Alternative History

Empire napoléonien de la Révolution française
French Revolutionary Napoleonic Empire
Timeline : Regnum Argenta
Flag of France.svg
Government Constitutional monarchy
Francia (RRP).png
African french territory (REA).png
Capital :


Longest city Orléans
Population ???
Extension ???
Oficial Lenguages French, spanish, portuguese, romansh and arabic
Demonym French
Emperor of the French: Napoléon VIII Jean-Christophe
Gran Consul: Pedro Passos Coelho
Legislature Estates-General (High House)
Economy Capitalism


Technology Level High
Human Rights High level

Mostly catholic or islam. Protestant minorities.

The French Revolutionary Napoleonic Empire is a sovereign government in Europe, precisely a constitutional monarchy. This country borders Germany, Italy and Holland to the east; the British Sea to the north, and the United States of Africa to the south.


The French Empire was recognized by the Coalition's members after the sign of the Treaty of the Ardennes. The French territory consisted of France, Spain, Portugal, the French-speaking parts Belgium, Corsica and Sardinia. Also, the states of the Confederation of the Rhine, Holland, Naples, and Westphalia were its vassals. Napoléon's last military action was the occupation of Switzerland, in 1829. Two years later, he died.

His succesor was Napoléon II Francis, a peaceable and weak monarch who allowed the unification of Italy. This revolutionary movement destroyed the Kingdom of Naples, and took away from the French Empire much territory in that peninsula.

He also allowed great losses in the imperial influence in Europe; like the formation of the Commonwealth of Nations or the dissolution of the Confederation of the Rhine (transformed in the German Empire).

At 1837 the Dutch prince Louis Charles Bonaparte-Beahuarnais became the Napoléon II's main minister.

After the death of the Emperor in 1842, Louis Charles took up the throne and began a new era for the Empire.