Militaire Impériale Française
Imperial Defense Force
Founded 1804
Current form Active
Service branches Alternate French Flag Grande Armée (ground forces)
Rpoitflag Grande Marine (naval forces)
Duchydorleans Grande Armée d'air (air force)
Headquarters Paris, France
Commander-in-Chief Napoleon VII
Minister of Defense Napoleon VII
Officer Impériale Pierre de-Villiers
Military age 17.5
Conscription 6 months
Available for
military service
30,500,000, age 17.5–41
Fit for
military service
13,892,000, age 17.5–41
Active personnel 679,000 (2015) (ranked 11th)
Reserve personnel 300,000
Deployed personnel 32,791
Budget $107 billion
Percent of GDP 4.9%
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The French Armed Forces (officially: Militaire Impériale Française) are the imperial military forces of the French Empire. They are made up of three branches: the Grande Armée, the Grandé Marine, and the Grande Armée d'air. The French military directly answers to the emperor, Napoleon VII, but is commanded by its highest general, Pierre de-Villiers. The emperor has full authority over all three branches, formulates military policy, structure, and deals with carrying out these policies.

The French military has been involved in numerous armed conflicts since its formation in 1804 under emperor Napoleon I, and has played a pivotal role in each of them. Its official motto is Valeur et Discipline, or Value and Discipline. Its primary function is to serve the interests of France and the emperor, and its secondary function is the protection of the French people and their interests.

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