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From Austria with love is a multiple POD timeline exploring the world in which Austria-Hungary survived world war 1 and its impact on the world.

The unstable Austria-Hungary

In OTL Austria-Hungary was always plagued by instability due to the many different ethnic groups inside their empire, and the Empire's favoritism towards Hungary but not towards the other nationalities. This instability eventually lead to their collpase during World War One. In this timeline however, Austria-Hungary successfully defeats the 1908 Hungarian Rebelion and reforms into a Federation knows as the Danubian Federation.

Points of Divergence [POD]

The three main PODs are as follows:

  • Franz joseph dies in 1907 and Franz Ferdinand reforms the empire into a federation,This leads to the empire being more stable then it was in otl.
  • Conrad von Hötzendorf never becomes chief of staff which leads to a much earlier army modernization and a more efficent army then in otl.
  • World war one starts with the the assasination of the German Crown Prince by Polish nationalists which leads to Germany declaring war on Congress Poland which is a part of Russia, which leads to Russia calling in France.



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