Alternative History
Queen of Álengiamark
Reign December 1225 - March? 1230
Predecessor Eydis
Successor Adalbjorg I
Born 1191
Possibly Eikland, Vinland
Died March? 1230
St. Hafdiss, Álengiamark
Spouse Davíð Tôogosson
Issue Adalbjorg I Davíðsdottír

Halldor Davíðsson
Six? others

Full name
Frida Birgirsdottír
House Eiriksdottír
Father Birgir Gudjónsson
Mother Eydis Ulfsdottír

The eldest daughter of Eydis, Frida's short reign began disastrously and appeared to push Álengiamark back into its old bad ways.

Eydis had been successful in projecting Álengsk power and ambition outwards, lessening the opportunity for the earls and towns to fall into dispute at home. Initially Frida seemed certain to continue this process and the yearly campaigning army met as usual in the spring of 1226. A measles outbreak had reduced numbers however and as the under-strength host set out on its traditional route it was defeated not once but twice in the upper Kanien'gehaga River valley by the Onayotekaono and Onondaga tribes. The army limped home without completing its normal circuit. Sensing an opportunity the Seneca and Eriac invaded the Álengsk protectorate of Ontario, swiftly defeating the Wenro tribe and then divided it between themselves. Ontario would remain out of Álengsk control for several decades and then out of the direct control of the Althing in St. Hafdiss until the late 18th century.

Recriminations began almost immediately and as the lords fell back into political manoeuvering Frida was left floundering. There appears to have been no appetite to force a confrontation with the independently minded earls or towns which characterised her aunt Kristjana I's contemporary reign in Vinland and this effectively allowed the political splintering to become institutionalised.

The chronicle record of Álengiamark is missing from 1228-1233 which obscures much of her reign and also her family life. It appears she married Davíð Tôogosson, a Pequot nobleman, and had possibly eight or nine children (not extraordinary for the time) prior to succeeding but the fate of her husband and several of the children (or whether there were any more born during her reign) is not recorded.

Frida died in early 1230, possibly of a stroke. She would be succeeded by her eldest daughter Adalbjorg who would at least attempt to shape Álengiamark into a functioning state. However to the west a greater problem was beginning to rear its head. Edoha, Prince of Youghiogh was beginning his campaign to unite the fractious Aniyunwiyan kingdoms. He would become a fatal problem for Frida's successor and the Álengsk nobility towards the end of the 1230s.