Alternative History
French Republic
République Française
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: France
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of France
Location of France

Liberté, égalité, fraternité
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

Anthem "La Marseillaise"
(and largest city)
Other cities Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Caen, Orléans, Reims
  others Arab, Berber, German, Breton, Occitan, Alsatian, Catalan and others
  others Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheism and others
Ethnic Groups
  others Arab, German, Belgique, Italians and other
Demonym French
Government Semi presidential unitary republic
  legislature French Parliament
President François Hollande
Prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve
Area 643.801 (All French Republic) km²

551.695 (Metropolitan France) km²

Population 66,917,694 
Established 1792
Currency French Franc
Organizations ILON, EU and NATO

The French Republic, commonly known as France, is a state located in Western Europe, with no cities in the nation were hit except for Metz. But the government in the first time declare martial law for mantain order after the accidental strikes on Metz and along with the stream of refuges flowing from Belgium and West Germany to the east. The nation it have become a regional power militarily and economically in the years after the Great Nuclear War. 


Territory of the French Republic, both Metropolitan and Overseas.

During the Nuclear War France was very lucky thanks to the foreign policies of De Gaulle, France was mostly spared of the catastrophe of the Great Nuclear War, but was hit because of one malfunction of Soviet missiles which hit the cities of Metz. Along with this the surrounding countryside was irradiated by radiation from the blast and after this the country was in a state of panic as refuges from east borders and the President declared martial law over all France, because as the result of EMP attacks on West Germany the east parts of the country's electrical and communications grid was destroyed and thus communication between the Eastern and Paris was lost for a very shot period, after some days communication was re-established.  

Soon the entirety of France martial law was take off and the people started of fear for the war and the fear of missile, many generals and the minister of the defence himself have suggested at de Gaulle of use all his nuclear arsenal on the Warsaw Pact, but he replay about this in a common session of the Parliament and he say "Why the Russians would hit us with a single missile over a city that isn't even our capital ? People don't send one missile, if the would be attack us.", so after this the project Force de dissuasion nucléaire française was arrested for the too high coast and for the use of the money designated at the restore of the economy and the creation of an off-limit zone around Metz, who was declare national monument at the only French city that was destroyed by the most stupid war of the mankind.

Some months after the war, in the spring of the 1963 de Gaulle decided to send units of the Army and of the Navy in the hit countries of Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea for see who what nations survive, after a total of circumnavigate of all the Mediterranean and various expeditions through Belgium and Germany, from this they have understand that the most affected countries in Europe was Belgium and Germany, despite this, the government of Bonn survive and retreat in Hamburg, but Belgium was crushed between the civil war war, at the end the two part decide to signed a treaty for end the war and Belgium was split in two parts, one a monarchy under Baudouin of the Belgium and the other a republic under the leadership of the ex-president of the Wallonia Region. 

French soldiers armed with MAS-36 in Wallonia.

In the presidential elections of the 1965 de Gaulle win at the first turn with a majority of 90% again the socialist rival François Mitterrand.

For the expedition in the Mediterranean sea they have discover most of the Isles and states who overlook over the Mediterranean was relative safe, with in the most time only the capital nuked, like Italy or Greece, the most hit countries in the Mediterranean was Turkey, the only country at have at least 5-10 cities destroyed in his territory. 

After this expedition the French Republic restore relations with old countries and started relations with new one, like Sicily, which is a nation created in 1963 or like Spain, who wasn't touched and his government remained, even managing to reclaim Gibraltar after almost 200 years under British rule. 

President de Gaulle increase relations and trade with surrounding nations, helping and relocated the German refugees in Alsace-Lorraine, did the same with the Belgium refugees, relocated there in Bretagne and in other regions. 

The economy of France between the 1963 and the 1970 started slowly to grown and to recover from the nuclear war, with the relations of European relations and with the African states of the Horn of Africa it was discovered what happened to the African continent, shaken by the global war but did not suffer a nuclear strike, new nations sorted and face instability with the exception of Ethiopia, French Somaliland and few others, the colony lost contact with France from the 1962, in the 1965 with the Ethiopian intimidation and diplomacy the French Somalia become independent with the approval of the general governor, until the contact with France or a successor state of France was reached, the defense would be under control of the Etange Legion and of the Gendarmerie, France at this point accept the independence of Djibouti as a sovereign republic.

Also in that period knowing as Connaissance du le nouveau monde (Knowing of the new world) contact with the DOM of Mayotte, Réunion and the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, but also with the DOM of the Comoros, who have expelled all the French Military and Europeans for create an Islamic republic, the Comoros was composed by all the isles of the archipelago except for the Mayotte, who refuse to be part of the Comoros, with the help of South-Africa and of Réunion they remain independent, when the French arrive in the zone the two territory swear their loyalty to the Republic and become an Overseas Department (DOM), the FSAL at that time was only populated by military and scientific personnel, who fled in Mayotte after the start of the 1963.

After have restored relations with South-Africa and thankfully for the help the visit the rest of the African countries who are on the Atlantic coast, most of this countries was ex-French colony was happy to see France in good state, all the nations says it would restore relations with Paris and they hope they will do the same. 

After have return in France the member of the voyage was welcomed as heroes, with a speech of the president De Gaulle and of the prime minister, but also the rewarded with the Legion d'Honore, a french military medal, with the recontact and annexation of Mayotte, TAAF and Réunion France, they was able of contact French Polynesia and New Caledonia, but this in the 80s when the two colonies was known as the French Pacific Republic at the time of the discover. 

President De Gaulle in the 1969 declared his intention of retire from the post of president and passing what can rest of his oldness in the city of Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, de Gaulle would die in this city the 9th November of the 1970, at his death the new president; Georges Pompidou it have say "La France est veuve", at the funeral hold in Colombey it have participated many head of states and many French.

A skyline of the city of Paris in night, Paris is now the most great city in Europe with over 2 millions of habitants and a multi-cultural cities.

The new president Georges Pompidou continue with the works of the de Gaulle in the search of what happened at the DOM and COM of the France, the first expedition for the America was dated for the November of the 1971, who will go in the Caribbean and in Saint-Pierre e Miquelon, the expedition part from the port of Bordeaux with the Jeanne d'Arc, a cruiser of the French Navy, after have cross the Atlantic the cruiser arrive in St. Pierre e Miquelon, the isle was under Newfoundland and Labrador, when the French cruiser landed on the dock the Newfoundlandese authorities agree for give at France back his colony, so the 1st September of the 1971 St. Pierre e Miquelon become a COM. 

During the navigation for go in the Antilles the French discover what happened in the East coast of the USA, which stuffed more then Europe and with few stable states, mostly located in New England, one of the first sign of civilization arrive from Maine, who with its isolation survived very well and annex some other US states, other stable and civilized states was Yale, New Yonkers, Virginia and few others, it also discover how the East Coast was on  back on 19th century for technology and social side, at the time of the civil war. And how criminals and racists groups like the KKK sorted in the coast of the Georgia, in particular in the city of Savannah, where the Jeanne have bombarded them after the torture and the killing of 5 French sailors in exploration. 

After have passing Florida the Jeanne arrive in the port of Veracruz, it was discover what happened on western USA, at Central America and at the Antilles, the captain and the officials have receive the President of Mexico at Mexico City, after the crusader arrive at Guadalupe, at the time under the French Community, with the arrive of the French the community was disabled on the 1st December of the 1971, with the return of the administrative structure of the pre-war. 

With the return of the Jeanne in France it was saying at the president what happened at northern America, at Central America and at the Antilles, but the president have asked why they don't have overpass the Panama Channel, and they have respond that it was under Colombian control and any military ship is allowed to overpass the channel, even with this event the French Republic have retake control on his 2/3 DOM and COM, by now only New Caledonia and Polynesia aren't visited, so the president set up an other new date for see what happened at New Caledonia and French Polynesia, on the 7th July of the 1977 the Jeanne will reach the Rèunion and from there arrive at New Caledonia and Polynesia.

In the '70s the French Republic become the most developed, the most powerful and the country with the most great GDP and HDI index of Europe, behind United Kingdom, Spain, West Germany, Italian Republic, Sicilian Republic, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Finland.

France it have also started the project "A new united Europe", this project is about the creation of an international European organization based on democracy, liberty, free rights, and on European values, traditions and identity.

Proposed flag for the European Union or EU.

For now the only country who are interested in the creation of an EU are the Western European countries, except for Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Turkey, East Germany and Sweden, the France it have also created and proposed how the European Union should be, like the old EEC or European Economic Community, with a president of the EU, and elected parliament and a council of the Prime ministers of the European countries, with the creation of a free-market zone where goods, service and people can walk free with out restrictions, the creation of a common defense force who can be used in time of war, standardization of the armament, ammunition and equipment between the various armed forces of the EU. 

During the years '80s France have decide to make an expedition over his possediments in the Pacific, so again the Jeanne arrive in the port of Réunion for make his voyage over the New Caledonia and French Polynesia, the travel took a month for be completed, due to the number of country visited, also the French Government have appointed at the Jeanne of visit every country who is around the route or near of it. 

In the voyage for arrive in New Caledonia and in Polynesia the Jeanne have do several encounter with ship of various Asian nationalities, one of the first ship to have cross the road of the Jeanne was a shipping cargo batting Indian Flag, the cargo ship was going in Australia for trade with there, from the captain of the cargo it was clear that India survive, but during the decade after the war some states in India riot again the government, the army was able of break all the rebellion, except for two; Punjab and Tamil Nadu, the rebellion in Punjab erupted after the Operation Blue star, when the Indian Army under order of Indira Gandhi arrest the independentist Jarnail Bhindranwale and the profanation of the Gold temple, considered a holy place by the Sikh, during the same rebellion also the state of Tamil Nadu revolt again the state, so with two rebellions the Indian Republic started talks with the leaders of the rebellions, the Sikh have receive also the state of Himachal Pradesh and Tamil receive the city of Pondicherry and Karaikal, after this also President Gandhi was killed by his two bodyguards. 

After having saluted the captain of the cargo and returned on his road the Jeanne encounter another ship, this time batting a flag similar to that of Iran, but it wasn't a commercial ship but a military ship in a combined training with the Pakistani Navy, the Iranian captain says that it was surprised to see France survive, also his colleague was surprised of see again a French flag, the two captains have says what happened at their countries after the war, in Iran a revolution again the Shià happened and succeeded that, led by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the revolt and father of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, from the revolution many things have change in Iran, in bad and in good, but for now Iran hath an economical grown. The Soviet Union survive in Siberia and his capital was relocated in Novosibirsk, and the USSR by now control Asiatic Russia, Mongolia and the republic of the Central Asia, the Afghanistan become a communist republic after a revolution lead by the Afghan Army again the King, in Pakistan some riots happened, but they were quite surprised, in the 84 the Pakistani Army, exploiting the situation in India attack and invade successfully the Kashmir, an important and claimed region between India, China and Pakistan, it was knowing that China fall and is divided in various states and city-states. 

When the French ship passed Australia and arrive in the New Caledonia they was welcomed by the French authority, but many inhabitants of the New Caledonia refuse to before again a part of France, so it was established a referendum for see if the wanna really become independent or not, and after the referendum this ended with a result of the 90% for remain a part of France, also with the possediment in New Caledonia relations with Australia and New Zealand.