République française
French Republic
Flag France (VegWorld).png
Official languages French
Other languages official in designated regions
Capital Paris
Largest City Paris
Population 34,600,000
President Mohammad Rassuli
HDI 0.957
Establishment 843 (Treaty of Verdun)
Currency Franc (FRC)
Our Timeline Equivalent France, minus the southwestern areas (taken up by Occitanians and Basques)

France is the most populous nation in Europe. It is a democratic nation abutting Catatania, Belgium, Luxembourg, Duchland, Switzerland, Rhone, Monaco, and Liguria. France has long been a populous nation, and, taking the lead from Tuscany, became the foremost nation in the world in which to learn the arts, including architecture.


Note: The French government does not take dietary, ethnic, or religious counts during the census. However, various other organizations have estimates that usually agree for the most part, and these are listed below. Also, all of these statistics are for "Metropolitan France", that is, not including its non-European regions.


73% Vegetarian
45% Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian
18% Vegan Vegetarian
09% Lacto Vegetarian
01% Ovo Vegetarian
27% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

96% European
84% French (including long-term minorities)
03% Occitanian
02% German
02% Belgian (mostly Walloon)
05% other Europeans (including Roma)
04% non-European
01% Cambodian
01% Vietnamese
02% others (including Berbers, Ethiopians, etc)


France has not been very consistent over time when it has come to religion. Originally very Catholic, Catharism from Occitania flooded in during the 14th and 15th centuries, though not eclipsing Catholicism. More recently, Freethought (that is, atheism and agnosticism) has become the majority. However, although many churches do not have full crowds of worshippers, they are still kept up very well and many attract tourists from all over the world.

68% Nonreligious
51% atheist
17% agnostic
20% Christian
18% Catholic
02% other Christian
08% Cathar
02% Jewish
02% other


87% Oil languages
78% French
09% other Oil languages
05% Breton
03% Germanic languages
01% Arpitan
01% Oc languages
02% other European languages
01% non-European languages

Note: Nearly 100% of the people living in France can at least understand French.

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