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People's Republic of France
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Kingdom of France
843 - Present
360px-Flag of communist france cv.png
prolétaires de tous les pays, unissez-vous!
France map PM1470b.png
Official languages French
Regional Languages Occitan, Breton,

Basque, Alsatian, Walloon, Francique,

Demonym French
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Monarchy
 -  King

France: Is a nation in Western Europe. It is currently the most populous nation in Western Europe with roughly 20 million citizens (as of 1470) dominating most of the area of Roman Gaul and the island of Sardinia. Its capital is the city of Paris. Its last government change was in 1340 (Dynastic change).

Recent history

France recent history is relatively more stable than OTL, with the cessation of all major combats with England, the fact that the duke of Burgundy took over the throne as regent for France (ensuing the vassalage and later political union with France) the beginning of the recovery of the French territory with multiple vassals being taken over and a period of peace of roughly 30 years (1400 - 1435) with the Hundred Years War ending in 1400 and officially in 1407.

France then launches an invasion of Tunis which proves to be a complete failure with an utter defeat in Tunis forcing the army to return. after that a second period of peace begins leading to attempts to vassalize Strasburg and Metz, equally failing and at 1460 an attempt to vassalize Switzerland which equally fails.

France continued to grow in power as a major force in western Europe over much of the modern era. France established colonies far and wide, spreading its power across many continents. However, court intrigue and internal gridlock eventually slowed down mighty France to a crawl.

French political strife reached its head in 1884, when parliament effectively went behind the king's back in order to stifle political unrest. Enraged, the French people rose up in revolution and ousted the monarchy, establishing the first Communist state in western Europe. Civil war soon broke out in France and French possessions overseas were soon seized by opportunistic nations.

Led by the charismatic Jacques Deschalms, the French Communists were soon able to stamp out all opposition at home and solidify the new People's Republic of France. Deschalms soon adopted an expansionist agenda, hoping to spread Communism throughout the world. Under the pretext of terrorism in response to the 1890 Paris bombing, French forces invaded Brittany.

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