Alternative History

German Civil War[]

World War I[]

Following the German Civil War, the countries of West Germany, France, England, Ireland, Poland, Sweden, and the European influenced of the United States of America all formed the European Nations.

The newly formed alliance fought back against the Axis Union of the Russian States, East Germany, China, and Japan.

All throughout the 1940's the European Nations crushed the Axis Union.

In 1943 Japan surrendered all forces of military power to the United States and the United English Kingdoms. They also left the Axis Union.

Late 1944, China stopped sending troops and left the Axis Union and surrendered military power to France, West Germany and the United English Kingdoms.

By 1945 the Russian States had stopped sending troops and along with East Germany they surrendered to all members and to the European Nations itself.


The Allies of the European Nations then became the European Union. The United States was now considered "European" due to its new close bonds with the nations of the friendly Europe.

The Russian States became a country; not just a group and East Germany joined. The United Soviet States Republic (USSR) was formed. The USSR was also known as the Axis Union even though half its original members had nothing to do with them now.

Japan also made alliance with America and several European countries.

World War II[]

Eastern Germany new governor, Adolf Hitler, was rising power and support. He planned to have a dictator-like take over the USSR.

And so...he did.

The European Union was shocked to learn he was able to rise an army out of half a country and march into Moscow and take over the Republic.

Hitler declared war with the European Union saying quote, "If I can take the homeland, and if I can take the country, I can [take] Europe. And if I wanted to I could [take] the World!"

Hitler and his Soviet Allies were able to invade Poland and Sweden before they were bombed by Americans. The A1-01, A1-02, and the A1-04 Atomic Bombs were dropped by a Japanese plane, an American plane, and a British plane with a French co-pilot on the city of Moscow.

Hitler was not hit. The Kremlin was sparred. Yet the USSR needed a new capital. They moved to East Berlin.

Months later, West German, French, and American soldiers led by a General known to his men by "Ike" marched in forced Hitler to surrender all forces. Military and Political. Hitler fled the country to a Chinese village where a Irish group of men found him and killed him without authorization.

European owned Soviet Union[]

Now that Hitler was dead and the USSR in control of Europe, several European, American and Soviet leaders decided to break the USSR into four separate European advised countries.

  • East Germany which was to be added in to West Germany forming a United Germany.
  • West Russia which was to be advised and partly controlled by the French (hence the name French Russia)
  • East Russia which was to be divided by the British, Irish, and Swedes
  • Moscow was to be a territory by the United States that would help rebuild it then hand over controls of the city to the Poles.

"The World seemed safer now that the most trusted countries each had limited control over everything. No one was in charge. Everyone was in Europe." put one American soldier returning home from East Germany.

European Union divides[]