Свободная Республика Аляска
Free Alaskan Republik
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
Alt Alaska Alt alaska COA
Flag Coat of Arms

Mother Alaska is with us

(and largest city)
Language English, German, Athabaskan languages, Eskimo-Aleutic languages
Ethnic Groups
  others Eskimos, Aleuts, Athabaskans, Germans
Demonym Alaskans
Currency Rubel

The Free Alaskan Republic is a de facto dominion under Russian rule. Alaska borders the Federated States of Arcadia and New England to the south and Vinland to the east. The western border is completely made by the Pacific Ocean.

Political system

The president is meant to be the representative of the Russian Tsar, although he is elected by the people every five years. Laws and decisions are usually made by the parliament, called Duma, but its official name is the National Assembly of Alaska. On the side of the president is the prime minister, who is appointed from the president. To prevent political turmoil, the prime minister has to be appointed from the party with the most seats in the parliament, even if the president is from a different party. The general elections for the parliament are also held every five years. Every party is allowed to participate in the elections, but it has to have at least some kind of inner structure and has to obey the constitution.

Political Parties

Alaska has various political parties from all sides of the political spectrum.

Party name Leader Ideology
Republicanist Party of Alaska Iossib Kosalechky nationalism, centralism, economic liberalism
Orthodex League Christian conservatism, nationalism
Vanguardist Commoners' Party Grigory Dzhugashvili socialism, congressionalism, trade-unionism,
Alaskan Populist Party Nestor Karakow anarchism, social-democracy, egalitarianism


Oblast Capital Flag Representant OTL Equivalent
Aleutia St. Grigory Aleut Islands
Chukchi North Slope, Alaska
Naunavut North West territorry of Canada/eastern Yukon
Novokavkaz Resnov southern British Colombia
Yukon St. Vladimir Southern Alaska/ western Yukon
Yekaterin Pjotrgrad Alberta, Canada
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