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From Sea to Shining Sea is the name for an alternate timeline in which the United States becomes a socialist state during the early 20th century along Russia.

Point of Divergence

In 1932, the Great Depression, the suppression of the Bonus Army revolt and the Businesses Plot that prevent the swearing of the elected president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his reformist platform into office a revolution erupts becoming the Second American Civil War. The victorious revolutionaries establish the United Socialist Republics of America.

Multiple points and events in this timeline diverge from our own timeline.

New York in Chaos

New York in Chaos.


The historical Industrial Workers of the World Union is leading force for a revolutionary America in the time of From Sea to Shining Sea.

Click here to see a detailed description of the POD and how a change in china effect of character of Russia and the United States for all time. There is also a brief timeline.

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