Alternative History
Friedrich Müller
Order: 18th Consul
Term of Office: March 7, 1866 - December 31, 1869
Predecessor: Abraham Lincoln
Successor: Robert E Lee
Date of birth:
Date of death:
Place of birth:
Political Party: Liberty
Lieutenant Consul: None

Friedrich Müller was the Lt. Consul to Abraham Lincoln, and became Consul of Virginia after Lincoln's assassination. Born in Germany, he, along with many other Germans, immigrated to Virginia and other North American states after the failed Revolutions of 1848 (Unlike the United States *here*, Virginia *there* had no native-born requirement for Consul)

Müller was a controversial consul. He was noted as a Radical Libertist. Going further than his predecessor on the issue of blacks, he and the other Radical Libertists attempted to force the whites of the Commonwealth to accept full equality for the blacks.

Furthermore, he began advocating the liberation of those slaves in other North American States. In early 1867, he demanded that the House of Assembly declare war upon South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Maryland. War was declared upon all but Maryland - but for stated reasons very different from those given by Müller - namely, their assistance for the Coup side during the Civil War.

War was declared in May, 1867. The War came to be known by a lot of names. The most common was the Southern War, but the War of Vengence and the Slave War were other popular names.

Former general Robert E Lee lead the opposition to the war, splitting the nascent Liberty Party into two factions, the Peace Faction and the War Faction.

The War was initially quite popular in Virginia. By the end of 1868, the Carolinas were under Virginian occupation, and made into three new districts (western North Carolina was split off into the District of Franklin - a name that separatists in that area had been using for decades), and the Georgian border had been crossed.

That's when the War began to really bog down. Georgia put up a strong resistance, and as the body count rose, support began to fall. The Peace Faction of the Liberty Party began to become more popular, and Müller's support plummeted. Impeachment proceedings began, but Müller survived. He did not survive the election, however, and was defeated in a landslide by Robert E Lee.