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POD: June 28 1914, Gavrilo Princip's gun gets jammed, and he does not hit and kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Tensions rise, but Austria-Hungary does not issue an ultimatum against Serbia. The Archduke says he will lend help to Serbia if they search for and destroy the Black Hand terrorist group.



1915: Tensions that would have triggered a war cease. Serbia and Austria-Hungary continue to search for Black Hand bases.

1916: Elihu Root narrowly defeats Woodrow Wilson in the USA Presidential Election. He is a militaristic, but also diplomatic man and wants to ally with the European superpowers, specifically Great Britain.

1917: Archduke Franz Ferdinand decides that it would be best to ally with strengthening Serbia, rather than go to war with the country. He asks the Serbian King Peter I to construct an embassy on the road he was nearly killed, so they can grow their relations.

1918: Serbia and Austria-Hungary increase their search for the Black Hand after terrorists almost assassinate King Peter I of Serbia.

1919: Serbia finally destroys the uncovered Black Hand bases, and jails the terrorists inside of them for a life sentence. The thoughtful and happy Archduke Franz Ferdinand establishes a mutual protection pact with Serbia's King Peter I, who agrees that Austria-Hungary is a close friend. Serbia and Austria-Hungary are now bound together.


1920: A communist leader Kamo starts to organize Bolsheviks, to possibly start a revolution in Russia. Elihu Root wins a second term.

1921: The United States starts an military alliance, as well a free trade agreement with Britain. Prime Minister David Lloyd George great fully accepts the propositions. Elihu Root is on all ears for a war, but he knows he only has three years left to handle one.

1922: Bolsheviks start terrorizing many Russian cities, mainly Moscow, headed by the communist leader Kamo. The death toll is at 28 by January the next year.

1923: Tsar Nikolai is killed by Bolshevik terrorists. Alexei Romanov takes the crown of Russia. He is more fair and democratic than his father and drafts a Charter called "Russian Articles of Confederation", which are the blueprints for a constitution. Russia has goals to have the first parliamentary elections in 1925.

1924: Candidates Leon Trotsky and Alexander Kerensky are nominated for the seat of Prime Minister in Russia. Calvin Coolidge is elected president.

1925: The first elections take place in Russia. Leon Trotsky runs for the nomination of the "Duma" party to be Prime minister. However, the Russian challenger Menshevik Alexander Kerensky wins the election against him. The Bolsheviks have given up hope of using force to take over the country, and form a small Communist Party. Archduke Johann Ferdinand succeeds his father Franz Ferdinand and becomes leader of Austria-Hungary.

1926: Prime Minister Kerensky suspects the German Government for some conflicts near its border near Germany. Mr. Kerensky sends a message to Kaiser Wilhelm I, saying that he must remove all active troops near the border of the Russian Empire.

1927: When Germany ignores the message, Russia declares war, and the Great War begins between Russia and Germany.


1932: The Great war is over as the belligerents agree to peace. After Goddard writes an article in the New York Times about the possibility of Space travel, the Scramble for space begins.

1934: Treaty of Three signed as Europe goes into a moderate recession.

1938: Russia and Britain form the first chassis and engines of satellites.

1939: America, Germany and China soon follow suite and construct parts.


1940: After several years of toiling, Russia gets the first satellite into space, named "Ekaterina".

1941: The British Empire responds by trying to get a man into space, as well as sending a satellite into space.

1943: America sends a satellite that takes pictures of Earth, instead of just orbiting.

1944: Russia sends an animal (A cat named Snow) into space. Snow is successfully rescued after two days of orbiting the Earth.

1945: Japan joins the space race.

1946: The USA begins an atomic bomb program. Britain sends a man (Alexander Welman) into space.

1947: A massive recession takes place that causes each country to reduce their space program budget, thus reducing the speed of the space race.

1949: Russia and America put men into space.


1950: Korea puts a man into space.

1951: Germany puts a man into space as well as a mapping satellite.

1953: Japan sends up a mapping satellite. China puts a man into space, keeping the record of staying longest in space for a long time.

1956: The Atomic bomb is completed in Nevada.

1958: Britain successfully inaugurates the first Satellite phone call from Melbourne to London. Japan puts two men into space.



1965: Korea and the United States get a man on the moon.

1966: Britain/Russia get a man on the moon as well.

1967: Korea tests an atomic bomb. This elevates it to a major player in the Pacific. Martin Luther King Jr. narrowly avoids assassination in Memphis, TN and draws massive public support for the Civil Rights movement, and will later become president.

1968: Korea tests a Hydrogen bomb. Britain gets a man on the moon. JFK wins a second term.

1969: China gets a man on the moon.


1971: France joins Space race, Germany gets a man on the moon.

1972: Ronald Reagan is elected. He puts forward plans to Congress for a man on Mars, which involves an Outer Space department. The Prime Minister of Britain also puts forward Space race plans to the Parliament.

1973: France sends a satellite to study and orbit Jupiter as well as a man in space. A small nationalist movement in British Columbia begins to grow.

1974: The USA/Korea get a man on Mars. Congress approves extra funding for the Space program, America thinks about sending satellites to Venus and Mercury.

1975: The British Empire put another man on the moon, who brings back rock and dust.

1976: Reagan is reelected in a landslide. Britain puts man on Mars.

1977: Russia puts a man on Mars.

1978: China and Germany get a man on Mars. By this stage, Computer technology is at a 1990s level.

1979: Germany puts first woman in space.


1980: Martin Luther King wins the election against Jimmy Carter, France gets a man on Mars.

1981: Brazil joins the Space Race. Japan puts a man on Mars.

1982: A far more stable Austria-Hungary (With Romania and Serbia) joins the space race.

1984: Brazil finally breaks the record for the longest time spent in space for one man. Martin Luther King wins re-election against Walter Mondale

1985: Brazil puts a man on moon.

1986: Martin Luther King signs a bill that ensures free fibre optic internet access in Metropolitan areas of over two million inhabitants.

1987: Austria-Hungary gets a man on the moon.

1988: Michael Dukakis is elected as president in America.

1989: Korea puts another man on the moon.


1992: John McCain wins the election against Michael Dukakis.

1993: France puts four men on mars, who study the ice caps of Mars.

1994: Austria-Hungary gets three men on Mars. Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark make a joint effort in the space race. An American cartoon shows a Scandinavian space station being built via a mixture of being a flat pack and lego.

1995: The USA/Korea gets a permanent base on Mars

1996: John McCain wins a second term. Germany puts a base on Mars. The Scandinavians put a man on the moon.

1998: After a severe economic depression in the new country of British Columbia, the people vote to become a satellite country of Canada. Britain grants Canada (And British Columbia, which changes its name to North Cascadia) and Newfoundland independence.

1999: France puts a base on Mars. Russia sends probe into orbit around Venus, Japan sends another around Mercury.


2000: Al Gore defeats Colin Powell in the Presidential Election. Brazil puts base on Mars. Al Gore is elected, but is not as interested as John McCain in the space race, but still puts forward some plans. China puts a satellite into orbit around Venus. America sends another probe that lands on Mercury but the probe was unsuccessful and is destroyed on impact.

2001: The 11/11 attacks; Terrorists blow up the World Trade Centre. A US F-22 raptor successfully shoot down another plane (which was possibly aimed for the Pentagon), and another plane was brought down by passengers. President Al Gore inaugurates the War on Terror. Terrorists also blow up Canary Wharf, and try to hit but miss the Winter Palace.

2002: US/British forces invade Afghanistan. Communists gain some support in Russia, but lose them when terrorists suspected to be related them destroy the Russian Duma. Korea and Britain get asteroids from the belt between Mars and Jupiter. America sends a satellite to Jupiter. Austria-Hungary gets a man on Mars. Scandinavia constructs a base on Mars.

2003: Massive Protests erupt when Iraq is marked for invasion because of supposed links to Al-Qaeda. Austria-Hungary puts a base on Mars. Korean Marxist Terrorists headed by Kim Jong Il begin a bombing campaign.

2004: Al Gore wins a second term against Dick Cheney. America lands on an asteroid. Britain sends a small probe to Jupiter. Al-Qaeda blow up a Zeppelin bound for New York City.

2005: By now, there is talk of a war with Indochina because of alleged PRV terrorists being sheltered there. Britain sends the first satellite to orbit Saturn, mainly to study the beautiful rings. Al-Qaeda try to bomb the London transport network, but are intercepted and blown up before its possible to bomb the network, but another plane does not destroy but damages the Parliament building. The Prime Minister teams with the USA for a war on terror. America starts the first Lunar settlement and the other countries follow suit.

2006: Austria-Hungary gets a space station into space. Brazil sends a satellite to Saturn. Russia sends probe another to Jupiter. A new Terrorist group begins to emerge. It is called the Aryan Liberation Front, which are a white supremacist group that gain infamy by flying a passenger plane into a New York synagogue, murdering at least 300 people.

2007: Russia and China get an asteroid from the same belt. Russia, Britain and America invade Peru, which is suspected of housing a vast network of PRV terrorists. The terrorists respond with an attempted assassination of Al Gore. Secret Service agents assassinate the terrorists who were planning to shoot the president.

2007 part 2: The moon begins to be terraformed, biologists insert Lunar-adapted Microcellular live, as well as a type of engineered water. At this stage, America has five lunar settlements, Korea has four, Russia has three, Britain has three, France has two, Germany has three, Austria-Hungary has one, Brazil has two, Scandinavia has one and China has one. It planned this will be done and that the ecosystem of the moon will start to develop in 100 years.

2008: Ron Paul wins the presidential election against Lieberman and Biden. France and Germany both land on asteroids.

2009: America sends a probe to Uranus. Austria-Hungary lands on an asteroid. America, Russia, Korea and Britain try to set up a small base on Mars. PRV try to crash a plane into the Willis Tower (Sears Tower), but passengers bring down plane over South Lake Michigan during the flight from Detroit.

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