Alternative History
Franco-Dutch War

Guerre de Hollande (French)
Hollandse Oorlog (Dutch)

Part of Wars of the Sun King
Date 1672-1678
Place The Low Countries, Alsace, Rhineland, Brandenburg, Sicily, France, North America, West Indies
Result Peace among France and the Dutch Republic

Treaties of Peace of Nijmegen

Territorial changes Franche-Comté and part of the Spanish Netherlands ceded to France by the Spanish Empire

France occupies Holy Roman Empire cities of Freiburg (until 1697) and Kehl (until 1698)

Border Kingdom of France

Border Electorate of Cologne
Border Prince-Bishopric of Münster

Border Dutch Republic

Border Commonwealth of England
Border Kingdom of Sweden
Border Holy Roman Empire
Border Brandenburg-Prussia
Border Kingdom of Spain

~400,000 ~ ~700,000

The Franco-Dutch War (1672–78), often called simply the Dutch War (French: Guerre de Hollande; Dutch: Hollandse Oorlog), was a war fought by Kingdom of France, Cologne, and Münster, against the Dutch Republic, Commonwealth of England and Sweden (Triple Alliance) which was later joined by the Austrian Habsburg lands, Brandenburg-Prussia and Spain. The war ended with the Treaty of Nijmegen, by which Spain ceded the Franche-Comté and some cities in Flanders and Hainaut to France, while France returned some of its conquests (Maastricht and the Principality of Orange) to the Dutch.

The year 1672, when a full invasion of French and German forces took much of the Dutch Republic by surprise, is often referred to as het Rampjaar ("the Disaster Year") in Dutch.