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Kingdom of France
Royaume de France
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Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
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Monarch Louis XIX
Prime Minister Segolene Royal
Area area km²
Population population 
Established establishment date
Currency Livre

The Kingdom of France is a country in Western Europe, and is the founding seat of the French Colonial Empire Having origins that trace from the end of the Classical Roman Empire of antiquity France is the oldest country of Europe on the Atlantic. Divided for centuries by feudal lords the rise of central authority in the 16th century turned the Kingdom of France towards oversees ventures. France's imperial ambitions brought mixed results but colonization of West Africa accelerated the country transition from agricultural to industrial in the 19th century. While hosting a famous reputation as an absolute monarchy, France has had a constitutional monarchy for two centuries. France officially supports Catholicism as a state religion competing with Spain to be the world's greatest benefactor to the global Catholic Church. Today France's economy is fueled by produce agriculture and medical technology. Contemporary issues are environmental sustainability and the cultural identification of the broader French Empire in relation to the Kingdom of France .The French Colonial Empire is part of the Great Eight on the Global Security Conference


French Insurrection

Partly inspired by the (albeit abortive) American Revolution, partly by the bad harvests, French partisans rise up in revolt all over the country. However, they are poorly managed, and the French Royal Army manages to quash the revolt within a matter or weeks.

The leaders were executed in Paris later that year.

Netherlands War

See main article: Netherlands War

Constitutional Monarchy

Following the somewhat disastrous French involvement in the Netherlands War, a second, stronger revolt forces the French king, Louis XVI, to agree to a British-style constitutional government. Louis later retires to the Palace of Versailles, hardly ever leaving its grounds.

Politics and Government

Following the French Insurrection and the Netherlands War, France has been a constitutional monarchy.

Political Parties

Major Parties

  • Parti Démocratique (Democratic Party) - centre-right
  • Parti Monarchiste (Monarchist Party) - right wing
  • Parti Rationalisme (Rationalist Party) - centre-left - based on the principles of Social-Rationalism

Influential Minor Parties

  • Parti National Français (French National Party) - far-right
  • Union Social et Démocratique (Social and Democratic Union) - centre-left
  • Union Verte (Green Union) - Ecotopic centre-left


France is divided into 35 provinces:

Province Capital
Alsace Strasbourg
Angoumois Angoulême
Anjou Angers
Artois Arras
Aunis La Rochelle
Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand
Béarn Pau
Berry Bourges
Bourbonnais Moulins
Burgundy Dijon
Brittany Rennes
Champagne Troyes
Comtat Venaissin Avignon
Corsica Ajaccio
Dauphiné Grenoble
Flanders and Hainaut Lille
Foix Foix
Franche-Comté Besançon
Guyenne and Gascony Bordeaux
Île-de-France Paris
Languedoc Toulouse
Limousin Limoges
Lorraine Nancy
Lyonnais Lyon
Maine Le Mans
Marche Guéret
Nivernais Nevers
Normandy Rouen
Orléanais Orléans
Picardy Amiens
Poitou Poitiers
Provence Aix-en-Provence
Roussillon Perpignan
Saintonge Saintes
Touraine Tours
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