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Republic of Free France
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: French Colonial Empire; Algeria, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, et al.
Flag of France Armoiries république française
Flag National Emblem

"Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (French)
("Liberty, Equality, Fraternity")

Anthem "La Marseillaise"
Capital Beirut
Largest city Casablanca
Other cities Damascus, Cayenne, Tunis, Oran, Amman
  others Arabian
Roman Catholicism
  others Islam
Ethnic Group French
Demonym French, Free French
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
  legislature Free French Parliament
President Charles De Gaulle
Prime Minister Houari Boumediene
Area 4,948,369 km²
Population 200,000,000 
Established January 15, 1941
Currency Free French Franc

The nation of Free France, often referred to as simply France, is a unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic comprised of the former colonial and overseas possessions of the nation of France. After Germany's capture of the French capital of Paris and the eventual surrender of the French government, the nation of France had virtually ceased to exist. French resistance to Nazi rule continued on with the Free French Forces, which managed to form a loose line of defense running through their temporary capital of Vichy, forming the popularly named, short lived nation of Vichy France.

The Free French Forces of mainland France would hold back the German crack down for a few months, giving the civilian population of southern France enough time to flee to French Algeria, and other French colonies. After a few months the French resistance had been cornered against the Mediterranean Sea, before being completely crushed, ending the temporary nation of Vichy France.

The nation of Free France would be formed by a collection of former French territories and colonies shortly after the defeat of Vichy France, and would grow to encompass all French-speaking colonies at the time of the Nazi take over. Today the nation of Free France is viewed as the true successor to the French government, and administers over its former territory. They were able to recover Corsica after a short conflict with Italy. It had been annexed by Italy following the Great European War. With the former metropolitan France now thoroughly Germanicized it's likely impossible that the Free French will ever regain their former territory.

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