies.


Nuclear strikes were reported in the following French cities

  • Brest
  • Bordeaux
  • Lagarde-d'Apt
  • Landivisiau
  • Le Havre
  • Lyon
  • Marseille
  • Metz
  • Mont-de-Marsan
  • Montpelier
  • Paris (multiple strikes)
  • Strasbourg
  • Toulon
  • Toulouse


France's "DOM-TOM" territories were unaffected by the nuclear exchanges, and began to knit together shortly following the winter of 1983. Initially regional coalitions formed between the governments of the territories and the surviving military, including France's naval vessels settled into the Pacific islands.

As the regional coalitions grew and reconnected, a movement began to restore the French government, as the Sixth Republic, calling itself the R.T.A. - République des Terres Française Australes.

Resumed Contact

Tentative map of successor states in France from the WCRB envoy.

In March of 2009 a League of Nations envoy arrived in Monaco and learned of possible successor states to the Fifth Republic in metropolitain France. At present the following legitimized governments have been catalogued by League officials:

Word was dispatched to the RTA regarding this discovery, with the government sending diplomats and other representatives. In light of these recent events, the RTA and "Francophone Europe" hope to rebuild ties and solidarity with one another; already RTA influence is beginning to spread in metropolitain France. Possibilities of Gallic Unification are not yet out of the question. It is currently the unofficial leader of the "Francophone Community" outside of Africa.

Further Developments, 2010

Successor States of France. Un-named territories are disputed lands.

With the arrival of the WCRB envoy, the French successor states began an era of rapprochement. A congress was announced, and in late April, 2010, the first trans-border trains began running from Auvergne to Poitou-Charentes, carrying both passengers and uranium ore to restore the dwindling feed-stocks of the Poitevine nuclear reactors.

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