The French Empire (Officially the Kingdom of France) is a Absalute Monarchy In Europe and A Global Superpower and is the top exporter and importer in the world with the strongest military with Spain right behind France. the french were allowed to flex their imperial Muscill after their Decisive Victory in the Seven years war after they triumphed over England

Flag: 1200px-Pavillon_royal_de_la_France.svg.png

Coat of Arms: 796px-Coat_of_Arms_of_the_Bourbon_Restoration_%281815-30%29.svg.png

Anthem: Marche Henry IV

Capital: Paris

Languages: French, Corsican.

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

King: Louis Phillipe D' Orléans

Prime Minister: Francis Jean

Population: 100,000,000

The Paris Stock Market is The Top stock Market in the world and the world is dependent on it or it will be chaos.


France was Formed when Frankia split into east and west Frankia, which would later become France and East Frankia becoming today the origins of The Germanic nations Today.

The French Fought many wars, many were lost, but many were won as well! The 100 years war was the worst of them all, with the seven years war being the second death wise.

in 1755 war broke out in Europe and North America, soon the world was engulfed in war, the British Faction was fighting against the French Faction, with the French having more Members, the French won the Seven Years' War after a bloody and decisive war effort. after this the treaty of London was signed granting France a Whole lot of land for them and His allies, with france and Spain emerging as the 2 new global Superpowers

In 1767 England breaks out into a Civil War between republicans and monarchists, with some independence movements there and there. The French Automatically supported the monarchy, hoping that French citizens wouldn't revolt and see the power that monarchies have. They sent troops and supplies to the Royalists and many other Monarchies did as well, In the end the Republicans Won and The French cut off all ties with the New English Republic.

In 1769, the French start moving their forces into their newly gained territories, some Englishmen resist, but are easily outnumbered and put down.

In 1774 France invaded a Country called New America which was made by

in 1877, gold was Discoversed in The far west of Americana (Spanish colony in what is today the west of the US) and thus the Great Gold Rush Of The Century began with Miners New and old all over the World Traveling to Americana To Get Rich with the new mineral, Many French miners came back to the Motherland and brought their New Finds with them, Causing the country to Go Rich, soon The Royal Familiy was hiring personal Miners to Mine for the Monarchs, the Royal Familiy put the gold in the National Treasury and Thus the GDP sky rocketed, many countries were becoming wealthy due to this Gold Rush, Spain and France grew more powerful after this, especially Spain, france staid on the number one spot still, standing strong.

In 1891, the king ordered for a new Contisituion to be drawn up. This new constitiuion limits the powers of the king, but he still retains authority over things, this adds a Prime Minister, thus making France a constitutional monarchy. French citizens like this new change.

In 1901 the Paris Stock Market crashed, and millions went unemployed. This sparked many protests and Proletarianist Riots. This soon evolved into a full blown revolution, and then civil war, as there was a clear buffer between the capitalist royalists, and the Proletarianist Republicans.

In 1903, the French Proletarians Lost Paris, which caused a major turning point for the civil war. Many Proletarianists Were arrested and hanged in public.

In 1905, the port city of Dunkirk was captured, ridding the French proletarians of anymore usable ports.

In 1906 the French Proletarians were being overrun,and could no longer hold the Royalists Back, the Proletarians sooner surrendered.

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