Kingdom of the French
Royaume des Français
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Flag of France
Flag of France
(and largest city)
  others other languages
Government Fascist one-party totalitarian dictatorship under a constitutional monarchy
  legislature Senate
King Philippe VII
President Antoine Schwerer
Population 36,780,890 
Currency French Franc

The Kingdom of The French (French:Royaume des Français) is a country whose territory consists of metropolitan France in western Europe and several overseas colonies and protectorates.It is bordered by the German Empire and Belgium to the northeast, Switzerland and Italy to the east and Andorra and Spain to the South.The capital of the Kingdom is Paris which is the countrys cultural and political as well as economical center.


Defeat in The Great war

Post-Great war

Following the end of hostilies between France and the Central powers in 1918,France and the rest of the former Entente were forced to sign the humiliating treaty of Strasbourg.In the first four years after the Great war,The situation in France and its colonies remained dire with mass umemployment and hyperinflation being some of the worst problems France faced,These problems and the failure of the goverment to ease these problems were two of the most Significant causes of the 1926 cou,de tat.

The situation in France did not see any sign of imrpovements untill 1927,when the newly formed one party goverment quikly begin to get the hyperinflation under control by raising interest rates and cutting goverment spending by scrapping parts of the navy which was outdated. The way they solved the mass unemployment problem was by financing large scale projects which would in turn bring people to work on them. By 1929,Frances economy began showing signs of growth for the first time since after the great war.


The french army is compposed of three branches:

  • Armée royale française is the the army of France and the best equipped one of the branches.
  • Marine royale française is the naval force of France and is currently seeing a large re-armament program being done.
  • L'Aviation royale française is the air force of France and is currently being established.


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