Alternative History
L'Empire Français
The French Empire
Official Language French
Capital Paris
Emperor Napoléon VI
Prime Minister
Currency Franc

France has been in the past a major player in world affairs. France and Britain have long been in conflict. France at one time possessed a sizable colonial empire, including what is today Canada, Minnesota, Arkansas, Misuri, the NAC's provinces of Acadia and Nova Scotia, several Caribbean islands, parts of India, and some of southeast Asia, as well as later colonies in Africa.

List of Rulers From the Revolution

The First Republic

  • National Convention
  • The Directory
  • The Consulate

Bonaparte (First Empire)

  • 1804-1814, 1815 Napoléon I
  • 1815 Napoléon II

Bourbon Restoration


  • 1830-1848 Louis-Phillip

Second Republic

  • 1848-1852 President Louis Napoleon Bonaparte

Bonaparte Restoration (Second Empire)

  • 1852-1873 Napoléon III
  • 1873-1925 Napoléon IV (de facto 1873-1924)

Second Bonaparte Restoration (Third Empire)

  • 1925-1948 Napoléon V (de facto 1946-1948; d. 1951)

Third Republic

Third Bonaparte Restoration (Fourth Empire)

  • 19??-1971 Napoléon V
  • 1971- Napoléon VI