Francisco II of Sicily of the Castillian Álvarez dynasty was born in 1640 as the son of José of Sicily and his wife.

1667, he made a dynastical marriage with Florence, with the only surviving child of grand duke Lorenzo III, Condolcessa. (Even besides the political consequences, the marriage was considered a scandal - there were rumors that Condolcessa was the mistress of both her father and her uncle, late grand duke Giovanni III.)

The king disliked the French king François IV and thus joined his opponents. While he didn't exactly get revenge against François IV himself, he won the election for Roman king (with support from queen Kristina I) against his son, François V ("the other Franz", as the Germans called him).

When Lorenzo died in 1688, the two states were united to form the united Italy. The successful anti-French War enlarged his kingdom with Milan, Ravenna and Genoa in the peace of Amsterdam 1694.

In 1693, the Earthquake of Sicily destroyed the old royal palace, helping king Francisco / Francesco I in his decision to move the court to Rome.

Francisco (or Francesco, as the Italians called him) died in 1695 and was succeeded in Italy by his son Piero (Pedro in Castillian).

Predecessor: Francesco I Álvarez (Chaos) Successor:
(none) Francesco I

King of Italy

Piero IV
José Francisco II

King of Sicily

Franz III Franz IV

Roman king of the HRE


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