Alternative History

The Free World Alliance is the Alliance led by the United States throughout the Cold war with Nazi Germany. Its main headquarters is in San Francisco.


World War 2 had ended with the treaty of Stockholm. The US and Germany now sought to shape the world as they saw fit. As a result, they began consolidating their positions in the world. Germany began a Second Scramble for Africa, Taking its old Holdings from WW1 as well as the Congo,Equitoreal Guinea, Gabon, Mauritania, Mali, Chad and ceded Algeria to Italy. America knew that the last bastions of Liberty, Ethiopia and Liberia, would be in big trouble, so President Truman declared the Truman Doctrine, which was any attack on Liberia and Ethiopia would be seen as an act of war by the United States. Juan Peron had just been elected in Argentina, making Latin America more unstable. Hitler also began currying Allies in Turkestan and Afghanistan, so Truman decided to put his foot down.

He got together with Chiang Kai Shiek, Mahatma Gandhi, Emperor Akhito and Haile Selassie among other leaders in San Francisco to form the Free World Alliance. As a result, its headquarters was in San Francisco, with the Western bay area being the basis for its headquarters. The FWA would eventually constitute one of the power blocs in the Cold War between America and Germany.


Oceania was formerly a member, but left over it's Nuclear free stance. it is still an associated member, as it is too large and powerful to leave out.


The FWA has a two tiered structure, with the "Circle of 6", or the 6 nations in the High council:

Date Country Enlargement Notes
November 25, 1947 US flag with 52 stars by HellerickUnited States of America Founders The main members of the Free World Alliance.
Flag of the Republic of ChinaRepublic of China
Flag of India United Federation of India
Flag of Brazil Republic of Brazil
Flag of Ethiopia Empire of Ethiopia
Flag of Japan Japan

Then there is the General Council:

United Mexican States

Republic of Colombia

Republic of Venezuela

Confederacy of Indochina


Dominican Republic

Republic of Chile

Republic of Paraguay

Republic of Uruguay






Republic of Argentina


Kingdom of Nepal

Kingdom of Bhutan