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French Republic (Vichy)
République Française (Vichy)
Timeline: Wasteland Europe

OTL equivalent: Vichy France
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Vichy
Largest city Vichy
French, Occitan
  others Spanish, English
Prime Minister
Area 323, 496 km²
Population 21,457,959 
Independence 1949 (declared),

1969 (independent from France) 1990(reformed after Third European War)

Currency Franc

The French Republic, called French Republic of Vichy or Vichy for political reasons, is a nation south of North France, west of Switzerland, and north of Spain. It has emerged sovereign nearly three times since World War II, and is one of the few nations on Earth that has had legitimately elected Fascist and Socialist leaders.


World-War II

During World War II, France was split into several occupation zones. To the north was a somewhat lawless zone controlled by Nazi Germany, and to the south was the French State, also known as Vichy France. While it was not occupied by Germany, it cooperated with it in many ways.

Post-World War II

After World War II, the Provisional Republic of France came into effect. After the economic decline of Europe after the American market primarily shifted its' funds, leaving only Ireland, Portugal, and to a certain extent the UK as members of its' open market, the regime was torn apart by fighting over legitimacy. In the North, the Frenchmen who were under Nazi control were eager to re-establish the Third Republic of France, while to the South, many Nazi sympathizers and remaining Vichy political members were leaning towards the re-establishment of an authoritarian regime. The French Civil War, which began in 1949, killed nearly 490,000 Frenchmen, and further dividing the nation.

In the end, an air raid by the UK and remaining North French soldiers on Southern France devastated the area, nearly obliterating the capital city of Vichy. The surviving leaders of Vichy France surrendered on June 5th 1952. The area would slowly come back into to Northern France's control, while like the Southern Us in the Civil War, many of the beliefs did not die out in the populace.

During the French Civil War, North France was completely isolated from its' African colonies. Vichy France managed to obtain all but one, French Tunisia, which would house an offensive against the rest of French North Africa. Finally, North France surrendered.

Partition of French North Africa

After the war, the two nations divided the French Empire. To the north, Algeria was partitioned so that Vichy France would have no access to the Mediteranian. However, Vichy France controlled all of the southern colonies.