Alternative History
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Francis I
Emperor of Austria
Reign 7 October 1824 - 2 March 1835
Predecessor Ferdinand I
Emperor of Austria
Reign 11 August 1804 - 7 October 1824
Predecessor office created
Successor office abolished, merged into Emperor of Austria-Hungary
Holy Roman Emperor
King of Germany
Reign 5 July 1792 – 11 August 1804
Coronation 14 July 1792, Frankfurt
Predecessor Leopold II
Successor office abolished
King of Hungary and Croatia
Reign 1 March 1792 - 7 October 1824
Coronation 6 June 1792, Buda
Predecessor Leopold II
Successor office abolished
Spouse Elisabeth of Württemberg
Maria Theresa of Naples
Maria Ludovika of Austria-Este
Caroline Augusta of Bavaria
Archduchess Ludovika Elisabeth

Marie Louise, Empress of the French
Ferdinand I
Archduchess Marie Caroline
Archduchess Caroline Ludovika
Maria Leopoldina, Empress of Brazil
Clementina, Princess of Salerno
Archduke Joseph Franz Leopold
Marie Caroline, Crown Princess of Saxony
Archduke Franz Karl
Archduchess Maria Anna
Archduke Johann Nepomuk
Archduchess Amalie Theresa

Full name
Francis Joseph Charles
House House of Hapsburg
Father Leopold II
Mother Maria Luisa of Spain
Born 12 February 1768
Died 2 March 1835
Religion Roman Catholic