Free Academical State of Oxford
Free Academical State of Oxford
Timeline: Apocalypse: 2012

OTL equivalent: Oxford
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

Scientiam omnibus supereminet.
("Knowledge above all else.")

Capital Oxford
Largest city Oxford
Other cities other cities
  others English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Modern Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Welsh
Government Meritocracy
  legislature Council of Universities
President Doctor Alice Prochaska, MA, DPhil, FRHistS, Principal of Somerville College.
Lord Councillor
Area 17.60 sq mi
Population population 
Established 1st January 2013
Independence from the UK
  declared de facto
Currency Stirling
Time Zone GMT
  summer BST

21st December - 27th December: Student Riots and Mass Migration

The Apocalypse caused, as in many places, mass rioting and looting as people, scared and disorientated, attempted to cope. The large body of students in Oxford caused particular problems. Oxford Town Hall and St. Aldergates Chambers were burnt down by a mob of protestors on the 23rd (with the loss of life of many council members) due to the Councils seeming inability to do anything.

25th December - Conference of Universities

On Christmas Day, desperate to halt the chaos, staff and leaders from the Universities along with surviving members of the Council convened at Somerville Collage to discuss the problem.

People present at the Conference

  • Doctor Alice Prochaska, MA, DPhil, FRHistS, Principal of Somerville College.
  • Doctor Frances Lannon, FRHistS, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall.
  • Professor David Clary FRS, President of Magdalen College.
  • Professor Richard Carwardine, FBA, FRHistS, FLSW, President of Corpus Christi College.
  • Sir Martin John Taylor, FRS, Warden of Merton College.
  • Councillor Ruth Wilkinson, Formerly Liberal Democrat
  • Councillor David Williams, Formerly Green Party
  • Councillor John Tanner, Formerly Labour
  • Councillor Mike Rowley, Formerly Labour
  • Councillor Craig Simmons, Formerly Green Party
  • Councillor Elise Benjamin, Formerly Green Party
  • Giles Ian Henderson, CBE, Master of Pembroke College


The meeting started at noon on Christmas day and continued until ten that night. All had a say, the speaking being regulated by Dr. Prochaska, as she was the Principal of the venue. Only around three hours of the meeting was taken up with deciding what to do. The remaining seven hours where spent working out how to do it. It was decided that, because of the current crisis and large scale nuclear destruction it was highly unlikely that the United Kingdom had survived. Furthermore, many great institutions of learning and knowledge worldwide were likely to be destroyed or looted for fuel. So the meet came up with two key ideas.

  1. Due to the Current state of affairs the City of Oxford must reluctantly conclude that the United Kingdom is no more. To prevent utter chaos therefore it is desirable to create a new state.
  2.  Furthermore it is of the utmost importance that humanity does not fall back into the dark ages and lose all knowledge gathered over the centuries. To this end the new state shall be devoted to the collection, discovery and  preservation of knowledge. Scientiam omnibus supereminet. Knowledge above all else.


Besides these major points the meeting also finalised the way the government would run.


The highest rank would be that of the (largely ceremonial) President. They would have absolute rights to decide any matter if it could not be decided by any other means. They would also act as the 'ultimate ambassador' so to speak - they would meet with leaders of other nations to discuss important matters. Presidency rotates among the heads of Collage every year on Boxing Day (26th December).

Lord Councillor:

Head of the Government would reside with the Lord Councillor.

28th December - 31st December: Winning round the Mass 

Once the plans had been finalised the members of the conference went back to their respective collages. The following morning they each called for a general assembly of all students of their collage. More than anticipated (though still very few) turned up, whether they were growing tired of the chaos or wanted some new excuse to riot is not known. The men and women then proceeded to lay out the plans devised at the conference. Many of those present agreed that it was a good plan and started work straight away, going out and informing friends who had not present. This process lasted a good while, and it was not until the end of 2012 that everyone had signed up, some out of hunger, some because it seemed the right thing, some because it seemed to be something to catch hold of in these desperate times and some due to sheer peer pressure.

1st January: Foundation Day

2nd January and Onwards...

Long Term Plans

Project Donum

One very long term plan (mid 2020s-early 2030s) is the beaming of all of human knowledge into space via methods similar to that used in the Arecibo message.

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