The Frankfurt Conference is planned to be a peace talk convention between Allied and Axis leaders.

It will take place in Frankfurt, Germany. There has been much preparation for the security of the conference, and it is planned to be completely Terrorist-proof.

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Peace Talks

Germany: Welcome to Frankfurt, thank you for agreeing to the Wold Ceasefire. 

Russian Federation: We all know why we are here as gentlemen and the voice of our independent states. Our troops are in defensive positions and have stopped any offensive operations that damages allied property. However, we are here not to talk about the cease fire that was just made, but the ending of the war that has claimed the lives of millions in years. Thank you for hosting this peace conference that we as a nation wanted a year ago.

Allied Forces: Deaths have been seen all over the world by people of every culture, as we have seen in the Great War and in World War 2, these are traumatic and horrible times for the world and humanity as a whole, thus what will it take to end this pointless genocide of humanity. We need to end this war now that was caused by a nonsensical attack by a crazed leader that sparked this era Russian imperialism. 

UK: While decidedly global this war has in fact claimed countless lives over a border dispute.. the fact that a border dispute caused all this needs to be the cause for a revision of rules considering border disputes as well as the fact that we need to establish laws governing these types of things.

AC: We agree completely with the UK and Allied Forces.  

Korea: Agreed, we must but a stop to this bloodshed. This is why we are here, for the peace of the world. Now in every war there is a winning side and the winning side gets territory. We need to come to an agreement on who was the winning side and how are we going to divide the territory. There also needs to be a stronger United Nations like organization. The ULN has failed to stop or even delay WW-III, we need to stop WW-IV from happening.

UK: I believe that regardless of a winning or losing side as it stands occupation or Annexation of territories cant be accomplished. many people would not stand for another USSR styled full on occupation, have we learned nothing? doing this once again will set up a process of discontent the fall of nations and another Global war with whoever rises next.

Allied Nations:We agree that the ULN has failed its purpose, much the League of Nations in World War 2, or the United Nations in the Middle Eastern War and Conflicts in South America. A new World geopolitical organization, that is active in participation from all players (and thus this map game) is required to prevent future hostilities to over extending into another World War. 

UK: As it stands no territory should change hands and any nations conquered should be restored unless obvious successors have been established. The New Global organization is a good idea but the problem with these organizations is consistently their ability to wield any power ... the League of nations has 0 military force behind it, the UN had opposing nations Veto any action that would benefit stability. the new organization needs to have usable weildeble power that isn't completely hindered by a single vote or veto.

Russian Federation: Event though what the United Kingdom stated, we were in a war of reunification with the former Russian states who were a part of a greater nation for hundreds of years. Furthermore, they have also started this war. However, to create a peaceful world, there has to be unity in which culturally familiar nations should join in arms again.

Korea: I believe annexation of territories can be accomplished without another Global War. We just need to do it in a responsible manner. In our case, annexation will bring peace to Manchuria and Mongolia as it is in civil war.

Pro-Korean Manchuria: Korea is right, if they annexed us the Manchurian civil war would be over. We request to be peacefully annexed with them to end this conflict.

Russian Federation:' We were the first state to be brought into this war by unjustly attacks by all of these nations in which we responded by reunification. Seeing that they contain rogue regimes who cannot determine who is right or wrong.

Allied Nations: We have no idea where Russian Imperialism would stop, thus we had to act in response, albeit costing the lives of millions. Clearly there was a reason these states declared war on Russia. Whats a Russian response necessary, yes, but to the world wide extent of attacking nations on their homeland like the United States or a rumored attack on Vietnam?

Russian Diplomacy: We are not an imperialistic state! But are a peaceful people who respond with the purpose of survival and unity. Vietnam was never an intended target for an attack, and same with the rest of your nations.

Allied Nations: Advances into Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and the United States disagree otherwise.

UK: We are inclined to agree with the allies in this matter. your previous attempts at unification started a cold war

Russian Federation: Ask yourself, who declared war first. We were responding to multiple threats of the stability of our nation from these Eastern European threats in which you had no right to intervene in or declare war for a justly reason. This war has never been a cold one but has started the death of millions of civilians and military in years, in which we stayed in since the start. Ukraine, a nation that was part of Russia for hundreds of years and the same with Belarus, Lithuania, and the Livonian Confederation. This is our rightful land that we intend to unify to create a Greater Russia, first intended by peaceful purpose. However, I see that they have attacked us for no justly reason in which thousands of our men have died for reunification of our rightful territory.

UK: Your right to territory doesn't exist, these people didn't reunify with Russia before for a reason. Regardless of your defensive nature in the war taking it to the shores of America has successfully turned you into the full blown aggressor. You ceased to be the victim the day a Russian soldier stepped on American soil

Russian Federation: In a war that they have started by declaring war on us. We only invaded the United States for the survival of our nation and retaliation, they were never intended to be a target of us. We have asked for a conference a year ago but never got any reply or message from any of the Allied nations. They left Russia due to the practices of Democracy and the removal of socialism in which we have practiced and removed to in non-violent ways (USSR Dissolution was actually peaceful in this timeline).

Balkan Alliance: We feel that the League of Nations, the United Nations, and the United League of Nations have all failed. In fact, so have all major alliances, like NATO and CSTO. Coming from as fragmented of a land as we are from, we know that there is one thing that is more valuable to a nation than its oil and gold. That is its sovereignty, the nation's independence and freedom. Any organization, like the ULN or CSTO, are simply ways for one or two nations to gain influence over all of the other nations, thereby increasing its perceived sovereignty but diminishing the sovereignty of others. Eventually, this greed gets noticed, and people begin to break away and try to re-establish their sovereignty. These international alliances and organizations simply cause problems! The breakup of CSTO is responsible for WWIII, and the appeasements of Chamberlain and the LoN caused WWII! The problem is international intervention in regional affairs. If Russia and Ukraine+Co. simply solved their issues on an Eastern European scale, thousands of lives would've been saved. But the involvement of alliances and organizations simply escalated the crisis into the full scale War we are now fighting.

Russian Diplomacy: We agree, but our government still claims the former states of Russia. However, Moldova will be handed to the Balkan Alliance because it was once part of Romania.

Korea: Yes, the war was started by Ukraine who attacked Russia to little to no good reason and Russia responded with an invasion, just like any nation should. Next Eastern Europe joined against Russia and Russia reacted. Germany then went on Eastern Europe's side and Russia reacted, too. The United States then joined on Germany's side and the whole world went to war. What Russia did was necessary to win the war.  

Allied Nations: The real world war started when the Russian and Axis powers invaded Poland and German states just for allying with people they felt were protecting themselves. At that time the Pacific and shortly after the North American Fronts opened up, starting a true world war.

UK: Out of all of this, however, the nations of Germany and Poland are to remain independent, considering that you refuse to budge on the territory aspect

Texas: Now hold on, you did far more than retaliate. You have effectively destroyed the nation. The United States is a third-world country as a direct and absolute result of your actions. The United States certainly never drained your Treasury. Section III, Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention clearly states, "Art. 53. Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons, or to the State, or to other public authorities, or to social or cooperative organizations, is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations." The actions taken in Washington, D.C. are vastly excessive of any sort of self-preservation you could possibly claim. Texas firmly agrees with the UK, you overstepped your bounds.

UK: We ask the Russians to restore the entire treasure of the United States and pay reparations. Like I said you became the aggressor the day you stepped on American soil.

Russian Federation: Even though we may have attacked first, this was interpreted as an initial assault from the Allies in which we responded in force due to our defensive behavior that we have had to conduct because of the original attack. However, we forgive the Allies for any damage that we have done and are willing to send the United States Gold Reserve back if the war ends with us peacefully reunifying our former states. This conference is not to spark more political schisms in which we need to aggressively act in and we are willing to end it with peace. Poland and Germany will remain as independent states because they were never intended to be ceded into the Russian Federation. We may have broke the Fourth Geneva Convention, but so has the United States when creating the Treaty of Dubai. Article 33, Section I, Part III states that: Article 33. No persons may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited. Pillage is prohibited. This incorporates against the Treaty of Dubai where it clearly states that: Turkey will financially and physically support the reconstruction of the holy sites and cities it destroyed.

Korea: We agree with Russia. We don't need more political schisms. As both nations have broke the Geneva convention, the United States should keep its economy and territories and Russia should have Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe includes Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Livonian Confederation, and Finland, Poland and Germany should remain free. And Korea should have Pro-Korean Manchuria. Vietnam should have land after the Wu-Vietnam war and Wu should remain in it's current state. The inland Asian nations should decide to be either vassalized by Wu, Korea, or Russia, or Vietnam or remain independent. Does everyone agree to this?

Allied Nations: And Russia's initial assault was thought of as an attack on the allies as a whole. 

Russian Federation: Also we would like to add to Korea's idea and also unify Standing Rock, and New England back into the United States. Furthermore, Brighton was also unjustly vassalized from the UK in the 70s when England was in war with London. This should be handed back to the UK. Moldova should also be handed to the Balkan Alliance because it was part of Romania.

Texas: The fact of the matter is that the USSR signed it. You did not protest or bring it up at all. You bring it up now only because it helps your case. Well, the USSR condoned the violation. It agreed to the violation. You violated the Conventions twice. This does not help your case and you cannot use it to justify yourself. In any matter, the nations of Eastern Europe wanted to become free, so they did so. Now, if you say they will re-join Russia, why not hold a referendum and see what they want?

Russian Federation: Saying that the USSR signed doesn't mean our government signed it, this means that Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, and the Livonian Confederation has broke the Geneva Convention. Also we are not the USSR, we are a state that broke off of it in 1986.

UK: Seconded.

Korea: We agree with Russia's proposal. US gains land, UK gains land, the Balkan Alliance gains land, and Russia liberates land in North America. This seems reasonable.

Russian Federation: This is unacceptable, we get into a war due to the corrupt acts of nations attacking us, and we lose land! We will be happy to give back all occupied territory back to the United States and proposes the unification of Standing Rock and New England into the United States. Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Livonian Confederation, and Finland cedes to the Russian Federation, and Moldova gets handed over to the Balkan Alliance.

UK: No your returning to standing borders with possible territory gain, this is not the era of imperialism, you can not act like it is especially when you have clearly violated knowingly the Geneva convention

Korea just changed their post and I haven't replied to it yet correctly when they changed it. I've just fixed it, so this can be crossed out now because he meant something different. Edboy452 (talk) 23:27, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

Texas: Russia is the successor state of the USSR. East and West Germany had to take responsibility for Nazi Germany's actions, why shouldn't you? However, we also mostly agree with Korea's and Russia's proposals. But we still think a referendum should be held in any country that may be annexed.

Oceania: The United States should regain its land, Ukraine should be Partitioned with Russia for it's warring, and Russia only. France should be reinstated as it's own nation, Wu should be renamed to China and merge with Taiwan, Manchuria and Mongolia shall remain their own nations, unaffected by any neighbouring nation. Now, how about a shrimp on the barbie?

Korea:The situations in Manchuria and Mongolia is dire, they are in a middle of a civil war. Why can't the factions be annexed by the nations that they support?

Allied Nations: we support a referendum in the states of Ukraine, Lithuania, Livionan Confederation, Belarus, and Finland to decide their status. Moldova deserves one as well to dictate its status within the Balkan Alliance. 

Russian Federation: We are not annexing land but are reunifying something that was ours for hundreds of years. A referundum is unacceptable to land that we had once owned.

Allied Nations: FRANCE WAS A ROGUE NATION, the AXIS will second this due to their attempted nuclear attack on Russia, they have been reformed as many successor states per the Treaty of Paris 1998. 

Oceania: The United Nations shall replace the "United League of Nations", and shall be used to regulate conflict and at any time, prevent it.

UK: We will allow the reunification of Ukraine and Finland but not the rest. You have no claim there especially since the Geneva convention was violated

Russian Diplomacy: We agree that France had multiple corrupt regimes, but we can assure you that ours is not. The only attacks that we have made were ones against nations that threatened our very existence in which we responded to. We have claims to those territories, they were once ours. If Lithuania and Livonian Confederation will not join, we will then request that just Ukraine, Finland, and Belarus join.

Greater Vietnamese Republic We claim area to having a treaty, we would like the provinces the have taken from Wu from the war. We don't have much say about our allies claims and requests.

Balkan Alliance: Has my point not been made? The LoN/UN/ULN only escalate crises. These ideas came from a man who secretly admired, and desired, a New World Order, US President Wilson. Each nation, each nationality, needs a voice, but the UN silences a large number of voices and puts one voice forward as the "Official Stance of the World."

UK: We will allow for Belarus to be reintegrated into Russia as well if we are given the ability to remake France away from its failed ideals and into a more peaceful nation.

Texas: Those people, the Ukrainians, Finns, and all of the others, are independent and rightly so. They were a part of Russia because the Russian Empire forced them to be. Why do you think they became their own nations when they had the chance? They will always be oppressed minorities under the Russians, a reminder of horrible imperialist days that are hopefully long gone. As for the United Nations, it is obvious that international organizations in the vein of the LoN, UN, and ULN fail. We have gone through three now, none of which have prevented the very things they were designed to prevent! If a new United Nations is created, Texas will not be joining.

Russian Federation: OK, so the nations of Ukraine, Belarus and Finland will cede to the Russian Federation. Lithuania and the Livonian Confederation will be forced to join if any future conflict starts. That is our proposal. Also we need to start talking about Turkey. They have started attacking Chechnya and re mobilized their armed forces which is a violation of the Treaty of Dubai.

Allied Nations: Vietnam doesn't deserve anything, Wu and Vietnam have both been undecided nations that have switched sides in this war for the purpose to only gain land and enforce their imperialistic nature on other nations. Wu and Vietnam both need to respect other nations sovereignty. Vietnam and Wu have a hostile history where both nations have continued to attack and only hurt the other's people. 

Korea: We agree that Wu and Vietnam should remain status quo after the Vietnam-Wu war.

UK: Agreed, we would however like a sphere of influence in Northern France in Europe.

Allied Nations: France has fallen as one nation due to clashes between Northern France, Southern France, Brittany, and Picardy. France should be left for a later treaty if discussed at all. 

UK: Alright.

Greater Vietnamese Republic: The reasons why I attacked the Wu was because Wu disobeyed the treaty of Bangkok by secretly redeveloping their navy. They also threatened to invade us. The reason I switched sides was because Russia was our lly from the beginning and was not the one in the wrong for expanding like he did.

Korea:In that case, Wu should be punished for breaking the Treaty of Bangkok by having double the original restrictions of the Treaty of Bangkok. 

Greater Vietnamese Republic : we agree with that and we say that we should have the actual treaty other then the revised treaty.

It was developed secretly, thus you did not know about this until you attacked them in 1998.5. However, you do know about it at this time. 

Texas: Russia is NOT entitled to Belarus, Finland or Ukraine. The British owned India and South Africa, but it cannot demand their return. America possessed Cuba, but they cannot demand it to rejoin. The people living there should decide whether or not they become a part of Russia.

Russian Federation: We are entitled and have claims to this land in which our government has fought to reclaim after they have attacked us.

UK: You are never entitled to oppress people that do not want to be part of Russia

Russian Federation: They have split off peacefully when the dissolution of the USSR had begun and have been taken after their corrupt regimes attacked us in which we retaliated where thousands of our troops have been killed.

UK: It's called dealing with it, you knowingly violated treaties and conventions, and conquered people who will most likely rise up in rebellion, you have no entitlement when it comes to this.

Allied Nations: Vietnam also invaded the nations of Burma and Thailand, a clear sign of aggression as well. 

Greater Vietnamese Republic: the reason why we have invaded and concerned them was because they refused to switch to the Axis power.

Russian Federation: We have never intended to break the Geneva Convention but only broke in our own survival. Say the Netherlands invaded you, and then after that the United States randomly attacked you for no reason. That's what state I'm in, what would you do. I haven't conquered these nations but liberated them from the corrupt regimes who have attacked our sovereign nation. Our proposal is this, Belarus, Ukraine and Finland who have all been part of Russia will join back into our nation and we will un-occupy North America and return their gold reserve. We will also un-occupy the parts of Germany and Poland that we have captured.

UK: YOU BROKE GENEVA! your nation does not get the territory it wishes for this, stealing the Gold Reserve was not survival it was Greed, it is simple you violated a world binding convention, your nation has become an aggressor and a clear violator of human rights and war law

Russian Federation: Our nation never wanted money but has not broken human rights. We are willing to hand it back for our rightful land of Belarus, Ukraine, and Finland.

UK: Destroying a nations currency breaks human right in the fact they cant even purchase food or water now. 

Russian Federation: We have handed out supplies to our occupied portion of the United States. (Read my turn)

Texas: You will return the gold and leave, regardless. Your occupation has violated international law and that cannot be denied. Don't you dare throw around terms like corrupt regimes. You think YOU have it bad?! We will be suffering from the effects of a real corrupt regime for decades! At least your cities are all intact, they can be fixed! Don't complain to us when WE lost more! And the Americans lost more than us! Please tell me what sort of liberation puts millions of people in abject poverty with a useless currency? People are starving because of the so-called 'liberation'. You will hold a referendum in those nations before you can ruin them like you ruined the people of THIS continent!

UK: We agree with Texas and also say that handing out supplies does not justify any of this.. i do not care you are trying to supply the bare minimum of people but i will not sit here and allow you to say you are a glorious liberator when you have so obviously ruined lives and nations. War is War but what you have done is Genocide to some degree.

Allied Nations: Vietnam has not justified its actions against Burma and Thailand nor the Wu. Wu acted in self-defense against Vietnam. 

Russian Diplomacy: We were never part of your war with New Mexico but do respect the people who have lost their lives. However, Belarus, Ukraine and Finland do rightfully belong to us as, we were never the ones to just break the Geneva Convention, you have declared war on the RezZurectionists because of their religious goal. Who are we to be the corrupt regime when we were clearly attacked first. Genocide was never done, but we need the topic of this "land" issue or else we will never be going anywhere. Unless we can get somewhere, this peace conference is going to go nowhere. We propose that a military alliance should replace the United League of Nations to ensure that something like this never begins again.

UK: Your claim is non-existent, Russia. You have conquered but as of right now your military expenditure will easily crush your economy, and eventually you won't even be able to care for these territories you wish to maintain, if you take them they will rebel and more human life will be lost. If you respect the dead the you must respect the extra millions that will die due to your liberal destruction of US and European cities.

Wu: We hope to maintain at status quo before the Wu-Vietnam war and we apologized for our signs of aggression, however, we say that our switch is due to Russia's violation of the Geneva convention.

Greater Vietnamese Republic: You should pay for the lives you wasted in battle that you instigated with us. And should also pay for violation the Treaty of Bangkok.

Russian Federation: Fine, we will not take Belarus, but we will take the nation Ukraine which has attacked our nation and started all of this.

UK: We will agree to you taking the Ukraine and Finland. that is all, the other states must be free just as Belarus will be.

Russian Federation: Belarus will be free then and Ukraine and Finland will be incorporated. However, our proposal still stands on a global military alliance where all belligerents of this war shall unite for the purpose of preventing something like this happening.

UK: That, however, must have limitations with how many people per nation can join for the alliance then so there is no dominating force in the alliance

Texas: You want to control these nations whether they like it or not. That is the very definition of imperialism and we will not stand for it. We brought up the New Mexican War because you try to claim you are a victim. You ruined lives in America, in such a way that is completely unacceptable even if you were attacked first. The Soviet Union violated Geneva many times, as did the United States. However, what they did in Dubai was a minor offense if anything. This particular article you offended is list as a "grave offense". This particular violation is much worse that anything the US has done.

Russian Federation: Forcing people to work is a lot worse than taking the gold reserve of an economy which was first unintentional to only be able to make this conference happen as we requested a year ago. Also with this alliance, there has to be a head security council member in which we propose the United States of America to take place.

UK: We ask the Vietnamese who have switched sides in this conflict to stop dictating as you do not run a hegemony in Asia, you have invaded peaceful nations for no reason and must be punished. We also ask that we remove the treaty which limits their military as that has not stopped nations before referencing Nazi Germany. You will leave Wu/ China, Peace will be between Wu and Vietnam as well as Wu and Korea.

Russian Federation: I agree as well, but we still need to focus on what political organization will be founded to ensure that something like this never occurs again. Furthermore, what about the threat in Turkey where they have just broke the Treaty of Dubai and also what of West Africa, they are attempting to develop nuclear weapons and have also declined to attend this conference.

UK: We request the recreation of the UN will all nations in it Period, as well as the UN multinational Force which will be drafted up from existing militaries to deal with the situation in question. As for Rogue Nations, right now the UK agrees to Begin Military Deployment against these nations to silence them immediately and put a moderate government in place to prevent these kinds of things, We ask all members to Follow our lead in the Creation of the UN multinational Force.

Korea: We suggest a reformed UN. All nations should be invited and everyone should have a say. It should be in a style such as this conference.

Russian Federation: Yes, we agree with the United Kingdom that we cannot just have an organization that sometimes intervenes just to have attempt peace keeping, what we need is something more direct and an international force that can maintain the future peace of this world we live on.

United Republics: We are most interested in creating a stable world geopolitical organization. 

UK: We also agree that the force cant be occasional, the force must be a standing force that is contributed to by all nations participating, and must always be ready for call unless the military of a nation is pre-disposed or unable for some reason. The multinational force must be readied at all times and the actions must be sanctioned by a majority of Contributing nations

Russian Federation: We propose the idea of the Global Unitary International Treaty Organization. Where the major military nations of the Earth will remain as unkickable security members and the United States will be the leading Head Security State.

Texas: It is obvious by now that international organizations do not succeed in solving or preventing conflicts. If we give it a standing military, then it becomes - in our opinion - too powerful. We aren't going to risk our nation's sovereignty. We cannot speak for other nations, but if such a new organization arises, Texas will not participate.

UK: We agree, the UK also condemns Vietnam in Indochina and asks for them to leave the area period, no exceptions. The Vietnamese must leave at once and must remain status quo. What we do if they don't comply is up to the new GUITO.

Korea: We agree have Vietnam remain status quo and to join GUITO. GUITO is the perfect new promise for a new era of peace and prosperity on Earth. Hopefully never again we shall fight a conflict on this scale of death and destruction.  

Balkan Alliance: We are exceptionally annoyed by the UK saying, "We request the recreation of the UN will all nations in it Period, as well as the UN multinational Force which will be drafted up from existing militaries to deal with the situation in question." Balkan Forces will NEVER listen to this UN, and we will not join, PERIOD. You have infringed upon our sovereignty suggesting that ALL nations will be in it. That idea will not work, as I have shown previously.

Russian Federation: How is a military alliance that will ensure world peace infringe the sovereignty of your nation?

UK: We strongly present that if nations that are under the territorial changes agreed upon by the Major powers discussing this do not agree or attempt to resist (Vietnam) then GUITO intervention will be a necessity if they are not evacuated or returned to respective owners. We also Agree with Russia.

Oceania: The Balkan Alliance will remain sovereign. A military organization has no power to infringe on sovereignty.

Balkans: GUITO isn't infringing our sovereignty. The UK saying all nations need to join, period, is infringing on our sovereignty.

UK: Not joining will eventually cause you to have an unsolvable issue with another nation that cant be solved cause you have no representation

Russian Federation: Actually yes that needs to be reworded, nations should be incited to join.

UK: We'll agree to that.

Russian Federation: We shall soon make a treaty to officially end this war I'll make the page when a name is decided, I propose the name to be the Treaty of Kiev or the Treaty of Frankfurt.

UK: Treaty of Frankfurt LOL it happened here so it'll be named after here

Russian Federation: I figured that it would be signed somewhere else but OK. (I'll make the page right now).

Texas: They said the League of Nations would prevent conflict, they said the United Nations would, they said the ULN would, they said NATO would, they said the CSTO would, they said TACO would. It never works.

Russian Federation: You want to know why, it's because not enough global powers join this to be a main source of aid to act as a backbone of the organization.

Terms of Peace

to be edited only by G greg e (talk)

Currently appeared to be agreed upon by everyone, sorted by region. Announcements are in Italics.



  • Formation of a world geopolitocal organization (Details pending)
    • Must have an active military/peacekeeping force

North America

  • Russia will remove her forces from North America
    • Russia will return the US Treasury to the United States
  • United States will be united with its vassals New England and Standing Rock


  • Germany and Poland will remain independent.
  • Brighton will be returned to the United Kingdom.
  • Moldova will be incorporated into the Balkan Alliance.
    • Status within the Balkan Alliance pending (could be independent or  part of Romania).


terms yet to be discussed

Official Discussion

Post any discussion below, do not add to the above. 

Oceania's Proposals

To be added to the existing terms

Wu will be re-branded as China and United with Taiwan, and a new republic regime will be instilled.

All small nations, with unstable governments, that are not major powers, of which possess nuclear weapons will be disarmed immediately after this treaty is put into force.

Sales of nuclear weapons will be outlawed. Already is a law, NPT G greg e (talk) 00:17, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

France shall be reinstated as its own nation.


Wu is already a Republic. We had our last election in 1995 won by the Democratic and Social Party--Ninjasvswarriors (talk) 00:20, July 18, 2013 (UTC).

Greater Vietnamese Republic proposals Greater Vietnamese Republic Demands Wu will relinquish the following provinces of Qinghai and Gansu and Guangxi to the Greater Vietnamese Republic. Aggression will stop between our nations and no further conflict will occur. Large movement of troops towards the borders will be seen as acts of aggression if not told by either of our governments. This also restricts the recruitment of paramilitaries. Wu’s navy can not exceed 15 submarines, ten destroyers and/or any other type of surface combat vessel. Any military like campaigns to forcefully unify Manchuria with Wu by uses of espionage or annexation will be restricted. Unification should only be made by using peaceful methods with the consent of both governments. You can have 6,000,000 troops at a maximum to only defend your country. This is the new treaty of Bangkok. Any violation will cause you to lose more then posted here. Tykur (talk) 00:36, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

6 million troops is too much, push that down to 2 million and you got a deal. Canada2hy Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign OreoToast555(Talk)(Sandbox) 01:14, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

Korea agrees to Oceania's demands. This is UglyTurtle, Signing off. 01:24, July 18, 2013 (UTC)

Korean Proposals 

Vietnam remains status quo in territory (just after Wu-Vietnam war)

Wu will be limited to 1.5 million active soldiers and 1.5 million in reserves. Wu's navy will be limited to 5 destroyers and 5 subs. Wu will lose all vassals. This is for violating the Treaty of Bangkok

In the case of civil war in Inland Asia, Pro-Nation factions should join the nation.

All Inland Asian nations not under civil war should remain independent. 

Instead of a United Nations, there should be international conferences like this one where everyone has a say and everyone can vote.

Appalachian Federal Republic: We only fought against the allies because turkey re-armed. We apologize to the United States, and will return Luzerne County after repairing all damage done. We also promise to prosecute the corrupt president who led us into the war and possibly will request that the USA try him for war crimes. Any captured troops are being freed and paid a stipend. We offer to send the USA 2 <s> .5 metric ton of gold to rebuild their currency.

(This is basically your entire economy, you should do less the 2 metric tons of gold)


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