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The French Revolution grew out of the First Global War (1754-1765). France's enormous expenditures in that war led to massive financial troubles for the French crown, and taxes raised to cover the costs led to widespread discontent.

In 1771, northern Louisianne, which was majority Japanese, rebelled against the French crown. The southern part, which was majority French, remained loyal to France. King Louis XV sent troops into the rebellious region, but the Japanese secretly supported the rebels. After a short war (1771-1774), Louisianne north of the Missouri River was granted independance as the new state of Misuri, a new state within the Japanese Empire.

King Louis XV died shortly after signing a treaty with the Misuri government and was succeeded by his grandson, who became King Louis XVI.

The new King attempted to reform his nation's finances, with little success.

In 1781, the King convened the Estates-General. With the help of the Count de Mirabeau, an attempt to establish a British-style constitutional monarchy came close to succeeding. The King left Paris, arriving in Rouen in an attempt to escape the radicals. However, ultimately, the plan proved unsuccessful. In 1786, the King left France, crossing the border into the Netherlands, fleeing the growing discontent. His attempts to gain foreign support faltered. Europe was still recovering from the effects of the First Global War and had no desire to get involved in another revolutionary war. The colonial government of Canada in New France offered asylum to the King, barred from his own nation by the radical republican government, who declared his flight to be a de facto abdication. His brother was briefly established as Louis XVII (a name later claimed by Louis XVI's son), but in 1789, the monarchy was declared abolished. Louis XVI, and many nobles, crossed the Atlantic Ocean into Canada, where a government-in-exile was established. Louis XVII was executed by the revolutionary government, and Louis's other remaining brother, Charles, fled to Britain.

The republic would soon fall to the Empire, and the Second Global War would begin